Famous 10 Best Church In Goa: Perfect Way To Find Inner Peace

Planning your escape to Goa? Do not forget to miss out these 10 famous best church in Goa. We've also sorted the best travel deals which can help you book your trip in no time.
Updated: Jul 23, 2018 14:30 IST
Famous 10 Best Church In Goa: Perfect Way To Find Inner Peace
Famous 10 Best Church In Goa

Every winter has an invincible summer which creates memories of a life time. We work all year long to take a break from our hectic schedules to go on a holiday. Then what is better than a trip to Goa. This state is visited by not only Indians but foreigners alike. Despite of the fact that it is considered to be India's fun capital, Goa also bears the label of ‘Rome of the East' – quite evidently because of its stunning churches. The rich Portuguese architecture provides a glimpse of the historical tales made in the past. Winter is the best suited climate to visit the place with its soothing yet tempting weather.
But unlike the image Goa has built for itself, this beautiful place is beyond just beaches and parties. Goa's tryst with heritage cannot be ignored. These churches dignify cultural heritage by the Portuguese while the rest of country was under a different empire. Apart from being a place of worship, these places are artistic wonders to tourists who engulf into the memory lane.

Visit the Best Church in Goa To Embrace The Warmth To Happiness and Peace:

We bring to you a guide to the best church you would find in your next trip to Goa, let's take a glimpse:

1. Chapel of St Catherine

Built in 1597, St Alex Church is one of the oldest in the state. With a magnificent dome in the middle and two towers, the St. Alex Church is known for its unique architecture amongst all the churches in Panjim, Goa. Don't be hesitant with its simple exteriors; on walking inside the interior make take you by surprise. A small lake in the backdrop will be serene to your tired eyes.

2. Se Cathedral

Located in Velha in Old Goa this is the largest church in India. It was built to commemorate the victory of Portuguese rule over India dedicating it to St. Catherine.  Se Cathedral was also gifted a Golden Rose which the Popes of Churches have always blessed and considered as a token of respect and devotion. On your brisk walk through the church you may witness various paintings dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria.

3. Church of St. Francis of Assisi

This impressive Roman Catholic Church was built by the Portuguese in 1661. On reaching the church the vicinity will make you feel standing in foreign land. The interiors are made out with plush wood carving which is still intact regarding of its age. The walls showcase paintings dedicated to the life of St Francis Assisi. The silence inside will boost your energy vibes.

4. Church of St Cajetan

The model of this church is said to have been greatly inspired from the original design of Basilica in Rome. Situated just close to the Viceregal Palace this place has a beautiful garden where you could cherish the warmth with your loved ones. Though originally made by Italian friars they were directed to leave the state. The most appreciative view is the six altars opening into a shaft with pictures of angels. The angels seem to be looking upon us. The charm will make you forget that you are still in Goa.

5. Santa Cruz Church

The church stands along the road in a low populated village in Goa. It is also the only church in the town, serving one of the largest parishes in Goa.  Beginning as a small place of worship, the Santa Cruz Church gradually brought in an era of devotees. As being constructed in the Neo-Roman style it is a beautiful blend of Indian and European culture revealing the glorious past of Goa.

6. St. Clara's Church

Among the oldest monument situated in Goa St. Clara's is in the epicenter of dense green forests of Goa. The connecting roads through the forest create a fantasy type dream on our mind. However the church was attacked by many leaders from north India and thus was under constant repair every time it was destroyed. It is sure worth the visit.

7. Church of Our Lady of Miracles

Initially started as a military chapel this church has been recreated many times. It plays a major role not only with Christians but Hindus, as the church is built in place of a Hindu temple. Every year, 16 days after Easter, they host a feast day which is celebrated by both Hindus and Christians. This is the beauty of India. The church celebrates their annual fest every year so plan your vacations accordingly.

8. Chapel of Saint Sebastian

This small white-colored church is a notable tourist attraction of Panjim. The main attraction would be believed to be the “striking crucifix,” which was originally placed in the Palace of Inquisition, has the powers to punish and reward people according to their deeds. Christ's unusual open eyes are said to have been conceived especially to strike fear into the hearts of ‘heretical' suspects brought before the Inquisitors.  Change your fate by visiting this place.

9. Our Lady of Penha de Franca Church

The church is bestowed with scenic beauty and embellished interiors reflecting the creativity of those times. Take your family on a  long ride to the Mandovi river where you will see the beautiful mangroves, indulged in a little bird-watching from the boat and even spotting a couple of crocodiles.

10. Three Kings Chapel

Love reading about paranormal activities then this church is a must visit. Three Kings Chapel is one of the churches telling a tale of greed and jealousy through the presence of evil energy there. The church brags about ghosts and spooky glimpses of presence.  So, go secure your inner courage.

Many recent studies show that taking time off actually improves your happiness. Vacation provides you with the time to refresh and recharge your brain cells. Quality of life is dependent on how you appreciate yourself and those who are around you. It could be with yourself, family or friends; but only vacations from a busy schedule can offer you time to appreciate the people around you. So go along and admire your dreams.

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