5 Best Hair Removal Creams For Women. Unwanted Hair Removal Creams and Gels, The Best Alternative to Shaving

5 Best Hair Removal Creams For Women. Unwanted Hair Removal Creams and Gels, The Best Alternative to Shaving

The Best Hair Removal Creams and Gels for those Unwanted Hair

Skin discoloration, redness, sometimes blisters to some and pain caused by waxing and razors is extremely unbearable. Hair removal is a big issue for women and it isn't often talked about, because we feel embarrassed to admit this problem. For solving your problem of hair removal from legs, armpits and hands without pain, hair removal creams are available in the market. Hair removal at home without any hustle or pain, only by applying cream, is the easiest way you can use to get hair free soft body in just 5-10 minutes. If parlour waxing or razor scares you then try these amazing hair removal creams at home. Most of the products differ when it comes to usage by Men or Women and so there is a different range of Hair removal creams you should be using if you are a Man reading this So read about the Best hair Removal Creams and Sprays For Men

What are hair removal creams?

The history of hair removal creams dates back to the Egyptian period. When women use tweezers made from sea shells to remove the unwanted hair from their body. Gradually and slowly with the developing technology new methods for removing hair was developed but the safest and the easiest one being the discovery of hair removal creams. These are also called depilatory creams that simply remove the unwanted without any pain. Now no more clenching of teeth to bear the pain of removing hair through wax.

How does hair removal cream work?

The way these hair removal creams work is that they break down the keratin structure, which is the proteins of the hair. After breaking down the keratin structure the hair base gets thin and dissolved to the point where they can simply be removed on wiping off the cream from the body. Though these hair removal creams use a lot of alkaline chemicals to break down the keratin structure they are completely safe for your skin.

Top Hair Removal Creams :

1. Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream

Veet hair removal cream is very effective in removing hair from legs, hands and bikini area. It removes short hair from the body and leaves your skin soft. This cream comes with Lotus milk which is very healthy for your skin and gives you moisturised, hair free skin in just 5-6 min. The advanced technology is also designed to ensure pleasant floral fragrance of jasmine which remains constant.

2. Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Long flowing tresses of hair can look very beautiful, but a body full of hair! Definitely No!! Many women use razors to shave off their unwanted hair, but they seem to be unaware of the fact that razors may be too temporary. Thus Veet has brought some really effective hair removal products that are designed especially to suit various skin types of women.

3. Anne French Hair Removal Cream

Anne French is known to be one of the oldest companies manufacturing hair removal products. The company has always sought to improve on their products and change with time. Anne French products contain the essence of sandalwood or rose to give your skin a refreshing touch.

4. Nature's Essence SOFT TOUCH DIAMOND Hair Removal Cream

This Nature's Hair removal cream is scientifically developed with antiseptic and soothing properties. It removes your hair effectively with the qualities of olive oil and almond oil that gives you soft and smooth skin. Natural oils give moisture to the skin of your body while removing hair painlessly. This cream also has Aroma oil that has cooling and toning abilities which gives you soft, smooth and glowing skin.

5. Globus Hair Removal Cream

Globus Neem and Tulsi hair removal cream has antiseptic and soothing properties which is suitable for all skin types. Olive oil and Shea butter is specially added to give your skin the benefit of both, by leaving it baby soft, silky and beautiful. Shea butter also moisturises your skin and Olive oil has nourishing properties.

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6. Jolen Hair remover lemon Cream

Jolen hair removal cream gently removes your hair from arms, legs and whole body in just 3 minutes and forms a natural protective natural barrier. This cream has goodness of Olive oil and Shea butter, which are known for their moisturising and nourishing effects leaving the body soft, smooth and fresh. Jolen hair removal cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used at home, anytime.

7. Astaberry Hair Remover Cream

Astaberry papaya hair removal cream is specially made for sensitive skin, as it is made with Papaya and Aloe Vera extracts that heals the skin and makes it soft. Remove unwanted hair without any pain, redness or side effects in just 5 minutes by applying this cream.
It also lets you remove hair from arms, legs, bikini area and arm pit without any pain or cuts in just 5 minutes.

You do not have to go to the parlours and waste money on waxing, when you can easily remove your unwanted hair by applying these very effective creams. These hair removal creams are made of natural ingredients that helps in getting baby soft, moisturised skin.

5 Best Hair Removal Creams For Women. Unwanted Hair Removal Creams and Gels, The Best Alternative to Shaving
Product Price
Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream, Normal Skin -100 g Rs.160
Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream, Sensitive Skin - 100 g Rs.169
Anne French Creme Hair Remover - Sandal (Pack of 3) Rs.186
Nature's Essence SOFT TOUCH DIAMOND Hair Removal Cream 50g (Pack of 3) Cream(150 g) Rs.193
Jolen Hair remover (Twin Pack) lemon Cream(240 ml) Rs.215
Astaberry Gold Hair Remover Cream-Pack of 2 Cream(120 g) Rs.150
5 Best Hair Removal Creams For Women. Unwanted Hair Removal Creams and Gels, The Best Alternative to Shaving
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