Best Induction Cooktops In India

Best Induction Cooktops In India

Best Induction Cooktop Brands In India

Fed up of the rising prices of LPG cylinders? The solution to your problem of rising prices of LPG cylinders is the best induction cooktops. Best induction cooktop India are quickly catching up the trend since they are energy-efficient. The compact size and easy installation makes the best induction cooktops even more useful. These induction cooktops are one of the most innovative and technologically advanced appliances. Induction cooking is considered to be the safest cooking technology in use these days even for outdoor cooking. The major reason for induction cooktops being so successful these days is the fast speed of cooking that can be done on the best induction cooktop India. Induction cooktops use magnetic friction that bounces from under the cooktop to the cookware placed on top of the induction. These are safe for children too as unlike the usual gas burners these do not have flame. Some of the best induction cooktops do not turn on until the cookware is placed on it.

Induction vs. Gas Cooktops

FeaturesInduction CooktopsGas Cooktops
WorkingInduction cooktops work on magnetic friction generated from under the cooktop and the cookware that is placed on topThe gas cooktops use LPG to get ignited and use flame for heating the cookware
ControlThe induction cooktop is controlled by digital touch buttonsThe gas cooktop is controlled manually through knobs
SafetyInduction cooktops are much safer as they douse flame to heat and also they do not heat until the cookware is place on itThe Gas cooktops have a lot of hazards like leakage problem, they are also not safe for kids as they use flame for heating
SpeedThe speed of cooking on induction cooktops is fasterCooking on gas takes a bit of more time as compared to the induction cooktops
CleaningCleaning of the induction cooktops is much convenient and easyCleaning of the gas cooktops becomes a hectic task
CookwareThe best induction cooktops use special magnetic insulated cookwareAny normal cookware can be used with gas cookware
Heat WastageHeat wastage is minimal as the induction cooktop heats only that area of the cookware that comes in direct contact of the cooktopHeat wastage in gas cooktops is higher as the entire cookware gets heated
Energy EfficiencyInduction cooktops are energy efficientGas cooktops consumes a lot of energy in form of LPG

Types of Best Induction Cooktops
With the changing technology every day, innovation is taking place in the induction cooktops too. Presently the market has basically three types of cooktops which includes built-in induction cooktops, freestanding induction cooktops and the last one and the most popular one being the portable induction cooktops.

Built-in Induction Cooktops
Built-in stove best induction cooktops are flat and features a ceramic glass unit on top. These cooktops can easily be installed on your kitchen countertop. They are sleek in design and are mostly available in black colour.

Freestanding Induction Cooktops
The freestanding induction cooktops can easily slide-in between your kitchen countertop. They are available in multiple variations like stainless steels to black induction cooktops. If you want to revamp your kitchen then you will have multiple zone options to choose from.

Portable, single, standalone units
The portable induction cooktops are the most popular induction cooktops. These are considered to be the best induction cooktops as they are portable, convenient to use and comes on budgetary range. They are available in single or double unit. These can also be used as an additional unit in the kitchen.

How To Choose The Right Induction Cooktop For Your Requirement :

Induction cooktops comes in a number of variations from size to features to colour. If you are planning to buy the best induction cooktop do make sure to go through our buying guide before you step out. The best induction cooktop India should be loaded with features like fast cooking, energy saving and alike. Here is the complete buying guide to buy the best induction cooktops:

  • Burner Options: The best induction cooktops come with one, two, three and four burner options. The user needs to think about his/her need and then choose from amongst the available options. For a small family a two burner induction cooktop can do the needful.
  • Countertop Space: If you have a ready countertop then you also need to keep in mind the size and the space available on your countertop before stepping out to buy the best induction cooktops.
  • Price: Budget also plays an important role in choosing the best induction cooktops. First the user needs to decide on a specific budget and also the extent to which his budget can be flexible.
  • Safety: Another thing to consider is the safety options with which your best induction cooktops come. The best induction cooktop India should certainly possess safety sensor, which will monitor the temperature of the bottom of the cookware placed on it.
  • Auto Switch-off : The auto switch off feature that the best induction cooktops are loaded with automatically turns the element off to avoid over heating or if the cookware is not placed on top of the induction.
  • Pan detection: The pan detection induction cooktops are considered to be the best induction cooktops. These cooktops wont heat until the cookware is placed on top of the induction. It will also automatically stop the operation if the cookware is removed in between.

Here is a handpicked list of the best induction cooktops in India 2019

1. Philips HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop

The Philips HD 4928/01 induction cooktop is one of the most energy efficient induction cooktops. Due to its cooking efficiency and energy saving efficiency it is listed amongst the best induction cooktops. It enables faster cooking with the help of electromagnetic induction technology.

2. Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop

The Prestige Pic 20 induction cooktop comes with special Indian preset menu, which helps you cook your favourite Indian food without any disturbance. The Prestige Pic 20 is considered to be one of the best induction cooktops, due to the power saving technology used to make this cooktop. The reasonable price comes as an added advantage.

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3. Havells Insta Cook 2100W Induction Cooktops

The auto timer function, one touch operation, variable control , and the 6 mode of cooking function sets it above all the cooktops and hence it is also amongst the best induction cooktops. The digital LED display eases the operation and the auto detection mode helps save a lot on energy consumption.

4. Morphy Richards Icon Essential 1600 Watts Induction Cooktop

The Morphy Richards brings this best induction cooktop to put a full stop to the hassle of LPG gas stoves. These induction cooktops are portable and can be carried along with you even while travelling. The touch panel provides 8 cooking menu and other variety of modes and options from which you can choose the best one as per your preference.

5. Bajaj Popular Ultra 1400 W Induction Cooktop

Not only its cool and sleek look but also its functionality sets it above all the best induction cooktops. This best induction cooktop is specially designed for faster cooking. The Bajaj Popular Ultra helps you save a lot upon your money, time and electricity too. The best feature of this ultra modern device is the noiseless cooking that it gives and adds value to your cooking. The auto cooling, cools down the cooktop immediately even after most intense cooking.

6. Pigeon Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

The Pigeon Cruise induction cooktop works with the normal home socket. The seven types of preset menu and the compact size makes it the best induction cooktop. The portability increases its utility even for outdoor cooking. This induction cooktop is compatible with all sorts of cookware. The simple operation eases the use.

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The best induction cooktops are a great device for quick and healthy cooking. The ease of use and simple cleaning makes it the perfect pick in this fast pacing world. If you have more suggestion on the best induction cooktops do pen down your suggestions in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

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List of Best Induction Cooktops In India (August 2019)

Best Induction Cooktops Price in India
Philips HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) Rs.2,466
Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black) Rs.2,399
Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button (Black) Rs.1,608
Prestige PIC 20.0 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) Rs.1,610
Havells Insta Cook 2100W Induction Cooktops (Black) Rs.3,338
Morphy Richards Icon Essential 1600 Watts Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) Rs.2,599
Morphy Richards Icon Essential 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black) Rs.2,549
Bajaj Popular 1400-Watt Induction Cooktop Rs.2,180
Bajaj Popular Ultra Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) Rs.1,899
Pigeon Induction Cooktop Rs.1,199
Price List of Best Induction Cooktops In India, Last Updated on 13 August 2019
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