• 10 Best Long-Lasting Lipstick Brands in India

    10 best long lasting lipstick brands in India to get for smudge-proof, longwear application. Find Maybelline, Lakme, Wet n Wild, Rimmel, Faces, NYX, M.A.C. and other best makeup brands enlisted.

  • 10 Best Cosmetic Brands in India

    The 10 best cosmetic brands in India to invest in, whether you're looking for makeup advice, or just want some scoop on your favourite brands. Also browse product recommendations.

  • 10 Best Activated Charcoal Face Masks - Gunk is Dead

    The best activated charcoal face masksin India work by soaking up all the toxic gunk on your face. Because activated charcoal is a porous substance, it functions like a magnetic sponge when applied on your skin, absorbing all the dirt and oil.

  • 10 Best Vitamin C Creams & Serums in India

    The best vitamin C serum in India to make your skin glow, even discolouration, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and protect from sun damage - check our the top vitamin C serum for face for fresh, glowing skin.

  • The 11 Best Salicylic Acid Products for Your Face

    We found the 11 best salicylic acid products in India -- this beta hydroxy acid touts anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and exfoliating properties that will unclog your pores and attack pimples to give you glowing skin.

  • 10 Best OTC Retinol Creams & Serums in India

    Retinol is the gold standard in anything beauty, so we went ahead and found the 10 best retinol creams in India. When your skinstarts losing its natural lustre in your 30s, add this to your anti-ageing skin care regimen.

  • The 12 Best Foot Creams in India

    Once your dry and cracking soles are clean and ready for priming, slather them with the best foot creams in India 2019 and give them some bedtime TLC. Then, put on your socks on to lock in all that moisture.

  • A 5-Minute Guide to Facial Acids - Glycolic, Salicylic & More

    If youre vaguely into skincare, you probably know incorporating glycolic acid and other facial acids into your regimen is the best thing you could do for your face. These star formulas keep your face looking supple and radiant by fighting the worst of skin woes.

  • 12 Best Hand Creams in India for Extra-Soft Hands

    Invest in the best hand cream in India for soft, supple hands. Find the best hand creams in India from top brands like Neutrogena, Oriflame, The Body Shop, Khadi & more in our list here.

  • Nude Lipstick Shades for Every Skin Tone

    Since you cant wear a bold lip every day, here are the best nude lipstick shades in India that will accentuate your pout without stealing attention from the rest of your face. Different skin colours should opt for different shades, with the palette growing darker in tandem with face tone.

  • 10 Best Matte Lipstick Brands in India

    The best matte lipstick brand in India to get the perfect Instagram lips. Find our top 10 brand recommendations for bold, smudge-proof and transfer-resistant formulas.

  • 10 Best Conditioners for Dry Hair in India

    Revive dry hair with the best conditioner for dry hair in India. The products we recommend will hydrate drying, brittle strands to make them more vibrant, more lustrous and more manageable.

  • Best Products for Dry Hair in India

    Invest in the best products for dry hair in India to kickstart the hair repair process. Find the best oils, shampoos, conditioners and hair masks to nourish scraggly strands.

  • The Best Waterproof Kajal in India Reviewed

    The best waterproof kajal in India from Lakme, Elle18, Maybelline and other top brands, so your lined eyes can look sharp all day. All habitual eye-rubbers and midday face-washers can rejoice.

  • Try the Best Body Wash for Men in India

    In the sprawling sea of bath and body products for women, the best body wash for men in India can be hard to find. That's why we've compiled a list of the best rugged cleansers available order your favourite with just the click of a button.

  • Bouncy Skin with 10 Best Body Scrubs in India

    If youre looking for the best body scrubs in India, weve found them. So you can keep your skin soft and supple all over. Besides, youll keep pesky ingrown hair at bay.

  • Get Porcelain Skin with the Best Primer in India

    We found the best primer in India to help you smooth your pores, lines, wrinkles and redness so you have a flawless base for makeup application. Shop the best primer brands like Benefit, Tarte, Lakme, Maybelline, Blue Heaven, Lotus and more. Have a look.

  • Banish Blemishes & Bags with the Best Concealer in India

    Hide your pesky under eye bags, blemishes and hyperpigmentation with the best concealer in India. This beauty must-have-now acts as an eraser for your skin, removing any unsightly marks that dot your pretty face.

  • These Vaseline Beauty Hacks Will Change Your Life

    A slew of the coolest Vaseline beauty hacks to try now - from fixing cracked heels and drenching dried lips to make your perfume last longer and removing heavy-duty eye makeup. Have a look.

  • Waterproof Makeup in India: Season's Splashing Hits

    Here's the best waterproof makeup in India - waterproof mascara, longwear liner, sturdy foundation and other essentials - so you can stay safe from tears and splashes. Let our checklist guide you.

  • 8 Korean Beauty Products in India You Should Try ASAP

    Korean Beauty products are the latest rage women's beauty. Here's a list of some must try brands and products for you. Shop Innisfree, Face Shop, and other best brands in Korean skincare.

  • Try These 9 Best User-Sanctioned BB Creams in India

    We found the best BB creams in India that will nourish your skin through and through as you conceal blemishes. From pocket-friendly Pond's to high-end L.A. Girl, find recommendations for all budgets.

  • We Found the Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream

    While its hard to get rid of stretch marks entirely, you can lighten lines by investing in the best stretch mark removal cream and the best stretch mark removal oil formulations. Have a look at our recommendations.

  • 9 Best Beauty Products Trending Right Now

    From liquid liner to lip moisturizer, I went aheadand tested all the budget beauty products users are raving about right now. Here are my findings.

