List Of Holidays 2018 For Long Weekends In India

List of long weekends of 2018 is here. Start planning your long vacations with us at awesome domestic flight discounts, international flight discounts and hotel stays at discounted rates.
Updated: Jan 02, 2018 16:24 IST
List Of Holidays 2018 For Long Weekends In India
List Of Long Weekends In 2018 : Best Places To Travel For 2018
One of the first things that all of us do in the beginning of the year is to check out the calendar for the upcoming long weekends. The year 2018 has a lot in store for the travellers as it promises 16 long weekends 2018. Each long weekend 2018 can be planned properly and be utilized to the fullest. Each long weekend 2018 will opportune you to check out the best travel destinations from this bucket list. Long weekends are that time of the month when you can take the much needed break from your regular monotonous routine. These long weekends 2018 are of great importance to the travellers as they understand that the more number of weekends the lesser leaves they will have to apply for. Here is a list of the long weekends 2018 in every month and the top 3 places that you can plan to visit during these long weekend 2018.

List of Long Weekends in 2018

Long Weekend 2018 in January


Long Weekends Of January 2018

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• January 20 Saturday
• January 21 Sunday
• January 22 Monday (Basant Panchami)

• January 26 Friday (Republic Day)
• January 27 Saturday
• January 28 Sunday
• Auli (Uttarakhand)
• Rann of Kutch (Gujarat)
• Daman & Diu (Daman & Diu)

The month of January marks the beginning of New Year. If you couldn't have a great New Year party due to work load then don't worry you can look forward to the 2 long weekends of January 2018. The month of January is generally quite chilly in most part of the country and thus offers a number of places to visit during this month. Auli, Rann of Kutch and Diu are some of the top picks by us to be visited in the long weekend 2018 during January. Auli houses some of the best skiing points whereas Kutch and Diu could be visited to enjoy the Rann Utsav, International Kite Festival and Festa De Diu respectively.

Long Weekend 2018 in February


Long Weekends Of February

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• February 10 Saturday
• February 11 Sunday
• February 12 Monday (Take a Leave)
• February 13 Tuesday (Mahashivratri)

• February 16 Friday (Losar)
• February 17 Saturday
• February 18 Sunday
• Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
• Goa (Goa)
• Ludhiana (Punjab)

February is that month of the year when the love birds seek to travel together in isolation and spend some quality time with each other. The two long weekends 2018 in February offers these destined lovers the perfect time to hangout together. If you are a fan of the Indian culture then you should certainly visit Jaisalmer to enjoy the Jaisalmer Desert Festival or pack your bags and head to Ludhiana to enjoy the enthusiastic Kila Raipur Rural Olympics where rural sportspersons gather from all round the country and participate in games like dog race, camel race, horse race, bullock cart race and some off-beat events like walking on fire, pulling trucks or cars with teeth. Goa is also amongst few most visited places in February as it hosts the Carnival Festival, where the streets are decorated and various events take place.

Long Weekend 2018 in March


Long Weekends Of March

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• March 1 Thursday (Holika Dahan)
• March 2 Friday (Holi)
• March 3 Saturday
• March 4 Sunday

• March 29 Thursday (Mahavir Jayanti)
• March 30 Friday (Good Friday)
• March 31 Saturday
• April 1 Sunday
• Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh)
• Kaziranga National Park (Assam)
• Mathura & Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh)

March is that time of the year when the weather is quite pleasant it's neither too hot nor too cold. For nature lovers visiting National parks and wildlife sanctuaries like the Kaziranga National Park could be a great option. If you are one of those who would like to go deep into the roots of Indian history and enjoy the festival of colours then you should head for Mathura and Vrindavan, where the most vibrant Lathmaar Holi is played several days. Apart from this Tawang, the birth place of Dalai Lama is also a great place to visit during this season for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage.

Long Weekend 2018 in April


Long Weekend Of April

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• April 27 Friday (Take a Leave)
• April 28 Saturday
• April 29 Sunday
• April 30 Monday (Buddha Purnima)
• May 1 Tuesday (Maharashtra Day)
• Lakshadweep (Lakshadweep)
• Manali (Himachal Pradesh)
• Coorg (Karnataka)

During the month of April the sun begins to show its real colours and it becomes extremely difficult to even step out of the house during the day time. All the AC and cooling gadgets seems to fail in providing any relief from the scorching heat. Thus the only resort left is to visit a cool destination like Manali or Coorg to enjoy the cool weather and get some sort of relief. Lakshadweep is another great option to visit during this time of the year away from all the city noise the place still remains naturally beautiful.

