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Best Ovulation Test Kits in India for Pregnancy Prediction : Price, Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Ovulation Tests help you plan your pregnancy. The results can tell you if you might be ovulating soon or not. There are a variety of ovulation predictor kits available but we have enlisted some of the best ones from brands like i-can, Dr. Trust and others.
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Updated: Jan 30, 2020 11:50 IST
Best Ovulation Test Kits in India for Pregnancy Prediction : Price, Reviews & Buying Guide
Best Ovulation Tests to Try

Ovulation test kits can be a boon for you if you are planning a family. Ovulation predictor kits are often confused with pregnancy test kits. The best ovulation test kits would help you know your most fertile time and help you conceive accordingly. Ovulation test strips are urine-based tests that can be used at home to detect impending ovulation. They work by detecting the hormone LH. The best ovulation kits come with several tests strips, that look alike pregnancy strips. Using these best ovulation kits can help you time sex for pregnancy. Some of the best ovulation predictor kits come with several test strips that look like pregnancy test strips. When you get a positive result on the test, you should try every day for the next two or three days. Here are some of the best ovulation kits available in India along with the ovulation kit price. 

List of The 10 Best Ovulation Kits in India with Price 2020

1. I-know Ovulation Testing Strips-Best Ovulation Kit

The chances of pregnancy are high during the 5 ovulation days. I-know being one of the best ovulation kits in India helps to detect the most fertile days of a woman, thereby maximizing the chances of conceiving.

2. Dr Trust Neclife Pregaplan-One Step Ovulation Test Kits

Pregaplan is a one-step ovulation-test kit that is the most reliable. Known to be one of the best ovulation test kits in India, Pregaplan is trusted by doctors nationwide. This ovulation test kit is easy and convenient to use.

3. INNOVITA Ovulation Detection Kit Strips-Easy to Use Ovulation Predictor Kit

INNOVITA Ovulation test kit is considered to be among the best ovulation test kits in India as this ovulation predictor kit is very easy to use. With this ovulation test kit, you can quickly and easily perform the test and get to know your ovulation days, when the chances of conceiving would be high.

4. Ovlo Ovulation Kit Ovulation Kit-Economical Ovulation Test Kit

Ovlo ovulation test kit, unlike the other kits, provides 99% accurate results. It is a simple, single-step device which detects the Luteinizing Hormone in the urine. Its ease of use and accuracy makes it one of the best ovulation test kits in India.

5. CLUNGENE STRIPS-PACK OF 10 Ovulation Kit-Best in Class Ovulation Kit

With the help of CLUNGENE strips, ovulation tests can now be easy and convenient. This one of the best ovulation kits in India helps to equip the best time to conceive and contraception.

6. Microsidd Am-i LH 5 Ovulation Kit-Trusted Ovulation Test Kit

Microsidd Am-i LH ovulation kit happens to be among the best ovulation kits in India. This ovulation test kit will help you know the right time of ovulation and help you conceive easily. It is said to provide guaranteed results and hence is known to be a trusted ovulation test kit. 

How Do Ovulation Tests Work?

Ovulation predictor kits work by detecting the levels of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) hormone in the urine. As the time of ovulation approaches, LH spikes up in order to push the egg into the final stages of maturity. This spiking up of the LH is known as LH surge. Ovulation kits detect the right time of ovulation and if you are planning to conceive you can have intercourse for up to a week before you ovulate.

Ovulation Tests Types

if we talk about ovulation tests at home then the ovulation test kits can be classified under two broad categories. The first one being the urine test and the other one being the saliva test. However in medical field blood tests are also used to know the right time for ovulation. Here are the two basic types of home-based ovulation test kits.

1. Fertility Monitors

Fertility monitors are digital or manual device that detects the level of LH in the urine. The urine sample has to be dropped on the strip and then the strip has to be left untouched for some time. The results on the strip of the ovulation kit will tell you whether or not this is your ovulation time.

