Best Car Interior Accessories, Must Haves For Car

Best Car Interior Accessories, Must Haves For Car

best car accessories

If you are a car enthusiast, then you will understand, how important is to equip your car with every possible feature that you might need while driving. Even if you are not a car enthusiast, but you live in any busy city like the metropolitan cities of India, then you are bound to spend a considerable amount of your time in your car, struggling with traffic. In both of these situations, we must have all the necessary Car accessories with us inside the car itself.

Best Car Interior Accessories, Must Haves For Car

Air Pump - It is very much important to maintain correct tyre air pressures in your vehicle. The right amount of air pressure ensures better tyre life and more mileage. An optimum air pressure ensures low rolling resistance and which in return gives you a delightful driving experience. Not only this, you can also refill a punctured tyre so that you can quickly drive to the garage. It is also advised to carry a tubeless tyre repair kit if you are planning to go out station.

12 V Car Charger - It is true that modern cars come with USB support where you can charge your smartphone and play music simultaneously like iPod support but stereo USBs charge your device slowly. To overcome this drawback, you should have a good 12V car charger preferably with dual USB support so you can charge two mobiles at the same time and that also comparatively faster. We have also curated a range for the Best Power banks you might want to check these.

Car Mobile Holder - A good car mobile holder comes handy in many situations, like while using the navigation or while talking on speaker mode. Not only this, you can use your smartphone as a dashboard camera with the help of car mobile holder. This is another very important car accessory we all need.Wait, we have also curated the best of the mobile holders for you. read about them here.
Please Note - We strongly condemn use of cell phone while driving a car

Fire Extinguisher - It is always advised to have a fire extinguisher in the car since there are many mechanical pieces of equipment running under the hood of your car along with the flammable fluids. Hence cars are not expected to be 100% safe especially cars running on gas fuel (i.e C.N.G).

Battery Booster Starter Jumper Cable - It is an essential car accessory for any car. If your car battery dies, then there is no alternative way of starting your car without this cable. Push start might work on older cars, but new gen cars don't react to it.


The above mentioned five accessories are the important ones to have in your car. Following are the best deals on each of these products. 

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Best Car Interior Accessories, Must Haves For Car
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