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Best Waterproof Gadgets You Must Keep Handy During Holi

Most of our gadgets gets damaged just by the spill of water. Below we've curated a list of best waterproof gadgets for all the gadgets lovers can prove out to come up great performance and durability. Check them out!
Updated: Jan 11, 2020 19:58 IST
Best Waterproof Gadgets You Must Keep Handy During Holi
Best Waterproof Gadgets You Must Keep Handy

With Holi around the corner everybody is stressing about keeping their Gadgets safe. We have a list of Waterproof and Water safe gadgets you might be interested in keeping handy during Holi. These will help you enjoy the season of colours and water without any fret. Things in your bag and wallet can be dried out but what about the costly electronic devices. Be it your mobile phone, a branded smartwatch or for that matter any other electronic device. Replacing your beloved gadget still remains a hectic task. If there is anything that we ought to learn from our dependency on gadget is that electronics and water are not good bedfellows. No matter how much precaution you take with your tech sometime or the other it is prone to come in contact with water. Luckily there are some engineering folks who have tried their best to come up with some best water proof gadgets.

List of Best Waterproof Gadgets

1. Waterproof Speakers:

Keeping your speaker near a water body becomes a tricky job. You want the speaker so close to you that you can easily hear loud and clear music in spite of the sound of water, also you want to keep it far enough so that the splashes of water do not reach your speaker. Thus, a waterproof speaker becomes the best waterproof gadget to carry. With waterproof speakers you can easily carry your music wherever you go!

2. Waterproof Headphones:

Why should only runners and cyclists have all the fun?? Swimmers also love music and wish to swim to their favourite tunes. A waterproof headphone must be amongst the best waterproof gadgets for swimmers. The snug fit and tight water seal protects the headphone even under water. Waterproof headphones generally have shorter cord so that they do not interrupt you while you enjoy swimming and music at the same time.

3. Waterproof Phone Case:

Phone is one of the most important things for all of us these days. We cannot even imagine a moment without the phone. All of us have literally become dependent over phone. Unfortunately, our smartphones also like other gadgets are not at all water friendly. So, if you are in a rain prone zone or at a place where you cannot avoid water showers and splashes then these waterproof phone case must be the appropriate and best waterproof gadget for you.

4. Underwater Cameras:

If you are one of those who love to explore new things and learn about various things not only on the surface of the earth then exploring the underwater life could be a very good option for you. But carrying your DSLR in the water is not at all a good idea. Then how do you capture memories and moments of your first underwater exploration? Getting an underwater camera would be the best waterproof gadget for you to carry with you and enjoy your exploration.

5. Waterproof Fitness Tracker:

Showers of rain come all of a sudden. What if you have gone jogging early in the morning and it starts raining? Having a waterproof fitness tracker/fitness band on your wrist can be of a great help. You can easily put all other electronics like your mobile phone and headphone at a bay so that your best waterproof gadget would do the needful for you.
Here is our complete list of all the best waterproof gadgets and accessories you ought to have in your shopping list. If you have more suggestions on best waterproof gadgets please pour in your suggestions in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

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