Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Accessories To Upgrade Your Cooking Game

Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Accessories To Upgrade Your Cooking Game

Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Accessories To Upgrade Your Cooking Game

Our kitchen or stuffed with trendy kitchen appliances like air fryer, dish washer, OTG ovens, food processor and much more. But having some cool kitchen gadgets can definitely add an extra fun to our cooking passion. Whether you are a casual home cook or a professional one, you can't deny the fact that cooking a full meal takes a lot of time and efforts. To provide you "Extra", we've a list of amazing cool kitchen gadgets and accessories that can not only become your helping hand but also ease the work down when in hurry. This can be "cherry on the cake" for those who are working busy junkies and doesn't have time to cook due to their busy schedule. These uber stylish kitchen gadgets will not only make your cooking an enjoyable and pleasant process but shall also help you in building cooking interest. So checkout our shopping guide to make your cooking game strong and a satiating one.

Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Existing and Uprooting Chefs:

Find the list of some amazing cool kitchen gadgets and kitchen accessories which we're sure you won't afford to miss any. Let's have the look at them.


It is used to measure the volume and weight of your ingredient. The weight will appear on the screen. It is often noticed that while cooking we are unable to measure the volume and weight of ingredient due to which our dish doesn't taste the way it should. Admetior measures exact volume and helps you to make your dish perfect.


Oxo good grip corn stripper easily strips corn kernels off cobs. Corns are collected in the container which is attached in the stripper itself. Container opens from the top from where corns can be emptied easily. Also container is deattachable which gives you the joy of easy cleaning.


Another kitchen gadget to upgrade your cooking game is tomato slicer. Our most of the time in kitchen is taken by cutting and chopping only. This stainless steel blade inside it will chop your tomatoes in a very short period of time. Moreover it is easy to use and clean also. It is the coolest kitchen gadget that is definitely under your budget.


You just can't deny the fact that citrus knife is the coolest thing in the town right now. The knife has 3 tools inside it- a sharp paring knife, a zester and a scorer for making design in the rind. Paring knife is used to cut your citrus fruit, scorer peels off the fruit easily and the zest is used for salads, soups and beverages. So this summer enjoy having your citrus fruits with Kuhn rikon citrus knife.


Another kitchen accessory which you must have in your kitchen is finger protector knife. Most of the time while chopping vegetable we end up hurting ourself. So here is the solution, finger protector knife protects your finger as it hold the food perfectly in such a way that your finger never comes in the way. Also it is easy to use, dishwasher safe and is of premium quality.


Cooking is a time consuming process but most of the time is consumed by chopping. So this hand powdered food chopper helps you to chops even large piece of food which is difficult to chop by hands. If you are into travelling and camping then you must have this chopper as it easy to carry and doesn't require electricity. Size of storage container is also good. In order to have an upgraded kitchen and cooking you must have this item.


If you are food lover but likes to keep it healthy then this product is designed for you. This super cool gadget removes the excess fat from the greasy food and makes the food healthy. The fat magnet absorbs the fat floating on surface of food. It is easy to use and handle also.


If you are a popcorn lover then you must have this gadget. The prestige popcorn maker makes crunchier, tastier and healthier popcorn as the non stick frying bowl and rotating arm pops gives you the best popcorn ever. It prepare your meal within minutes and is easy to clean. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and order it rightaway.


If you are on diet or if you are a health conscious person then you should opt this gadget. All you've to do is clip the egg separator to the utensil or the glass bowl and then break the egg into it. The egg yolk will remain the egg separator while the egg white will glide down in to the bowlIt is easy to use and can be washed by hands and dishwasher. Do check it out here.


Food is the best thing ever but sometimes it can be proved harmful for us as well. We are not able to control our temptations and end up having food which is not good for us. If you also can't control your craving then here is the solution for you. The kitchen safe locks your food for the amount of time you want it can be 1 day or 10 days. The safe will be closed for that amount of time and just cannot open at any cost. It teaches you the commitment and is really good for you. It should definitely be categorised under the club of coolest gadgets.

It is very difficult to handle household chores and other tasks at the same time. These kitchen gadgets and kitchen accessories make it up for you and you can serve your family and friends the yummiest food that too in such a short duration of time. Don't waste your time thinking and order it now.

Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Accessories To Upgrade Your Cooking Game

Product Price in India
Admetior Digital Spoon Scale, Red Rs.3,100
OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper Rs.2,945
Amiraj Unbreakable Plastic Tomato Slicer, Red Rs.158
Kuhn Rikon Citrus Knife Colori, Orange Rs.4,014
Woogor Stainless Steel Finger Protector Hand Guard Knife Slice Cutting Chop Shield Rs.169
Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula) Rs.3,517
Handy Gourmet JB6107 Fat Magnet Rs.4,990
Prestige Popcorn Maker Rs.2,995
MAB - Plastic Egg White Separator (Color As Per Availability) Rs.195
Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container (White Lid + Clear Base) - 5.5' Height Rs.12,383
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