Celebrate World Health Day With A Fitness Bands

Celebrate World Health Day With A Fitness Bands

World Health Day : Shop From The Best Fitness Band Brands from Xiaomi, Fitbit, Huawei and Other

To stay fit, you need dedication and motivation for sure, but after that, you must have a fitness band. This World Health Day buy a fitness tracker. Your Fitness tracker band will help you to stick to the dedication and motivation and also achieve the goals you set for yourself. If you are wondering how, well it will monitor you, guide you and report your progress. When you pledge to turn around your health on this World Health Day 2018, and you want to achieve that epitome of the body, you can't afford to miss your goals at any cost. That's when you will need the Best Fitness Bands to help you keep a track of all this.

These days you can consider fitness bands as your best buddy in this health journey which stays with you all the time and makes your life easier. You can set your goals daily, weekly or monthly and feed it to your band. These Best Fitness Bands will give you the detail of every single step taken toward your aim. For example, some calories burned when you ditch lift and took stairs when you spend an additional hour at the gym or your decision to take a walk down the road rather than the car. You want to know how much difference that boiled food made instead of your favorite pudding. Usually, you can't calculate the result of these extra efforts you put every day, their result shows up after a long time, and many wave white flag midway. This band gives you a report anytime you want into the deep details and helps you to stay motivated by showing that you got closer to your goal. You could track your results on your Laptop also- just connect your device to a machine and get your detailed reports on it.

Well, if you are thinking of getting a Laptop then we have some great options for that also read here on the best performing laptops under Rs. 35,000.

The worst part of the day is when you hear that annoying sound of the alarm in the morning. Ever thought what that morning will feel like when you will wake up naturally without being disturbed in the deepest hours of your sleep. A Fitness tracker band wakes you up silently without noise; it will only vibrate a little at your alarm time and will wake you up softly. It also will keep checking on your sleeping patterns and share the report with you.

Why Should you Buy a Fitness Band?

  • Keeps a track of your fitness progress

Everybody aims for a healthy and fit life, but to keep a track of your fitness is quite difficult, thus these trackers could help you track how much have you achieved in your fitness training and motivates you.  A fitness band could help you track with the help of heart rate monitor, colorie counter, step counter and other aids.

  • Workout trainer and tips

Many smart fitness trackers could also play the role of your customized fitness trainer and give you free work out training and tips.

  • Sets achievable goals.

You can only achieve your goals if you set desired and achievable goals for yourself, but setting the appropriate goal for yourself is not easy. Thus these fitness trackers help you set your achievable fitness goals.

  • Health Monitor and Habit Information

These smart fitness bands help you to monitor your health regularly, the record your fitness activity as well as sleeping patterns too. You can easily change your health goals and incorporate much healthier activity to your routine

Some fitness bands even alarm you when your BP is too high or your pulse too weak and give you a suggestion as well with its applications. If you thought that fitness band is not something that everyone needs then it's time you think again, it is a device that keeps you fit with style. All these fabulous features are available in various styles under Rs.10000, and what more if they are running at some great deals.

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5 Best Fitness Bands In India To Buy :

Take a look at some best fitness bands that serve all purpose which you've thinking of since long. Go through the list of best fitness bands to shop the desired one online.

1. Huawei Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker (Blue)

This activity tracker from Huawei helps tracking your daily activities, calories burnt, distance covered, steps taken and a lot more towards keeping you fit. With a number of features like Breathing exercises, running and swimming support, sleep status monitoring and notifications for incoming calls, emails, sms, calendar reminders you would not want to go with another one.

2. Garmin vívofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular

Stupendous performance of 1 year battery life available in 2 different designs and colour options this fitness tracker from Garmin is a must buy. Buy this product at its best price on Amazon. Steps tracker, Calorie count, Digital watch and a smart look is what Garmin’s Fitness band brings to you.

3. Fitbit Flex 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

4 vibrant and classy colours to flaunt in the Fitbit bands have recently become very popular amongst youth. Count your calories, track your steps, swim with it, wake up with it’s silent alarm. Receive notifications on your Fitbit tracker and stay updated. Show off is not a choice it’s natural with the LED lights of your Fitbit Tracker.

4. Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach

This fitness band is a recent favourite amongst athletes, health enthusiast, marathon runners, weight lifters and many others. Moovs fitness tracker is your wearable fitness coach which trains you while you are at it with its audio coaching capability. Moov uses 3 times more sensors than any other usual fitness trackers.

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Band

If you are a Xiaomi fan then their fitness tracker is a definite add on to your collection. Buy this best fitness band by Xiaomi which will help you track your steps, calories and sleep and more. Track your steps, hear rate, how well you slept, check your alerts, take it for a swim, whatever it be this fitness tracker refines your fitness tracking experience.
Celebrate World Health Day With A Fitness Bands
Product Price
Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker (Blue) Rs.5,500
Garmin vívofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular (White) Rs.5,254
Fitbit Flex 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband (Magenta) Rs.11,999
Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach (Aqua Blue) Rs.5,467
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Band Rs.3,199
Celebrate World Health Day With A Fitness Bands
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