Long Weekend 2018 in June


Long Weekend Of June

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• June 15 Friday (Idul' Fitr)
• June 16 Saturday
• June 17 Sunday
• Lansdowne ( Uttarakhand)
• Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir)
• Mussorie (Uttarakhand)

During June the sun is at its peak, the only thing one wishes is to find out ways to avoid going out in the sun. In such a situation if you get a long weekend it would certainly be fun to step out towards some icy cool places like Lansdowne or head for a road trip to Ladakh along with your biker's gang. For people who do not love a lot of adventure and want to spend some peaceful time might look out to visit Mussorie and enjoy the cool weather there.

Long Weekend 2018 in August


Long Weekends of August

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• August 15 Wednesday (Independence Day)
• August 16 Thursday (Take a Leave)
• August 17 Friday (Parsi New Year)
• August 18 Saturday
• August 19 Sunday

• August 22 Wednesday (Idul' Zuha)
• August 23 Thursday (Take a Day Off)
• August 24 Friday (First Day of Onam)
• August 25 Saturday
• August 26 Sunday (Rakshabandhan)
• Augmbe ( Karnataka)
• Cherapunjee (Meghalaya)
• Mount Abu (Rajasthan)

August brings with it rains across the nation and if you love rains and want to enjoy a lovely rain dance then you should certainly plan a visit to Cherapunjee the capital of rains, which records the heaviest rainfall in the entire nation. Though it rains during the season but the weather still remains hot n humid so if you wish to take a break from this humidity pack your bags and fly to Mount Abu or Augmbe where the scenic beauty and the calm atmosphere will provide you the required relaxation.

Long Weekend 2018 in September


Long Weekends Of September

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• September 1 Saturday
• September 2 Sunday
• September 3 Monday (Janmashtmi)

• Spetember 13 Thursday (Ganesha Chaturthi)
• September 14 Friday (Take a Leave)
• September 15 Saturday
• September 16 Sunday
• Havelock (Andaman Islands)
• Mumbai (Maharashtra)
• Munnar (Kerela)

From September onwards the weather becomes quite pleasant, this is the time when winter begins to set in and we bid adieu to the scorching sun. This is also the time when Mumbai celebrates one of the most awaited festivals of the year the Ganesha Chaturthi. If you want to be a witness to the cultural heritage and wholesome of fun n frolic you should certainly head towards Mumbai and enjoy your long weekend 2018. But if you are someone who would like to spend a peaceful vacation away from the city noise Munnar and Havelock are few other options to watch out for.

Long Weekend 2018 in October


Long Weekends Of October

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• September 29 Saturday
• September 30 Sunday
• October 1 Monday (Take a Leave)
• October 2 Tuesday (Gandhi Jayanti)

• October 18 Thursday (Navmi)
• October 19 Friday (Dussehra)
• October 20 Saturday
• October 21 Sunday
• Alleppey (Kerela)
• Nainital (Uttarakhand)
• Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)

October is known to be the ‘Pujo' month. Late September and the early October offers you a long weekend 2018 to step out and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. Alleppey is the perfect place for you to visit in this season. If you love adventures and wish to try your hands on sports like river rafting, trekking and paragliding you should set your foot for Rishikesh. The weather starts to change from this month onwards so if you want to take the   pleasure and enjoy some light snowfall Nainital would be the perfect destination for you.

Long Weekend 2018 in November 2018


Long Weekends Of November

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• November 3 Saturday
• November 4 Sunday
• November 5 Monday (Dhanteras)
• November 6 Tuesday (Take a Day Off)
• November 7 Wednesday ( Diwali)
• November 8 Thursday (Gowardhan Pooja)
• November 9 Friday (Bhai Dooj)
• November 10 Saturday
• November 11 Sunday
• Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
• Amritsar (Punjab)
• Pushkar (Rajasthan)

The festivities in the country begin from November onwards. A number of festivals are celebrated throughout the country during this time, one of them being ‘Dev Diwali' in Varanasi. The ghats are decorated with innumerable diyas and special Ganga Aartis are held to mark the occasion. On the other hand the Punjabi's during the same time celebrate the festival of ‘Guru Parv' to mark the birth anniversary of their Guru. The Gurudwaras are decorated elegantly with candles and light. So for people with religious beliefs Varanasi or Amritsar could be the perfect destined stop to celebrate their long weekend 2018. If you are tired of attending international fests and fairs and want a break with some desi tadka then head towards Pushkar for an enthralling experience of the Pushkar Mela.

Long Weekend 2018 in December


Long Weekends Of December

Long Weekend 2018 Dates Top 3 Places to Visit
• December 22 Saturday
• December 23 Sunday
• December 24 Monday (Take a Day Off)
• December 25 Tuesday (Christmas)
• Patnitop (Jammu & Kashmir)
• Ooty (Tamil Nadu)
• Shillong (Meghalaya)

December is the time when after a complete hectic year most of us wish to take a break during Christmas and New Year for a refreshing start to a completely new year with new challenges and opportunities. During this time people look out for places to enjoy snowfall and some snow sports. Patnitop, Ooty and Shillong are some places that offer you the best holiday destinations for the last long weekend 2018 in December.
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