5 Amazing Beard Care Oil Products of 2018 at Great Prices!

Looking for the best beard grooming products? We have some great choices for you handpicked and at the best prices. When planning to grow your beard these are must-haves Beard Care Oils you can't miss.

5 Amazing Beard Care Oil Products of 2018 at Great Prices!

Best Beard Care Oils you Need to Buy!

"The Bearded Man" trend has become one of the most popular trends all around the world. India hasn't been behind either, with men from all across the country engaging in "No Shave November" and similar pop-cultural events. But, as is well-known by every guy who has tried to grow a beard and maintain it, a beard can give you a hard time in terms of hygiene and a number of other issues. Thankfully the marketplace is equipped with products that help a man keep that beard looking and feeling good.

Men these days are looking for beard grooming tips and struggling hard to find perfect grooming kits so as to maintain their magnificent persona. 

Here's a list of amazing beard care oil products that every bearded man should have:


1. Beardo: The Black Velvet Beard Oil (30ml for Rs. 380)

The Black Velvet Beard Oil by Beardo is one of the finest Beard oils in the market today. The careful amalgamation of linalool, lavender and rosemary, with a dash of lime is guaranteed to give your beard that classy shine, and subtle softness, and kill germs and bacteria that cause damage to the skin.

2. The Man Company: Argan & Geranium Beard Oil (30ml for Rs. 350)

Moroccan Argan is popularly known as 'liquid gold', and has properties of anti-oxidation and moisturising the beard, which makes it the key ingredient in the Argan & Geranium Beard Oil by The Man Company. This product is ideal for men trying to keep their beard frizz-free, lustrous and soft. The Geranium also provides a relaxing effect due to its fragrance and plays the vital role of healthy hair growth due its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial property.

3. Brahma Bull Beard Growth Oil (20ml for Rs. 549)

The Beard Growth Oil by Brahma Bull comes separately for oily and dry skin and contains Argan Oil, Lemmon Grass, Rosemary, Cayenne Pepper and Coconut Oil which help the beard to grow healthily, retain moisture and prevent the rough frizzy texture. The ingredients also help in maintaining the over skin on the face by providing moisture and anti-bacterial protection.

4. Soulflower Aromatherapy Beard & Moustache Oil (30ml for Rs. 450)

The Aromatherapy Beard & Moustache Oil by Sunflower is a careful blend of lemon oil, geranium and lavender, with a base which is cold pressed jojoba and olive oil. The oil provides excellent nourishment to the beard and provides the skin with a number of vitalizing vitamins and minerals.

5. Ustraa by Happily Unmarried Woody Mooch & Beard Oil (35ml for Rs. 200)

The Woody Mooch & Beard Oil by Ustraa (Happily Unmarried) is a carefully synthesised beard oil which contains coconut and wheat germ oil which replenishes the beard and skin with Vitamin E, and also has Cedarwood which is essentially anti-dandruff and imparts a satisfying 'woody' smell to the beard.

Go ahead make your choice for your kind of product and fragrance and perfect the art of beard keeping.

Sale, Offers, Price of Products
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Beardo The Black Velvette Beard & Hair Fragrance Oil(10 ml) Rs.237 Upto 5% OFF Flipkart - Grab Offers
The Man Company Oil for Beard and Moustache Nourishment - 30 ml (Argan and Geranium ) Rs.296 Upto 15% OFF Amazon - Grab Offers
Brahma Bull Beard Growth Oil Hair Oil(20 ml) Rs.549 - Flipkart - Grab Offers
Soulflower Aromatherapy Beard and Moustache Roll On, 8ml Rs.150 - Amazon 3.1 Grab Offers
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