Best Levitating Speakers, Buy These To Have The Music Go All Around You. Float With Music Reaching Your Soul!

Best levitating speakers you must buy for that best party environment. Buy these and flaunt them at your next party. Buy them on Amazon, Flipkart and others.

Best Levitating Speakers, Buy These To Have The Music Go All Around You. Float With Music Reaching Your Soul!

Best Levitating Speakers, Let Your Music Soar!

It’s amazing to see that we have come so far and now we have entered into an almost digitalized world. Where most of the things are automated and wireless, from mobile phones, to Wi-fi, to headphones and even speakers for that matter. Levitating speakers are the newest and the coolest trending gadgets these days. It’s innovative and futuristic design appeal to more and more people. Most of the best levitating speakers use magnetic levitation, which allows an object to remain suspended in mid-air using magnetic field. Strong magnet in the speakers as well as the base creates opposite force, which is cable to counteract gravity, and allow the speaker to float in air. The 3D sound effect improves the audio quality considerably.

Here is a complete list of best levitating speakers or best bluetooth floating speakers as they are commonly known as:


1.Ice Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Ice Orb is one of the premium models floating bluetooth speakers. What sets this best levitating speaker apart from the crowd is the quality of the build. Although it resembles some other models of the floating bluetooth speakers, but does things a little better. The base of this best levitating speaker has a chrome finish with vibrant blue LED lights. The speaker has a charging port for the built-in battery.

2. ZVOLTZ Portable Floating Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

The ZVOLTZ floating bluetooth speaker is a great choice for those who wish to have a speaker that can deliver incredible music performance, has a stunning design. The ‘one-touch’ design allows you to control the speaker at the touch of your fingertips. These speakers have been placed as one of the best levitating speakers due to its powerful sound without any distortions.

3. MOXO X-1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Floating Speaker

The MOXO X-1 floating bluetooth speaker looks awesome and produces decent sound quality and gets almost everything right just as a best levitating speaker would do. Its intuitive design helps the users adjust and get the perfect levitation on the speaker base with guiding LED lights. This one of the best levitating speakers sounds very good for this size of speakers. The coolest feature of this floating speaker is that it can also spin.

4. B4M Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The B4M Orb floating bluetooth speaker attracts the attention of the customers with its stunning features. This one of the best levitating speakers has red LED lights. It is known for the amazing sound quality that it produces. It looks like a device used in some sci-fi movie and has been able to captivate the market not only with its look but also with its unique and quality features. The B4M levitating speaker has the ability to spin while levitating. It also comes with integrated NFC bluetooth pairing function.

5. JAM HX-P760 Levity, Wireless Levitating Speaker

The JAM HX-P760 is an incredibly well designed one of the best levitating speakers.  It delivers extraordinary sound performance and comes in an aesthetically pleasing and stunning design. The LED lights on the magnetic speaker help it look even more classy and funky. It has a built-I battery that can keep the speaker alive for up to 6 hours when completely juiced up. The sleek design gives it an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance.

6. LussoLiv Levitating Wireless Speaker

The LussoLiv wireless bluetooth floating speaker is a nice UFO shaped floating speaker. It looks great and sounds very good for a speaker of this size. LussoLiv has made a mark amongst the top best levitating speaker due to its powerful performance. The attractive magnetic LED circular base makes it look simply amazing and attractive. It gives an impressive and classic light under dim light. The elegant black UFO design allows the speaker to spin while levitating. The novelty design and sound performance has helped them maintain their place amongst the best levitating speakers.

7. UPPEL SC-25 LED Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

The UPPEL floating bluetooth speaker is an outperforming speaker, which is capable of producing high quality sound at budget range. This one of the best levitating speaker is made of high quality material and has an attractive and stunning look. The speaker can float in the air above the magnetic base without any issues. This brilliant performing floating bluetooth speaker has amazing built up and elegant look.

8. Lyrix Axis Bluetooth Wireless Charging Levitating Speaker

The Lyrix Axis bluetooth floating speaker is fun to use. This speaker that has managed to confirm a place in the best levitating speaker charges wirelessly while it plays all of the music on your Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Lyrix Axis delivers crystal clear sound quality and the mesmerizing LED lights add to its elegance and style.

9. UPPEL Wireless Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

This UPPEL floating bluetooth speaker comes with a floating technology, which allows the speaker to levitate. UPPEL has always been known to deliver quality sound and product and this is the reason why this UPPEL floating bluetooth speaker has been place as one of the best levitating speakers. The speaker allows you to enjoy your favourite tunes with complete 360 degree rotation. The compact design adds on to its portability making it the perfect choice for road trips, camping and anywhere else you wish to carry it.

10.Merlin Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Merlin floating bluetooth speaker has a black matte finish with audio grills on top and a micro USB charging port on the bottom. The base looks plain and simple. The most unique thing of this speaker that sets it apart and place in the best levitating speaker is that its looks can leave you mesmerized yet the technology used is quite simple and user friendly.

If you are looking for a speaker that can be a conversation starter and produce quality sound, then these best levitating speakers may be the product you would have been searching for. The appearance, ease of use, and features of most best levitating speakers are mesmerizing. With the amount of choices on the market, it may be hard to decide on a speaker; however, once you go through our list of best levitating speakers you will surely be able to choose the most fascinating product for yourself.  If you have further suggestions on best levitating speakers do pen it down in the ‘Write Your Review’ section mentioned below.
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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, ZVOLTZ Portable Floating Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth 4.0, 360 Degree Rotation, Built-in Microphone, One Touch Control for Bluetooth Connected Devices - Matte Black Rs.15,561 - Amazon Grab Offers
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