2. Saliva Test for Fertility

Another way to detect ovulation is through the saliva test. This is also known as fertility ferning. When a woman is close to ovulation her saliva starts to form a pattern resembling fern leaves. For this the saliva sample is collected on a glass slide and is allowed to dry, then this slide is viewed under a microscope. Usually, dots or circle shapes appear in normal, but close to ovulation, the saliva leaves fern-like shape. 

How to Use Ovulation Test Kits

Normally the best ovulation test kits are easy and convenient to use, one just needs to follow the instructions prescribed on the backside of the ovulation predictor kit. Here is a stepwise guide to using an ovulation test kit. 

Step 1: Read through the instructions on the backside of the ovulation kit.

Step 2: Collect your urine sample (preferably morning urine) in a clean container.

Step 3: Now either dip the ovulation test strip in urine or you can also take a few drops of the urine using a dropper and drop it on the test strip. 

Step 4: Leave the ovulation kit strip to rest for 5 mins.

Step 5: The results are ready to be viewed and analysed.

Buying Guide for Ovulation Test Kits

Here is a small buying guide that will help you make the right decision when buying the best ovulation predictor kit.

  • Portability: Ovulation test kits should be portable and lightweight. You should be able to carry them along with you while you are travelling. 
  • Combination of Ovulation Test and Pregnancy Test: Some of the best ovulation test kits also offers a pregnancy test kit. If you are planning a family this combination should be the best buy for you. 
  • Number of Strips: Some of the best ovulation kits offers multiple numbers of strips, so these are considered to be the best one. 

FAQs on Best Ovulation Test Kits

Q. Can you ovulate without LH surge?

A. Usually, ovulation occurs after 36 hours of LH surge, but there might be times when women do not ovulate inspite of LH surge. In this case, an experienced gynaecologist should be consulted.

Q. What is the best time of day to take an ovulation test?

A. Morning urine is considered to be the best sample for the ovulation test. However, one can take the ovulation test at any time of the day. The ovulation test must be taken around the same time every day. 

Q. Which is the best ovulation kit in India?

A. The market is full of brands that claim to produce the best ovulation kits in India, however we would vote for I-know to be the best ovulation kit available in the market.

Q. Can an ovulation test be wrong?

A. No, most of the ovulation kits in India provide trusted and guaranteed results. However, the accuracy of the result might also depend upon the correct usage.

Q. What does the ovulation kit detect?

A. Ovulation test strips are urine-based tests that you use at home to detect impending ovulation. They work by detecting the hormone LH.

Q. How do I know if I'm ovulating?

A. Ovulation usually occurs 10-15 days before the periods begin. When you're likely to ovulate you may notice wetter, clearer and more slippery mucus around the time of ovulation.

Q. What are the symptoms of not ovulating?

A. An irregular mensural cycle is an indication that you are not ovulation. A too long, or a too-short mensural cycle might also be an indication.

Q. How many days do you ovulate?

A. Ovulation lasts for only 12 hours to 48 hours. But, you are potentially fertile for up to seven to ten days

So, if you too are planning a family, we would suggest you opt for one of these best ovulation test kits in India.

Best Ovulation Tests to Try Offers

Best Ovulation Test Kits for Pregnancy Prediction : Price, Reviews & Buying Guide Price in India
I-know Ovulation Testing Strips for Planning Pregnancy- 5 strips ₹ 549
Neclife Pregaplan One Step Ovulation Test Kits, 2 Boxes - Pack Of 10 Ovulation Tests & 10 Getnews Pregnancy Tests ₹ 998
INNOVITA Ovulation Detection Kit Strips (pack of 20 strips) Ovulation Kit(20 Tests, Pack of 20) ₹ 1,199
Ovlo Ovulation Kit Ovulation Kit(5 Tests, Pack of 5) ₹ 550
CLUNGENE STRIPS-PACK OF 10 Ovulation Kit(10 Tests, Pack of 10) ₹ 649
Microsidd Am-i LH 5 Ovulation Kit(5 Tests, Pack of 5) ₹ 349
Price List of the Products are last updated on 05 April 2020
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