Best Wet Grinders in India

Best Wet Grinders in India

The Best Wet Grinders

To even imagine of an Indian kitchen without a mixer or a grinder would be foolishness. Grinders these days have become an irreplaceable part of Indian kitchen. While not so common in Western kitchen, the best wet grinder are a staple in Indian cuisine. These wet grinders are designed to make pastes from lentils and grains and the best wet grinder are mostly used to make batter for South Indian dishes including Dosa, Idli and Vadas. These wet grinders can also be used for a variety of other purpose too. The best wet grinder solves the issue related to crushing, mixing and making smooth batters. If you are also planning to buy the best wet grinder and are confused with which one to go then we have curated a list for you to choose the best wet grinder. List of the best wet grinder is given below.

List of The Best Wet Grinder in India 2019

1. Elgi Ultra Dura+ 1.25-Litre Wet Grinder

The Elgi Utra Dura+ wet grinder comes along with a coconut scrapper increasing the utility of the product. This wet grinder is light in weight and is quite durable as well. The amazing and sleek design of this wet grinder adds beauty to your kitchen. Providing the perfect and swift grinding the product is known to be one of the best wet grinder. The patented conical grinding stones help to generate less heat while grinding and store the batter for a longer duration.

2. Premier Wonder - Table Top Wet Grinder

Designed like a dry grinder, this wet grinder has grinding drums that sits on top and has a cylindrical shape. The entire product is crafted out of stainless steel making it sturdy and durable. The Premier wonder comes with 1.5 litre capacity and has a motor that spins at 1440 rounds in a minute. Loaded with spectacular features the Premier Wonder makes one of the best wet grinder.

3. Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

In India you cannot think of any cuisine or special dish that can be made without grinding, thus grinding form a major element in Indian cooking. The best wet grinder comes in handy in this situation. The Panasonic MK-SW200BLK delivers an impeccable performance and is known to be one of the best wet grinder. The innovative design of the wet grinder prevents motor damage even after longer usage.

4. Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder

If you are looking to get the best wet grinder and that too in a budget friendly price then this Bajaj WX3 with a 150 watt heavy duty motor is the best pick. Featuring a durable grinding stone the wet grinder comes along with a spatula that makes the cleaning of the jar easy.

5. Premier Tilting

The Premier Tilting wet grinder sports smart technology, vacuum feet and a powerful motor. Loaded with such incredible feature the Premier tilting is known to be one of the best wet grinder. It simplifies the cooking process with its smart, reliable and fast service. The compact design and elegant looks adds grace to your kitchen.

6. Prestige PWG 02

Prestige has given this wet grinder a modern design, the textured build adds elegance to the product and the 2 litre jar capacity comes with an interlocking feature to keep it in place even when the grinding is on. The additional coconut scraper and atta kneader attachments not only adds value to the product but also makes it one of the best wet grinder.

7. Singer Maxigrind, 150 Watts Wet Grinder

The Singer Maxigrinder comes with an additional atta kneader and coconut scraper adding value to the product. The heavy duty motor and compact yet elegant design makes it one of the best wet grinder.

8. Butterfly Rhino 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

The Butterfly wet grinder is amongst the best wet grinder and is a perfect cooking companion. The 2 separate compartments for grinding and the superior quality stainless steel makes it one of the best wet grinder. The product is so durable that it remains rust free even with regular use. A plastic grinder is also available with the Butterfly Rhino wet grinder. Both these jars are helpful in different kinds of wet grinding.

9. Preethi Iconic WG 908 2 Liter Wet Grinder

The Preethi Iconoic WG 908 wet grinder comes with 2 ltr capacity and does all the blending, and grinding to perfection. The automatic shut off feature and the motor over load protector makes it one of the best wet grinder. The batter cleaner attachment helps remove the batter from the conical stone with ease. The multi utility drum stores the batter for a longer period of time.

10. Pigeon Platino 12726 2-Litre Wet Grinder

The Pigeon Platino is amongst the most convenient and superior wet grinder in the market. The compact design helps you save a lot of space in the kitchen and this wet grinder is quite easy to clean and maintain. The three speed setting and swift grinding makes it one of the best wet grinder. The heavy duty motor provides long life to the product.
So if you are also a big foodie and go crazy for crunchy dosas and soft idlis then getting the best wet grinder is a must. Here we have listed the best wet grinder for you to choose from and take the correct decision.

List of Best Wet Grinders in India (August 2019)

Best Wet Grinders Price in India
Elgi Ultra Dura+ 1.25-Litre Wet Grinder, Fortune White Rs.5,525
ELGI Ultra Dura+ 1.25 L Wet Grinder(Purple) Rs.5,599
Premier Stainless Steel 95 W Table Top Wet Grinder Rs.5,440
premier PG 503 Wet Grinder(Blue) Rs.5,200
Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder(Black) Rs.6,409
Bajaj WX 3 150 150 W Mixer Grinder(Maroon, 1 Jar) Rs.3,855
Premier 230 V Stainless Steel Table Top Wet Grinder, 2 L (Red) Rs.5,799
Prestige PWG 02 200 W Mixer Grinder(Red, 1 Jar) Rs.5,700
Singer Maxigrind 2-Litre Wet Grinder (Maroon) Rs.3,299
Singer MAXIGRIND (SWG020MRT) Wet Grinder(Maroon) Rs.3,166
Price List of Best Wet Grinders in India, Last Updated on 15 August 2019
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