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Best Soup Makers: For Toasty, Warm Winter Evenings

Best Soup Makers: Now make restaurant style soups using traditional recipes at home. Get your hands on some of the best soup makers online.
Updated: Dec 29, 2020 19:12 IST
Best Soup Makers: For Toasty, Warm Winter Evenings
Best Soup Makers In India

When heading into a long winter, having a hot bowl of soup every night can help keep your family warm and healthy. A soup maker is a blessing, for come winters, and we all start to crave for a hot bowl of soup. Soup is one of the most loved dishes across the world. Made in different styles and with several different recipes, soups at times prove to be quite beneficial. Soups are not only a great way to stay hydrated but they also build up your immune system. One of the healthiest dishes, the primary ingredient of soups is seasonal vegetables.

A soup maker can make the task of making soups quite easy. Not many of us get time to infinitely chop vegetables or stand over a pan to check our broth from burning, thus this is where the innovation of modern expertise can be applauded. Check our list of some of the best soup makers, and have a healthy, soupy winter.

Best Soup Makers In India

1. Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker

Get rid of stirring and monitoring your soup while it is cooking. Simply add the required ingredients and sit back and relax, thanks to this soup maker. Use this for making blends, chunky soups and other delicacies without creating a mess. Elegant touch control panel and programmed indicator lights allow easy monitoring.

2. Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

Discover the ease to produce delicious home-cooked soup with comfort with this soup maker from Tefal. Simply load the ingredients into the large 1.2L jug and select the appropriate setting on the easy-to-navigate screen to create customised home-made soup.

3. Clearline CLR 009 1000-Watt Soup Maker and Blender

Clearline are comparatively new in making soup makers, still it's no surprise to find that their soup maker happens to be one of the best out there, and has evolved into more than just a blender with a heating element. Its supremely useful carrying handles at the side allow you to easily pour your soup in the bowl.

4. Morphy Richards 310000 1.6-Litre Saute and Soup Maker

The fuss-free way to make delicious soups, just the way you like it, from Morphy Richards. Listed as one of the best soup makers, the Morphy Richard soup maker allows you to sit down with a bowl of fresh, homemade and nutritious soup in as little as 21 minutes. This soup maker lets you saute and also add your herbs in between by pausing the function and then restarting. The blending feature gives your soup a perfect soupy blend. Unlike shop-bought soup, this soup will be made to your own personal taste and consistency.

5. Avaante Soup Maker-Cum-Blender

This Avantee soup maker-cum blender is so powerful that it can produce piping hot soup in just no time. But since the length of the heating is so short it is necessary by and large to pre-cook the main ingredient. Listed to be one of the best soup makers, Avaante performs to the best of the user's expectation and does not give you an opportunity to be saddened about.

6. Gourmia GSM1450 Automatic Soup Maker

Let your creativity run wild in the kitchen with this one of the best soup makers that lets you make everything from smoothies to perfectly pureed soups. This appliance is sleek and compact that will soon become a staple in your kitchen and a part of your healthy family.

Soup recipes for soup maker

A soup maker can save up a lot of time when it comes to making daily soups. When making soups using traditional recipes it involves a lot of steps like – washing, cutting, chopping, sautéing, blending and more. With a soup maker you could save a lot of time which lets gives you the convenience of making a hot cup of soup daily. Sautéing your vegetables is a very personal choice, sautéing step only intensifies flavours and is useful if you are using onions and garlic. Most of the soup makers come with a saute feature if yours does not have then you can choose to saute vegetables before putting them into the soup maker.

1. Soup Maker Mushroom Soup Recipe:


  • 500gms of mushroom
  • 2 medium sized onions
  • 4-5 pieces of garlic
  • 750gms of stock
  • A couple of table spoons of cream

Put all the ingredients into the soup maker and hit the smooth function. Once the soup is ready in the soup maker, pour it out and add fresh cream and parsley to the ready soup.

2. Soup Maker Vegetable Soup Recipe:


  • Carrots, beans, broccoli, bottle gourd, cabbage, tomato, corn, potato or any other vegetables
  • Vegetable stock
  • Fresh cream
  • Fresh herbs

Add all vegetables into the soup maker along with the stock now turn on the soup or smooth function on your soup maker to have the soup ready. Once done pour it out add fresh herbs and fresh cream to it before serving.

Add one of these best soup makers to your kitchen appliance range and enjoy hot 'n' spicy soup daily.

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Best Soup Makers In India

Best Soup Makers: For Toasty, Warm Winter Evenings Price in India
Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker ₹ 7,000
TEFAL 7211002715 Soup Maker ₹ 5,999
Clearline 8-in-1 Multi-Cook Kettle Electric Kettle(1.2 L, Red) ₹ 2,489
Morphy Richards SAUTE AND SOUP MAKER ₹ 7,599
AVAANTE Soup Maker-Cum-Blender (Egg Boiler & Steamer) ₹ 7,695
Gourmia Stainless Steel 6-in-1 Automatic Soup Maker with 4 Blades, Cool Touch, Recipe Book ₹ 16,217
Wonderchef 800-Watt Soup Maker (Silver/Green) ₹ 4,489
Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker, Stainless Steel, White ₹ 35,000
Clearline 8-in-1 Multi-cook Kettle : Vibrant Yellow Colour - One Appliance : Multiple Function ₹ 2,183
Morphy Richards 310000 1.6-Litre Saute and Soup Maker (Metallic Steel) ₹ 8,799
Price List of the Products are last updated on 15 January 2021
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