7 Easy to Use Nokia Keypad Phones

Nokia is one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of keypad mobiles that are affordable, sturdy, user-friendly, and easy to carry.
7 Easy to Use Nokia Keypad Phones
Nokia's keypad phones are especially popular among the elderly

Basic keypad phones continue to retain their charm in this fast-paced digital era of clicks and scrolls. While affordability is unarguably one of the primary reasons for rocketing sales, many are switching from smartphones to these basic models for a variety of other reasons as well. Some of these include a digital detox, impressive network connectivity, considerably higher shelf life, and ease of carrying.

One of the biggest players in the sector is Nokia, a Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. The brand has become synonymous with affordability and quality, and is the first preference of many for keypad models. Nokia launched its first keypad mobile in India nearly three decades ago and has grown a strong foothold here ever since.

These basic models not only assure durability and pocket-friendliness but are also quite easy to use. This is precisely why they have always been quite popular among the elderly and also hold a sentimental value in India. This popularity is evident in the plethora of memes and nostalgic references of the brand in several films, web series, advertisements, and stand-ups.

We have compiled some of the most user-friendly keypad mobile phones by Nokia in the listicle below. These easy-to-use phones will give you the much-required digital detox, without having to lose the strings of the pocket much. Happy shopping!

Easy To Use Nokia Keypad Phones

1. Nokia 105 Single SIM

This Nokia phone from 2019 is one of the best Nokia keypad phones you can get your hands on. It comes with a built-in radio and flashlight as added features. Although reasonably priced, it is a rather well-equipped phone. Designed especially for calling purposes, the Nokia 105 comes with a 14 hours battery life that leaves many other phones far behind.

Key Features:

  • 1.77 inches display
  • Dual sim functionality
  • FM Radio
Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black) Amazon Deal

Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black)

₹ 1,299
₹ 1,599 (19% off)
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2. Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Feature Phone

This Nokia 5310 device comes with a VGA camera that allows you to take some pictures. Its 8MB of internal memory and 16 MB of storage memory let you save all your contacts and click pictures too. Its 1200mAh battery is also replaceable.

Key Features:

  • 2.4 inches screen
  • Lightweight 
  • MP3 player and wireless FM radio
Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Keypad Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera with Flash | White/Red Amazon Deal

Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Keypad Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera with Flash | White/Red

₹ 3,349
₹ 3,999 (16% off)
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3. Nokia 110 Dual SIM

This Nokia phone gives you the advantage of a Dual SIM in a 1.77 inches screen phone. With 14 hours of talk time, this is surely one of the best battery phones you can get your hands on. Its rear camera allows you to capture some shots, and store data using the 32GB memory it has to offer. The sound quality of its FM radio and music player will keep you entertained as well.

Key Features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Analog keypad
  • Vibrant visuals
Nokia 110 Dual SIM (Black) Amazon Deal

Nokia 110 Dual SIM (Black)

₹ 1,699
₹ 1,949 (13% off)
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4. Nokia 216

This Nokia phone comes with a 2.4 inches QVGA display with bright visuals set on a screen of 230x320 pixels. The 16MB RAM memory is expandable up to 32GB and gives ample space to store your media files and other data. The 1020mAh lithium battery keeps the phone powered throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • Front and rear cameras
  • 2000+ contact storage memory
  • Available in three colours
Nokia 216 (Black) Amazon Deal

Nokia 216 (Black)

₹ 3,249
₹ 3,299 (2% off)
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5. Nokia 150

Ergonomically designed, this Nokia keypad phone comes with large buttons and a big display of 2.4 inches which ensures a comfortable view. It also has a MicroSD card slot that can be used for adding an expandable memory of up to 32GB. This phone comes packed with many additional features like wireless FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth and more. With a standby time of 23.4 days, this phone is simply unbeatable.

Key Features:

  • Many fun games
  • VGA camera and flash
  • Bigger screen
Nokia 150 (2020) (Black) Amazon Deal

Nokia 150 (2020) (Black)

₹ 2,498
₹ 2,799 (11% off)
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6. Nokia 245

This sleek model is popular for its seamless 4G network connectivity and multi-player gaming. In terms of design, it offers a curved back beside a firm and secure grip. Further, it has a high-performance keypad with separate function keys. In terms of features, it puts forth brightness control, a built-in camera, wireless FM radio, brightness controls, and several multiplayer games. It has an inbuilt storage of 64 MB and can be expanded up to 32GBOverall, the phone has a signature sturdiness, long battery life, good network connectivity, and multiplayer games.

Key Features:

  • 2.4 Inches Screen
  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Social Media Access
  • Wireless FM Radio

7. Nokia 3310

This quirky looking phone by Nokia comes in five different colours – grey, dark blue, warm red, and yellow. This is a dual SIM phone which enables using two numbers. With 22 hours of talk time, the phone stays active for much longer than other phones. Its 2.4 inches curved window comes with a polarised layer for better readability.

Key Features:

  • FM radio, music player and radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual sim
Nokia 3310 Dual SIM Feature Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera, Dark Blue Amazon Deal

Nokia 3310 Dual SIM Feature Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera, Dark Blue

₹ 3,699
₹ 4,599 (20% off)
Buy on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions About Nokia Keypad Phones

Q. Why should I buy a Nokia keypad mobile phone?

Ans. Nokia is one of the best and most popular manufacturers of keypad mobile phones. These are known for their affordability, sturdiness, good network connectivity, and compactness.

Q. Can you use WhatsApp on Nokia phones?

Ans. Yes. Some of the Nokia keypad phones such as the Nokia 8110 4G support WhatsApp. You can easily send voice recordings, photos, and videos to your contacts.

Q. Which are the best basic Nokia phones?

A. Some of the best basic Nokia keypad phones are - Nokia 105, Nokia 5310, Nokia 110 and Nokia 3310.

Q. Are Nokia phones worth buying?

Ans. If you are looking for a budget keypad phone, then Nokia is unarguably one of the best options. Nokia's feature phones are known for their sturdiness, compactness and reliability.

7 Easy to use Nokia Keypad Phones

Product Price in India
Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black) ₹ 1,299
Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Keypad Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera with Flash | White/Red ₹ 3,349
Nokia 110 Dual SIM (Black) ₹ 1,699
Nokia 216 (Black) ₹ 3,249
Nokia 150 (2020) (Black) ₹ 2,498
Nokia 3310 Dual SIM Feature Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera, Dark Blue ₹ 3,699
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