Teething Toys For Babies

These teethers are a must-have for all babies developing their first of teeth. They are soft and help soothe gum aches that often trouble babies during teething.
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By: Viveka Nagar Updated: Jun 20, 2020 17:22 IST
Teething Toys For Babies
Best Teething Toys for Toddlers

It's really exciting to see a new tiny tooth breaking through your baby's gum; however this milestone is usually preceded with sleepless nights, crying, dribbling, ear-pulling and general misery not only for the kids, but also for the parents. But the good news is that these days market is flooded with teething and baby healthcare products that can reduce the pain that the baby goes through during the period of teething. The best teethers for babies are the ultimate solution to get your child rid of the pain and trouble he goes through during this stage. At this stage, the child simply wants to chew anything and everything that is within the reach, be it corners of a t-shirt, bed sheet or anything else. Thus, getting the best teethers for babies is the safest option. Shop for some of the best ones with us.

Best Teething Toys For Babies

1. WISHKEY 14 Pcs Combo Pack of Rattles, Teethers

This combo of rattles and teethers can be the perfect pick for your little one. The teether's attractive shapes and colours will most likely please a child. Made of BPA free plastic, that is free of harmful chemicals, these teething toys are absolutely safe for small children to get it on mouth or chew on. Since they are made using a non-toxic material, they are also eco-friendly. The toy is made from premium quality rubber that is also easy to clean.

Perfect Size for Little Hands
WISHKEY 14Pcs Combo Pack of Rattles, Teethers and Bath Toys Amazon Deal

WISHKEY 14Pcs Combo Pack of Rattles, Teethers and Bath Toys

₹ 499
₹ 599 (17% off)
Buy on WISHKEY 14Pcs Combo Pack of Rattles, Teethers and Bath Toys Amazon Rs. 499.00

2. Chicco Easy Grasp Ring

These teethers from Chicco are safe and super fun for babies. These modern-looking teethers feature an indigenous non-choking design that makes them easy for little hands to grasp and play with. Plus, the raised nubs at the top are great for vigorous gumming and can double as an introductory toothbrush for emerging teeth.

Comfortable Grip
Chicco Easy Grasp Ring (Multicolour) Amazon Deal

Chicco Easy Grasp Ring (Multicolour)

₹ 250
Buy on Chicco Easy Grasp Ring (Multicolour) Amazon deals

3. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh

Fisher-Price is a leading brand for kids' toys. This two-in-one teether and fruit holder by the American toy company is a handy and safe solution to solve the problems that come with teething. As a teething toy, it massages baby's gums, simulating mouth muscle development. As a food nibbler, its unique sieve design allows only the tiniest food pieces to go through, preventing choking. This teether also features a textured silicone portion that soothes baby's gums while preventing them from chapping.

Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh (Pink,Pack of 1) Amazon Deal

Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh (Pink,Pack of 1)

₹ 189
₹ 249 (24% off)
Buy on Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh (Pink,Pack of 1) Amazon Rs. 189.00

4. Pigeon Cooling Teether, Piano

If your teething baby enjoys soothing his or her gums, then these teethers from Pigeon are a must-have. These teethers are made of silicons that are safe for toddlers to chew on. The colours used in these teethers are child friendly, and the plastic material is free from BPA, lead, PVC and phthalates, and other potentially harmful chemicals. The teether contains safe, sterilised water, and can be used as a toy for children as old as three months.

Safe Choice
Pigeon Cooling Teether, Piano (White) Amazon Deal

Pigeon Cooling Teether, Piano (White)

₹ 275
₹ 279 (1% off)
Buy on Pigeon Cooling Teether, Piano (White) Amazon Rs. 275.00

Some Useful Suggestion to Help Children Overcome Teething Problems

  1. Apply Pressure: Let your child chew on sterilised teethers for babies as this will help the child apply pressure on their gums. Applying pressure on the gums during teething soothes the pain that babies go through before teething actually begins.
  2. Calm the Pain with Cool Things: Keep a stock of wet washcloths in the refrigerator, so that your child can also chew on them along with the teethers. Chewing on these cool refrigerated washcloths will also provide a numbing relief to your child's gum.
  3. Go for Proper Medication: Teething in the early stages is preceded by stomach problems and fever in children, thus in order to get rid of these issues, parents must consult a paediatrician and get the child the needed medication.
  4. Get them the Best Teethers for Babies: Along with all these medications and home remedies, teethers can also be of great help when it comes to soothe the baby from the unbearable pain.

Best Baby Teething Toys

Product Price in India
WISHKEY 14Pcs Combo Pack of Rattles, Teethers and Bath Toys ₹ 499
Chicco Easy Grasp Ring (Multicolour) ₹ 250
Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh (Pink,Pack of 1) ₹ 189
Pigeon Cooling Teether, Piano (White) ₹ 275
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