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Must Have Cool Gadgets for School Going Gadget Geeks!!

Is your kid fond of gadgets? Let us bring you a list of some must have cool gadgets for your school going gadget geeks. Checkout the list of unique and cool gadgets and let your kids explore the world of technology the most effective way.
Updated: Mar 28, 2019 17:04 IST
Must Have Cool Gadgets for School Going Gadget Geeks!!
Cool Gadgets for School Going Gadget Geeks!!

These days technology have become a part and parcel of everyone's life, be it a senior citizen, a young office going person or a simple high school kid.

Electronic gadgets make the students think beyond their books and explore the learning skills. Semester exams, the long paper works, late night studies with lots of junk food and some cool memories with friends are bound to make your school life a memorable one. School days are the golden days of a person's life. You can add some more fun to your school memory book, along with studies, with some very exciting and cool gadgets.

Cool Gadgets For School Kids

1. Cooling Pads:

A laptop has become one of the basic necessities for any school going kid, be it for making presentations, projects or going through the e-notes. Continuously working on laptops for long hours can heat them and ultimately lead to slower performance of the laptop. Thus, cooling pads are specially designed to lower down the temperature of the laptops and carry on with its high performance.

2. Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard:

While working on some school presentation and project, students often need to switch between their devices. Since each device has its own input method, jumping from one device to other becomes a tiring process. A multi device Bluetooth keyboard is a wireless gadget that lets you use one keyboard to input into multiple devices.

3. Livescribe 3:

Livescibe 3 is an electronic pen designed to reduce the pain of digitizing handwritten notes. The Livescribe 3 can be used to write on dotted sheets that come along with the pen. The first thing you need to do is to install the Livescribe app on your phone. Once you start using the pen you will realize how slick the operations of the pen are. With the use of Livescribe 3, written text and drawn images can flawlessly be digitized with precision.

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4. Instant Cameras:

Instant cameras uses film packs that include the requirement of chemical developers, negative to capture the image, substrates, and the paper required to print the final image. As soon as you click, the shutter and the print emerge from the camera, the photo development process begins and the plain sheet is turned into a coloured photograph within minutes. You can easily give the photos to the person as soon as you have clicked them.

5. Dictaphone:

The importance of a Dictaphone is realized only after a student has used it. A good Dictaphone can be a great lecture backup for note taking, during the academic career. A small but sturdy Dictaphone will be able to put up with all knocks and bumps when put in a bag. Clarity of voice is one major thing that needs to be considered before buying a Dictaphone.

6. Hard Drive:

Running out of memory space from laptop is a common problem that all the high school students face. With a number of photos, videos, projects and presentations to store, most of the mid range device fail to provide sufficient storage. Thus, at this point of time a hard drive is much needed for the students to keep a back up of all their data. Portable drives are the best for students as they can be easily carried anywhere and everywhere and can be connected using a simple cable.

7. Mini Ear Buds Headphones:

Completely wireless headphones are trending these days. Students who wish to match the trend should definitely own a pair of mini ear bud headphones. These headphones provide good quality sound at a lesser cost. The in-ear units generally feature a sleek look in a metallic looking plastic body.

8. Prynt:

School days are full of fun, party and outing. The Prynt is the perfect party portable printer. Prynt has brought back the days of Polaroid cameras, but with a twist.  It uses ink infused thermal papers with an adhesive sticker backing to print photos from your iPhone, for immediate distribution.

9. LED Desk Lamp:

Many varieties of LED desk lamps are available in the market these days. LED desk lamp is one of the most useful things for students. LED lamps are energy efficient, cost efficient and requires less maintenance, compared to other types of desk lamps.

10. Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio Dock Speakerphone:

A Bluetooth dock speakerphone, coupled with an alarm clock and a radio, is one of the must have gadget for school going kids. This device can even charge your phone. If you are bored listening to your own playlist time and again, then with this device, you can easily tune in to your favorite FM Radio Station and enjoy unlimited music. For those who wish to carry on listening to their all time favorite tunes, they can easily plug in their phones to the device via audio jack. This clock radio comes with three interchangeable cradles, for charging your smartphones.

11. Graphing Calculator:

School kids often face problem in math, especially those who seek to pursue Math as a career option or the ones who have taken up Math as one of their major papers. We often see students struggling with huge mathematics calculations, series, graphs and what not. The graphing calculator is the most suitable thing for them and can help them in faster calculations, thus helping them improve their grades.

12. Solar Backpacks:

School students often need to carry their laptops to school or sometimes they even need to carry it outdoors, if they are going on a school tour or picnic. What if the laptop suddenly shuts down while you were transferring some important data from one device to another? A laptop backpack with a solar charger will never let this happen to you. You can easily charge your laptop even if you are unable to avail a charging outlet.

13. Lap Gear:

If you wish to complete a project sitting at your home in the comfort of your bed, then the lap gear is the perfect pick for you. Sit anywhere at your own convenience and complete your work without any sort of interruption. They offer a handy solution for students who wish to   work on their computer from the floor, sofa, or even in bed. It keeps the laptop's heat off your legs.

14. Laptop Charger Plus:

The laptop charger plus allows you to feed power to your laptop, and at the same time you can also put 2 devices on charge, at the same time. For those students who are travel-friendly, this device is a must for them. It is the smallest laptop power brick in the market and can charge any of your smart devices.

15. BOB – Screen Time Manager:

Turning kids back to do chores becomes a tedious task when sitting in-front of TV or playing their favorite video game. Screen time manager is must have to manage their time in the best possible way. To get your notorious kids back to chores this is a must have gadget, so as to manage time in the most appropriate way.

Must Have Cool Gadgets for School Going Gadget Geeks!!

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