Best Baby Bath Essentials : Prepare Your Kid for A Fun-Filled Bath

Best Baby Bath Essentials : Prepare Your Kid for A Fun-Filled Bath

Baby Bathing Essentials You Need To Stock Up On!

Bathing your little kid can be the most memorable and fun filled experience for you as a parent. However since the skin of the little toddlers are quite sensitive intensive care is required while bathing them. Proper shower can make bathing a happy experience for your little one too. Some little kids love to take a bath while some find it a troublesome task, thus bathing a kid should be done as per his interest. According to some paediatricians a child should be given a bath every other day, with proper shampoo twice a week. Since these tiny tots are more exposed to infections, proper care of hygiene should be maintained, their hands and feet should be washed twice a day. Sponge should be given on alternate days. Only organic and branded products should be used for their sensitive skin.

Checklist Baby Bath Essentials To Consider Before Bathing Your Kid.

Paraben Free Soaps

The first thing that you would require to bath your little one is paraben free soap. Paraben soaps are mild and gentle on the skin of the child. If you could get an organic or a herbal soap it would be the best for your kid. A paraben free soap is one of the most important baby bath essential that you should definitely have for your child.

Organic Shampoo

Not only the skin but also the scalp of a baby is quite delicate can prone to damage, thus washing the hair of the little one with a regular shampoo could cause irritation and dryness. An organic shampoo is yet another baby bath essential that every mom should get for their cutie pies.

Baby Anti Skid Bath Tub

A anti skid bathtub is another baby bath essential required in every home that has a tiny tot. A bathtub with a seat or a sling is the best one to get as it protects your child from falling. A bathtub comes quite handy and is safe for your child too. The material used to make these bathtubs is child friendly and they come in all vibrant colours and designs to attract the little one.

Shower Cap

The little ones specially those who are afraid of water tend to get irritated and cry a lot if water enters into their eyes. The eyes a baby are quite delicate and may get damaged even by plain water if it enters into their eyes by force. Many times while bathing or cleaning the hair of the kid the soap water enters into his/her eyes while rinsing causing irritation to the child. To avoid such a situation a baby shower cap is another important baby bath essential.

Hooded Towel and Washcloth

A soft towel and a washcloth is yet another baby bath essential that helps a lot of moms. Pat drying the baby with these soft towel or washcloth prevents rashes and are suits the delicate skin need of the child. Hooded towel keeps the head of the little one nice and warm.

Here are few more tips on proper child grooming and care:

  • The first thing you need to do is to lighten the mood and relax the baby before the shower. So that his/her bath time becomes fun.
  • The temperature of the water must be checked before dipping the baby in the tub.
  • Never give your child a direct bath under the running water as the temperature changes instantly. You can also get a thermometer to check the temperature of water. Get a grip: Use both hands as a wet baby is a slippery one. Use towel gloves for extra grip Invest in a baby bath with non-slip sponge on the bottom.
  • Wrap the baby in a soft towel covering his head. Maintain the room temperature. Dry all the crevices. Use a mild baby oil and moisturizer to apply on the child's body to keep it soft and moisturized. In summers sot organic baby powders can also be used to avoid sweating.
  • Trim the nails of your baby on regular intervals using a baby clipper. Grown nails can lead to intake of germs by the kid. Also file the nails to blunt the sharp edges so that the child does not scratch himself/herself.
  • Use a soft hair brush and comb to hair of the child. Even if the child has little hair using a hair brush can be a fun.

If you have more suggestion on baby bath essential and baby grooming kindly pour in your suggestions in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

List of Best Baby Bath Essentials : Prepare Your Kid for A Fun-Filled Bath

Best Baby Bath Essentials : Prepare Your Kid for A Fun-Filled Bath Price
La Flora Organics Handmade Soap Bar-Baby Soft Rs.195
Biotique Berry Sensitive Mommy and Baby Bubble Bath, 190 ml Rs.146
The First Years Newborn to Toddler (Multicolor) Rs.3,707
Ruby Eva Foam Baby Bath Shower Cap For Babies, 28.5cm (Blue) Rs.150
Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths, Yellow Giraffe Rs.1,857
Best Baby Bath Essentials : Prepare Your Kid for A Fun-Filled Bath
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