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Best Water Bottles For Kids

Staying hydrated is necessary, especially for growing kids. Get some of the best water bottles from the listicle below, that'll grant regular access to clean and safe water to your kids, even when outdoors.
Updated: Nov 28, 2020 15:06 IST
Best Water Bottles For Kids
Water bottles ensure regular access to safe drinking water even while on the go

Water bottles are handy reservoirs of clean and safe water; a must-have for kids, especially outdoors. They not only help in preventing discomfort out of thirst but also take care of keeping the kids energetic and hydrated throughout the day. These portable carriers are usually designed to fit in easily in all bags and are light in weight, to avoid burdening the kids' shoulders. Find some of the best ones for your little one from the listicle below. 

Best Water Bottles For Kids

1. Pearlpet Procasa Insulated Thermos

This super adorable thermos bottle keeps the water insulated and maintains its initial temperature for hours. Made of high-grade copper and stainless steel, the bottle is resistant to breakage, making it ideal for kids. It is also free from any chemicals, and safe for the environment.

Thermos Style
Pearlpet Procasa Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Hot and Cool Thermos Kids Water Bottle Black 350 ML Toy Cap Design
(4 ratings)
₹ 765
₹ 850 (10% off)
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Made Of High-Grade Copper And Stainless Steel

This adorable little thermos is not only visually appealing but also maintains the correct temperature of the water.

2. Rabitat Plastic And Tritan Bottle

This cute bottle comes with a snap-lock that houses a soft silicon stout for drinking which is gentle on kids' gums. The bottle opens easily with a button and can be locked when not in use. You can even clip this bottle to bags to enjoy a hands-free carriage. Additionally, the bottle is leak-proof and free from any chemicals.

Snap Lock
Rabitat Plastic And Tritan Bottle, 410ml, Set of 1, Pink Diva
(121 ratings)
₹ 788
₹ 999 (21% off)
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Contains Soft Silicon Stout For Drinking

This easy-to-use bottle comes with an opening button, lock, and soft silicone stout. You can even keep a track of the drunken water with its water measurement markings.

3. Jaypee Insulated Plastic Water Bottle

This insulated flip-top bottle can keep the water cold, as desired, for hours. It comes with a convenient flip-top and is resistant to leakage and breaking. It comes with a sturdy strap for easy portability and keeps the water completely odourless. This bottle, however, is not suitable for carrying hot beverages.

Flip Top
Jaypee Insulated Plastic Water Bottle Googly Green 650 ml
(11 ratings)
₹ 138
₹ 167 (17% off)
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Keeps The Water Cold For Hours

This bottle offers a comfortable and safe drinking experience, thanks to its airtight insulated body and easy-to-use flip top. This break-resistant water bottle is, however, unsuitable for warm beverages.

4. Milton Kool Spark Orange Water Bottle

This premium water bottle is one of the most popular ones and for all the right reasons. It is made of high-quality food-grade plastic which ensures safe storage for drinking water. The stout is covered with a sturdy lid, protecting it from dust and other contaminants. Thanks to its adjustable strap, the bottle is quite easy to carry.

Adjustable Strap
Milton Kool Spark 500 Orange Water Bottle
(253 ratings)
₹ 140
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Dust Protected Spout Lid Keeps The Water Safe

This is one of the most popular kids’ water bottles with an adjustable strap. It is made of high-quality food-grade plastic and protects its spout with a sturdy lid.

Things To Consider Before Buying Water Bottles For Kids 


It’s of utmost importance to select a water bottle that is free from potentially harmful chemicals such as BPA that are often found in cheap bottles.


Go for an unbreakable water bottle. Avoid glass ones; they might break and even harm the kid with their broken sharp edges. 


A heavy water bottle might be difficult to carry for a kid. Go for a lightweight bottle that can accommodate from half a litre to around a litre of water. 


When it comes to kids’ water bottles, go for the ones which are easy to hold and have a user-friendly shape. Also, water bottles with wider necks are easier to clean. 


Carefully check the nozzle before finalising the water bottle for your little one and make sure that it is leak-proof. 

Why Should Your Kid Carry A Water Bottle?

  • They prevent dehydration among the kids.

  • They help in quenching thirst even while on the go. 

  • They provide the kids with regular access to clean water. 

  • These bottles are easy to carry and can usually fit in easily in the bag. 

Best Water Bottles For Kids

Best Water Bottles For Kids Price in India
Pearlpet Procasa Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Hot and Cool Thermos Kids Water Bottle Black 350 ML Toy Cap Design ₹ 765
Rabitat Plastic And Tritan Bottle, 410ml, Set of 1, Pink Diva ₹ 788
Jaypee Insulated Plastic Water Bottle Googly Green 650 ml ₹ 138
Milton Kool Spark 500 Orange Water Bottle ₹ 140
Price List of the Products are last updated on 25 January 2021
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