Best Chalk Paints For Giving A Vintage Finish To Furniture

There is something about the vintage charm that makes it a hit with many a designer across the globe, especially for furniture. If you too have an eye for chalky and distressed looks dripping of the bygone days, check some of the best chalk paints and give your furniture a rustic makeover.
Best Chalk Paints For Giving A Vintage Finish To Furniture
Chalk paints are usually used to for giving a rustic, distressed and vintage look to furniture

Looking for classy, antique yet stylish furniture for refurbishing your decor? What if you could give your existing one a rustic makeover and recreate the vintage charm? Thanks to chalk paints, giving such a makeover to furniture is possible and that too at your convenience. These paints are popular for their chalky and ultra-matte finish, ease of use, and an escape from the compulsory usage of primers or sanding, as in other paints. Catch hold of some of the best from the listicle below.

Best Chalk Paints

1. Itsy Bitsy- Home Decor Chalk Paint KIT 

Ditch the monochromatic look and let the colours splash with this fabulous set of chalk paints that comes along with six pastel shades. All the colours have a thick consistency and are water-based, which means they can be easily thinned by dissolution. The paints express perfect spreading consistency with rollers, sponge and brush. These non-toxic paints come with the quick-drying feature, making it even more convenient to use them.

Pastel Shades
Chalk Paints Sets Amazon Deal

Chalk Paints Sets

₹ 679
₹ 799 (15% off)
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2. Little Birdie- Chalk Paint for Home Decor

White colour is the secret concoction for creating a wide variety of fascinating shades. With just a slight change in the proportions, this magical colour brings to the palette a new colour. Unleash your inner artist and experiment to splash your furniture in fascinating shades. Alternatively, you can paint them white and marvel at the versatility of these high-quality colours.

Universal Application
Little Birdie Acrylic Paint, 60 ml (White) Amazon Deal

Little Birdie Acrylic Paint, 60 ml (White)

₹ 225
₹ 300 (25% off)
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3. Expressions craft immix Acrylic Metallic Chalk Paint

Metallic shades never go out of fashion! This classy chalk paint brings in the aqueous shade with a gorgeous, shimmery finish. The colour is non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it a hit with those with a green thumb! Versatile enough, it can be applied easily on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, fabric, and earthen items. What are you waiting for? Get, set, paint!

Metallic Finish
expressions craft Chalk Paint, Peacock Green Shimmer Finish 50 ml Amazon Deal

expressions craft Chalk Paint, Peacock Green Shimmer Finish 50 ml

₹ 149
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4. Montana Cans Chalk Spray Paint

Without a doubt, black is one of the classiest shades out there which gives a stylish touch to anything and everything. These spray cans bring in the chalk paint avatar of this versatile colour. The cans are quite convenient to use and give an attractive rustic touch to the furniture, with long-lasting, permanent effects. These non-toxic paints are even non-hazardous to plants.

Spray Paint Form
Montana Cans MXCH-9000 Chalk Spray Paint, 400ml, Black Amazon Deal

Montana Cans MXCH-9000 Chalk Spray Paint, 400ml, Black

₹ 2,232
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Frequently Asked Questions About Chalk Paints

Q1. What is chalk paint?

Ans. It’s a special type of paint that gives a soft, dreamy, rustic touch to furniture. If you are looking for an aged, distressed or vintage look, this is the paint to vouch for.

Q2. Do chalk paints demand any preparation?

Ans. No, in most of the cases, they do not preparation, whatsoever. However, they need to be used with a soft wax for sealing paint.

Q3. What are the features of chalk paint?

Ans. These are thicker and easier to work with, as compared to conventional paints. They are, however, more likely to drip. Also, they lack any black pigment, thereby, allowing proper mixing of shades without any dulling.

Q4. How much time do they take for drying?

Ans. Although these paints appear dry to touch within the first hour of application, it is recommended to apply the second coat after 24 hours.

Q5. When is the wax applied?

Ans. Wax is responsible for the luxurious silky look that comes with chalk paints. It is usually advised to wait a couple of hours between the coat of paints, for wax application.

Q6. Why is the wax applied?

Ans. It makes the chalk more durable and gives it a silky finish.

Q7. On what surfaces can chalk paints be used?

Ans. They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including walls, floors, wood, concrete, metal, matt plastic, earthenware, brick, and stone. They can even be sometimes used to paint upholstery and dye fabric.

Q8. What are the advantages of using chalk paint?

Ans. Chalk paints virtually require no preparation, cutting on the customary practices of priming and sanding. Also, they dry quickly, blend easily, and can even be thinned and used in a sprayer. Their cleanup too is easier in comparison to traditional alternatives.

Q9. What are the cons?

Ans. First of all, these paints are pricey and can be hard to find. Secondly, they require wax sealing, which can be sometimes labour-intensive. Finally, they may leave brush marks, and easily allow the stains to bleed through and reach the original surface of the furniture.

Best Chalk Paints For Giving A Vintage Finish To Furniture

Best Chalk Paints For Giving A Vintage Finish To Furniture Price in India
Chalk Paints Sets ₹ 679
Little Birdie Acrylic Paint, 60 ml (White) ₹ 225
expressions craft Chalk Paint, Peacock Green Shimmer Finish 50 ml ₹ 149
Montana Cans MXCH-9000 Chalk Spray Paint, 400ml, Black ₹ 2,232
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