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DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Birthday Card Ideas : Birthdays are a very special occasion on which you can express your feelings for the dear ones by gifting them the best Birthday Cards. Below we've sorted some best Birthday Card Ideas that shall help you provide an extra-ordinary ideas.
Updated: Jul 02, 2018 11:45 IST
DIY Birthday Card Ideas
Birthday Card Ideas, DIY Birthday Card Ideas
In this era of social media, Whatsapp and Facebook it might seem pretty easy to wish your best buddy a very happy birthday, but guess what nothing can beat the love and affection that the traditional hand-made card conveys. These hand-made birthday card ideas will not only give you the liberty to showcase your creativity but you will also get a chance to express your emotions through the hand-made birthday card ideas. With everything being delivered online you can also combine your hand-made birthday card with an awesome and useful gift. Gifts like the best watches, fitness bands or online hampers and gifts card can be the best gifts to couple it up with the best hand-made birthday cards. These hand-made birthday card ideas are the perfect way to show how much you love your loved one. Paring these birthday cards with some fashion apparels and dresses for girls and the men wallets or some attractive backpacks for men can be a great move indeed. You can use some of these best home-made birthday card ideas listed here. The hand-made birthday card ideas listed here are quite quick and easy to follow. Most of these birthday card ideas require things that are easily available in your home or can be bought online. These birthday card ideas will have you creating works of art in no time.

List of DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Checkout the DIY Birthday cards ideas below, so next time your make the birthday card by yourself instead of shopping it.

Quill Birthday Card Ideas


Quill Birthday Card Ideas
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Oksana_S


Requisites for Quill Birthday Card Ideas

  • Quilling Set
  • Colourful Chart Paper
  • Glue Sticks
  • Origami Sheet or Metallic Paper
  • Quilling Strip
  • Quilling Tools
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glitter Pens
  • Sketch Pens
  • Stationary ( Ruler, Pencil, Scissor, Eraser)

How to Execute Quill Birthday Card Ideas

Step 1. Take an origami sheet of A4 size and fold it in a way that the fold lies exactly in the middle of the two halves
Step 2. Make various shapes like loose circles, S-scrolls, V-scrolls, teardrop, tight circles and connected scrolls from different colours of quilling strips
Step 3. Now sketch out the graphics you would like to make on you card, you can use flowers, birthday cakes, gifts and others birthday card ideas using the stationary
Step 4. You can now fix the quilled structures and shapes on the sketch that you have made
Step 5. Now you can write the birthday message and decorate the card further using colourful paper strips, glitters and colourful pens
Step 6. Your hand-made quilled card is ready by following this simple quill birthday card ideas.
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Glitter Birthday Card Ideas


Glitter Birthday Card Ideas
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By mattjeacock


Requisites for Glitter Birthday Card Ideas

  • Colourful Glitter Foam Sheet
  • Glitter Pens
  • Glitters of Various Colours
  • Fevicol or Glue
  • Pencil and other Stationary
  • Colourful Tapes
  • Stencils

How to Execute Glitter Birthday Card Ideas

Step 1. Paste the colourful glitter foam sheet on the card board
Step 2. Make a border of the card using glitters and colourful tapes
Step 3. Now sketch out the graphics you want on the cards. You can use cartoon characters, natural scenes or anything else
Step 4. Now simply sprinkle the glitters on you graphics and your birthday card is ready
Step 5. You can also write a birthday message using stencils and glitter pens and sketch pens
Step 6. And here you go, you have finally made a hand-made birthday card with the help of  glitter birthday card ideas.

Button and Flower Birthday Card Ideas


Button and Flower Birthday Card Ideas
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By rrecrutt


Requisites for Button and Flower Birthday Card Ideas

  • Designer Colourful Sheets
  • Colourful Buttons of Various Shapes and Sizes
  • Tiny Artificial Flowers
  • Glue
  • Stationary
  • Colourful Paper Strips

How to Execute Button and Flower Birthday Card Ideas

Step 1. Take a designer sheet and make a beautiful border using the tiny artificial flowers
Step 2. Now sketch out the outline of some designer graphics on the paper
Step 3. Now spread the glue inside the sketch
Step 4. Paste the colourful buttons and flowers in the desired order
Step 5. Now write your own birthday message on the card
Step 6. And a beautiful birthday card is ready to be gifted following the button and flower birthday card ideas.

Cup Cake and Candle Birthday Card Ideas


Cup Cake and Candle Birthday Card Ideas
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Eskemar


Requisites for Cup Cake and Candle Birthday Card Ideas

  • Cup Cake Wrappers
  • Birthday Candles
  • Coloured Papers
  • Fevicol
  • Coloured Sketch Pen

How to Execute Cup Cake and Candle Birthday Card Ideas

Step 1. Fold the coloured paper into two equal halves
Step 2. Now colour the cup cake wrappers with multiple colours
Step 3. Paste these colourful cup cake wrappers on the sheet using Fevicol
Step 4. Try to make colourful cup cakes using sketch pens and bits and pieces of coloured papers
Step 5. Finally stick  the birthday candles on each cup cake you made
Step 6.    Now you can write your message in the card and see your cup cake and candle birthday cards is ready using the step wise guide for cup cake and candle birthday card ideas.

Colourful Pop Out Birthday Card Ideas


Colourful Pop Out Birthday Card Ideas
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Ivan Katsarov


Requisites for Pop Out Birthday Card Ideas

  • Colourful and Designer Ribbons/Tapes
  • Coloured Embossed Metallic Sheets
  • Scissor
  • Paper Knife
  • Glue
  • Stationary (Pencil, Ruler and Eraser)
  • Glitters

How to Execute Pop Out Birthday Card Ideas

Step 1. Fold the metallic sheet into two equal halves
Step 2. Now cut parallel lines of same length in the middle (the cuts should be max half the length of the card)
Step 3. Now start crafting the bits and pieces to be displayed in the card.
Step 4. Stick some more crafts on to the flap and here you go it's done
Step 5. To add more grace to your card, you can decorate it further using colourful papers bits and glitters
Step 6. Here's a beautifully crafted hand- made card using the pop out birthday card idea.

So here's some simple ways to make wonderful birthday cards. These simple birthday card ideas can come in handy when you have to showcase your hidden talent and at the same time want to express what you feel for the special person.

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