Best Air-Coolers of 2017 in India Under Rs. 10,000 for this Summer

Looking for the Best Air Cooler of 2017 in the range of Rs. 10,000 we have listed down some great options for you. All these are on awesome discounts, brands like - Symphony, Kenstar, Bajaj are all available on Amazon & Flipkart.

Best Air-Coolers of 2017 in India Under Rs. 10,000 for this Summer

5 best air coolers for Rs. 10,000

An air cooler is a room cooling appliance which is based on a very simple technique of using water to cool down air. An air cooler is one of the most affordable and easy to maintain home appliance this is the reason why it is gaining popularity these days. India is a hot country where ACs are not always an affordable option, and this is the reason why air coolers got so much popularity here. Unlike ACs, coolers give away good hydrated cooled air which does not dry your skin at all. Also, air coolers are eco-friendly, since they don't use any harmful gasses like CFC for its operation; air coolers use water which ultimately evaporates and does not harm any living creature on this planet.
These are available in many ranges and we have curated the best options under Rs.10,000 for you here, But if you have a larger budget and you are looking for an air cooler within Rs. 15,000 then do check these options also.

Following are some of the features which we can expect from a good air cooler:

Good Air Flow

A good air cooler should be able to circulate ample amount of air to cool down at least an entire room. Bigger fan blades mean better air flow and vice versa.

Large Water Holding Capacity

Refilling water in an air cooler is a task which bothers most of its users. A good air cooler should have a big tank which can hold at least more than 20 liters. The idea is to have enough water which can last for an entire day/night.

Energy Efficient

Built of an AC is a complicated thing to understand. It needs several types of equipment like, various fans, compressor, etc whereas on the other hand air coolers are uncomplicated. Air coolers only have a fan, water pump and sometimes an automatic swing nothing else, and this is the reason why an air conditioner consumes a lot more electricity than a cooler.

Less Noisy

Coolers are on backfoot when it comes to noise. So generally it is advised to go for a cooler which have adjustable speed options.


Modern homes cannot afford to have ugly looking appliances. That is why current gen air coolers are more stylish than ever before. You can have air cooler for almost any room size, and their design will never let you down.
All of the following coolers have their pros and cons, but these are best amongst the rest. It is recommended to go through entire range before making a final purchase.

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