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Best Dog Food in India

If providing the best nutrition to your dog has always been a concern, shop from this list of the best dog foods available in India. Add food from the best of brands to your dog's daily diet, and see them grow, shine and stay healthy.
Updated: May 20, 2020 19:44 IST
Best Dog Food in India
Best Dog Food in India

As a responsible dog owner, it is important to look out for a portion of nutritious and healthy food for our four-legged friends. With so many international pet food brands in the market, picking the best dog foods for your canine friends can get confusing. We help you choose food that is not only nutritious but will also suit the taste buds of your pet.

Best Dog Food Brands in India

1. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

Like humans, it is also important for our little friends with claws to have a complete balanced diet. This dry food for dogs by Pedigree is made with high-quality ingredients that contain 20% crude protein, 10% crude fat, and 5% crude fibre. This dog food helps provide strong muscles, bones, and teeth. It also improves the dog's digestive health and builds immunity. Buy this dog food to feed your pet with nutrients that will lead to a healthier dog with a shinier coat.

Excellent Buy
Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food
(3,014 ratings)
₹ 250
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Uses High Quality Ingredients

This wholesome dog meal is a complete package with high quality ingredients that helps to maintain growth and health.

2. Meat Up Chicken Flavour, Real Chicken Biscuit

Give your dogs a treat with these healthy Meat up biscuits. These are oven-baked biscuits that contain essential ingredients to provide complete nutritional values to your pet. The crunchy texture of these biscuits helps to remove plaque and prevents tartar build-up and maintains healthy and strong teeth and gums. The omega-3 and 6-fatty acids promote lustrous coat. These contain no added colours and flavours, and so make a perfect meal for your dogs. Buy this dog food to keep your dog active and healthy.

Perfect Choice
Meat Up Chicken Flavour , Real Chicken Biscuit, Dog Treats
(5,411 ratings)
₹ 299
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Oven Baked Biscuits

This oven-baked dog snacks is a complete and balanced nutritious treat for your pets.

3. Meat Up Adult Dog Food

As a dog owner, you have always wanted to pamper your dog with the best dog food and provide him them with best you can. As your thought of giving it back to your canine friends, this Meat up dog food is just the perfect choice. This dog food contains essential ingredients like chicken, eggs, and vegetables along with the goodness of vitamins and minerals that make it a complete meal for your dog. It promotes healthy digestion, strong bones, healthy joints, and a strong immune system. The goodness of omega-3 and 6-fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat.

Great Buy
Meat Up Adult Dog Food
(2,923 ratings)
₹ 299
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Provides Overall Wellness

Feed your pet with this energy-packed wholesome diet that provides overall wellness.

4. Royal Canin Maxi Adult

This dog food contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that not only keep the pets healthy but also satisfies their appetite. Feed your pet with this dog food to provide strong joint support and maintain healthy skin. This formula is also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids that help in maintaining a healthy and lustrous coat. Time to give your pooch a lip-smacking treat.

Good Choice
Royal Canin Maxi Amazon Deal
Royal Canin Maxi
(1,624 ratings)
₹ 690
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Promotes Healthy Digestion

It offers a complete balanced diet that promotes healthy digestion which keeps your pet happy and active.

5. Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dog Food

This dog food contains the benefits of real chicken that help maintain strong bones and a healthy digestive system. The essential nutrients, vitamin and minerals help to maintain good joint health and also help to control tartar build-up. It is highly palatable as it is loaded with the goodness of omega-3 and 6-fatty acids that help to maintain a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

Worth It
Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dog Food, 3 kg with Free 1.2 kg
(2,016 ratings)
₹ 600
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Balanced Nutritional Diet

It is a complete dog food package that offers a balanced nutritional diet to help them remain fit and healthy.

Surprising Benefits of Dog Foods

  1. Increased satiety
  2. Good muscle tone
  3. Controlled weight
  4. Appropriate energy levels
  5. Improved bone density
  6. Improves healthy joints
  7. Prevent tartar build-up
  8. Builds immunity
  9. Promote lustrous coat
  10. Provides healthy skin
  11. Builds a strong immune system

Best Dog Food in India

Best Dog Food Price in India
Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food ₹ 250
Meat Up Chicken Flavour , Real Chicken Biscuit, Dog Treats ₹ 299
Meat Up Adult Dog Food ₹ 299
Royal Canin Maxi ₹ 690
Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dog Food, 3 kg with Free 1.2 kg ₹ 600
Price List of the Products are last updated on 07 July 2020
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