Bollywood Celebrities who are Tourism Brand Ambassadors

Bollywood Celebs after having endorsed products and brands are also becoming Tourism Ambassadors now. They sure give us great vacation goals, we have curated the best deals for you - New Zealand, Switzerland, Gujrat and others.
Bollywood Celebrities who are Tourism Brand Ambassadors
Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Tourism Brand Ambassador
What is your dream destination? The answer to this can be any place on this God beautiful green earth, but more or less we Indian's are mostly influenced by one thing in this particular matter, any guesses, obviously Bollywood. We have grown up watching our beloved actors chilling, romancing, dancing and singing songs in exotic locations, and then and there they give us holidays goals. It is no brainer that your dream destination is mostly depending on who is your favourite actor or movie. Places and people have a lot in common, and that's how brand ambassadors are chosen for promoting a country and state.

The Bollywood Celebrities who are Tourism Brand Ambassadors also:

1. Let's have a look at what Siddharth Malhotra endorses, yes its New Zealand, what an incredible place. Siddharth & New Zealand both represent exoticness, young and carefree. No doubt he is the right choice for becoming the New Zealand brand ambassador. Those beaches and mountains, the carefree lifestyle and its location far far away from India, New Zealand is a perfect escape for those who believe in work hard and party harder.

2. Nobody can deny that one person who taught us how to romance through his movies the legendary Yash Chopra. His every single shot from a film is as good as any European painting on canvas. Now we can officially declare Switzerland as Indians Honeymoon destination. Switzerland's natural beauty and spring have witnessed so many movies of Mr.Yash Chopra that they have honored him with installing his life-size bronze statue in their best tourist spot. New brand ambassador of Switzerland is one and only Ranveer Singh. Like a hyperactive child, he can be seen jumping from planes or screaming on the roller coaster and even taking a selfie with Yash Chopra's bronze statue. He proved that even young and single could thoroughly enjoy this dream land.

3. Our India is geography and culturally most diverse country, and that's why it worth visiting every corner of it. We have a living legend Amitabh Bachchan inviting you to the vibrant city Gujarat. That moonlit sand of Kutch to breath-taking temples of ancient India, the wilderness of Gir forest awakens the adventurer in you.

4. Gujarat's neighboring state famously knows as the Royal state of Rajasthan has everything to make you feel like a King as truly said by Irfaan Khan. Those historical palaces marvel of Indian tradition to a mysterious desert. The land of deserts, camels, and colors keep all promises it makes.

5. Above are the popular places of India, there is an unexplored treasure. The seven sisters, yes the northeast India have all of it. Go explore the farthest east of India; it is a treasure hidden from the greater world by ageless forests and formidable mountain ranges; the Northeast is one of Asia's last great natural wonder of the Always raining sanctuaries. While John Abraham is for Arunachal Pradesh Priyanka Chopra is for Assam.

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