  • Buff Your Nails with the Best Manicure Kit

    Invest in a good manicure kit for days when a trip to the salon to polish and buff your nails isnt possible. Our recommendations include all the basic tools you need clippers, buffers and other nailcare essentials to keep your lovely claws shiny always.

  • 9 Best Lip Glosses to Plump Your Pout

    Whether you're looking for a subtle sheen, or want to go all out with dazzling shimmer, we've reviewed all the formulas to give you some lip-smacking best lip glosses recommendations. Find the best lip gloss for you.

  • Best Hair Straightening Shampoo in India

    Looking for the perfect hair straightening shampoos which would leave your hair completely frizz free. We have come up with the list of the best hair straightening shampoos you need to try.

  • Bridal Makeup Tips & Tricks

    The key to great bridal makeup is using cosmetic products that have intense staying power we're talking waterproof formulas and more pigment. After all, having your makeup slipping off and melting mid-ceremony is a terrible predicament to be in

  • Makeup Trends in 2019 Are Looking Big & Bold

    Makeup trends this year will be livelier than the last, as indicated by trending Pinterest searches for glowing, glossy formulas, among other mood-setters like 2019's Color of the Year a bright, Living Coral

  • Best Dry Skin Care Formulas For Thirsty Skin!

    Those with dry skin are the hardest hit when the temperature drops, so they need to take extra care to prevent flaking, rough patches and redness. Fortunately, the latest dry skin care products are infused with ingredients that infuse hydration.

  • 8 Best Eyebrow Pencil Recs for You

    Brows are the true windows to the soul. So if you're battling sparse patches or struggling to add definition, investing ina good eyebrow pencil is the best decision you could make.

  • Brow Gel for Brows on Fleek

    Brow gel is the mascaras of eyebrows. It volumizes brow hair and seals the look so it stays all day. Clear brow gel is great for brows that are already thick, while tinted cream should be used to fill in gaps and sparse spots.

  • Gillette Venus Review

    While the Gillette Venus is a popular pick, there are hundreds of other alternatives for every budget manual razors are great if you want to save, and electric razors ideal for quick clean-ups. Ahead, the Gillette Venus and other options reviewed.

  • Nail Polish Removers With No Acetone

    You may need the best nail polish remover to greet the drop in temperature with burgundy nails, and add apple greens and silvery pinks for a cheerful change.

  • Get This Face Oil for Glowing, Radiant Skin

    If you think your regular moisturizer isn't working for your face, consider investing in face oil. The right formula will bathe your skin in next-level hydration, leaving you with skin that's supple and bouncy.

  • Best Body Wash for Dry Skin

    Raise your hand if your skins flaky, dry and generally being a pain in the neck. We sympathize 100%, thats why weve sourced the best body wash for dry skin that refuses to go away. Check out our recommendations.

  • Best Makeup Bags in India

    The best makeup bags in India to store your foundations, creams, balms, liners, removers, SPF and brushes all in one place. Whether it's cute flamingo prints or elegant metallic finishes, we have the whole range covered.

  • Homemade Scrub Recipes

    If you want to whip up an all-organic homemade scrub sitting at home, heres how to do it. Your stay-home Sunday is sorted!

  • Best Body Care Products

    Taking care of your face isnt enough invest in these body care products for skin that glows all over. Start with a gentle cleanse, follow up with hydration, and for maintaining suppleness, dont forget to scrub every two to three days.

  • Best Makeup Mirror

    Drawing on your eyeliner with maximum precision, contouring your cheeks perfectly, or applying just the right amount of foundation all require that you be able to see your face clearly. Thats where the makeup mirror comes in.

  • Best Frizzy Hair Products

    Here are the best frizzy hair products that will tame flyaways and unruly strands that seem to have a life of their own. Weve done all the legwork to find you everything you will need from rich oils and deep conditioners, to damage-repair shampoos, hair masks and heat protectants.

  • Best Face Scrub

    If you're looking for a face scrub, check out this list of the best in the market. Browse the most-loved brands like Neutrogena, Lakme, Himalaya, and more.

  • Holi 2019: Best Homemade Ubtan To Remove Holi Colours From Your Skin

    Nothing can beat the effectiveness of best homemade ubtan when it comes to removing Holi colours from skin to make it look colour-free. Giving a thought to it, we've come up with best homemade ubtan for dry skin, normal skin and oily skin so that you can easily remove the colour without harming your tender skin.

  • Best Glitter Eyeshadow

    Dramatic eye makeup is best achieved with glitter eyeshadow, available in creamy, powder and loose formulations. Choose from these explosive recommendations for all budgets.

  • Holi 2019: Protect Your Skin and Hair from Harmful Colors with These Useful Tips

    While celebrating Holi, take a note of useful tips that shall help you protect your skin and hair from harmful colours. Get ready to play Holi 2019 with utmost precautions so as to shine and look flawless.

  • Best Facial Cleansing Brushes in India

    We found the best facial cleansing brushes in India so you can exfoliate all that gunk on your face to keep it soft and supple at all times. Use these once every 3-4 days for best results.

  • How to Fix Dry Hands

    To fix dry hands, you need a regimen that combines a few golden habits. Intensive moisturization, gentle cleansing, staying away from hot water, and investing in a good pair of cotton gloves to seal in moisture. Read on to know more.

  • DIY Lip Balm

    Whip up a beeswax-oil-and-butter DIY lip balm in just a few steps so you can nourish your lips without spending too much. Find listed all tools and ingredients you will need. Then thank us for your soft & supple lips.