Best Roti (Chapati) Maker In India

Best Roti (Chapati) Maker In India

Best Roti Maker In India To Shop Online

Have you ever tried making a perfectly round roti? Getting the prefect round roti is a hell of a job isn't it? It takes years of practice and experience to get that one perfectly round roti. There are people who fail to make round roti and thus in order to compensate it order roti from restaurants. As the saying goes need is the mother of all inventions, thus the need for the perfect round roti lead to the invention of the best roti maker. Improper shape of the chapattis and half cooked chapattis are now a thing of the past with the best roti makers. In large Indian families where guesting is a common phenomenon, the best roti maker comes handy to meet the required demand of rotis at the dinner table. After reading so much about the best roti maker, you are also inspired to get one for yourself, then hold on and have a look at some of the best roti makers that we have listed.

List of Best Roti Maker in India 2019

The market is full of in numerous options in the roti maker segment which might leave you confused, thus we have listed some of the best roti maker here.

1. Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker

Bajaj is one of the best brands when it comes to home and kitchen appliances, on seeing the development in the roti maker segment the company came up with the best roti maker ever the Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker. This best roti maker is faster and effective in making round and perfect chapattis.

2.Prestige PRM 4.0 Roti Maker

The Prestige PRM 4.0 shares a lot of burden of the person making chapattis. The Prestige PRM 4.0 is loaded with features like power indicator, temperature knob, shockproof base and a non-stick upper surface ensures that the product is listed under the best roti maker.

3.Sunflame RM 1 Roti Maker

The Sunflame roti maker is designed uniquely to heat the whole roti uniformly and does not let it stay uncooked on the sides as is the case with many of the it's counterpart in the market. The sunflame roti makers make roti with ultimate precision and thus have been listed under the best roti maker. The non-stick coating ensures cleanliness of the roti maker.

4.Eagle Roti Maker

Eagle has been a loved brand in India for a long period of time, the best roti maker from Eagle comes with a stainless steel finish and impeccable design. This fully automatic Eagle roti maker is sought to be one of the best roti maker. This roti maker is capable of setting the temperature and applying the right pressure automatically. It heats up the chapattis uniformly and delivers hot roti instantly.

5.Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker

Jaipan is relatively a new brand in this sector, but yet has quickly developed trust amongst the Indian customers. Jaipan manufactures one of the best roti maker in form of the Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker. The grid non-stick syrface coated with Greblon Gamma from Germany makes it one of the best roti maker. This shock proof roti maker is energy efficient too.

6.Baltra BTR 201 Roti Maker

If you are looking for the best roti maker you can certainly not ignore the Baltra BTR 201 roti maker in the list. Carrying a nonstick coating with an unique double heat system functionality, the Baltra roti maker comes with automatic heat indicator light. With all these features stuffed in to one product the Baltra roti maker makes making chapattis an easy task.

7.Wonderchef Prato Roti Maker

Endorsed by the master chef Sanjeev Kapoor, that itself instils a trust in the users. The quality and the finishing of the product is what give it a leading edge from other counterparts' brands. Coming with a cool handle and an attractive black coating this roti maker is one of the best roti maker featuring automatic temperature control, Overheating protection, etc.

8.Molo Roti Maker

Molo is brand that is working a lot upon increasing its sales in the country, since the company is comparatively new and is trying to establish itself in the market, we can somewhat be assured about the quality it would be delivering in its products. This Molo roti maker has a unique look with a black charcoal finish. This one of the best roti maker is equipped to make chillas, and omelettes as well.

9.Maharaja Whiteline Roti Maker

The Maharaja roti maker establishes a good balance between quality and price of the product. For people who use roti makers occasionally this can prove to be one of the best roti maker for them. Light in weight, this roti maker does not take long time to heat up.

10.Eveready Roti Maker

Eveready is not a great brand when it comes to home appliances, but sometimes it leaves us amazed with some of its spectacular home appliances like one of the best roti makers, that come from Eveready. This one of the best roti maker is energy efficient and also sports indicator light, easy press handle and non-stich plates

So if you are fed up of trying to get the perfect chapatti and yet have not been successful in achieving it, then this list of the best roti maker can come to your rescue. Now no need to worry about guest bombarding your house, just sit back and enjoy the hot fulkas coming from the best roti maker you have.

List of Best Roti (Chapati) Maker In India (August 2019)

Best Roti (Chapati) Maker Price in India
BAJAJ VACCO 900W "Go-Ezzee" Non-Stick Chapati Maker C-02 (Silver) Rs.1,912
Bajaj Vacco GO-EZZEE C-02 Roti/Khakhra Maker(Black) Rs.1,912
Prestige Roti Maker Rs.2,445
Prestige PRM 4.0 Roti and Khakra Maker Rs.1,999
Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker (Silver/Black) Rs.1,799
Sunflame S-RM Roti/Khakhra Maker Rs.1,775
Eagle India Non Stick Stainless Steel Low Power Consumption With Power Indicator Premium Roti and Khakra Maker Rs.999
Eagle Best Eagle Roti Maker Rs.749
Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker (Black) Rs.1,945
Jaipan Jumbo Roti/Khakhra Maker(Black) Rs.1,748
Price List of Best Roti (Chapati) Maker In India, Last Updated on 22 August 2019
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