Best Marine Speakers For Voyager of the Seas, Enjoy your Journey!

Best Marine Speakers For Voyager of the Seas, Enjoy your Journey!

Best Marine Speakers For Voyager of the Seas, Enjoy your Journey!

All those who enjoy listening to music know that one of the best ways to enjoy it is through a set of high quality sound system. Speakers come in various shape, size and variation. Some might be perfect for indoor parties, some for outdoor parties, some for beaches and some for pool side parties. But most of them will fail to suffice your needs when you need music on your sea cruise or your pontoon boat with the fishing reel in your hand. However there is a solution to every problem and this problem also has a solution named the marine speakers.

When we talk about the marine speakers it has the capabilities to withstand the challenging elements of the lake, ocean or sea. Getting a marine speaker becomes all the more essential if you have guests on board and you want them to enjoy some high quality music, and the ordinary speakers might not give you the desired result.

Here is a list of some of the best marine speakers

Polk DB651 Speaker:

The Polk DB651 is a marine certified speaker, which means it is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions on the water. These coaxial speakers are 2-way shallow mount speakers set that come with slim mount design. Like all other Polk speakers this Polk DB651 speakers are also built with high quality rustproof material and craftsmanship.

Kicker 11KM6LW Marine Speaker:

The Kicker KM 11KM6LW Coaxial Marine Speakers give the perfect sound and the look you want in your boat. Built for life on water, these speakers are fun. It comprises of a UV treatment on injection-molded cones with baskets and grilles that help to maintain top-shelf performance. These speakers can endure almost any weather condition. These coaxial speakers have LED lights attached to them for a beautiful experience.

Kenwood 8" Black Marine 2 Way Speakers:

Specially designed to suit the needs of a perfect boat speaker these Kenwood Black Marine Speakers are the perfect ones to have on board. The Kenwood Marine Speaker requires a 12V battery, delivers 300W of power and is thoroughly water resistant. It also has a polypropylene woofer for high quality sound. This one of the best marine speakers is designed especially for harsh weather conditions.

Sony XSMP1621 Marine Speaker:

This Sony XSMP1621 Marine Speakers are high quality speakers which are made up of long lasting material. The polypropylene woofers provide high quality sound. It also has PEI for the tweeter diaphragm. With an output of 160 watt of power, it is considered to be supremely powerful. It provides clear and strong vocals and solid bass.

Fusion SG-FL65SPW Marine Speakers:

Get the party going on board with the Fusion SG-FL65SP Marine Speakers. These are LED lit speakers with great sound quality. These speakers have the capacity to handle 230 watt of power, which provides rich sound. The CURV woven woofer cones provide durability and high definition audio output.

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So, now with all these speakers to choose from, you can definitely plan for an on board party and deliver your guests a life time experience with lots of music to dance on. If you have any suggestions on marine speakers do share it with us in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

List of Best Marine Speakers For Voyager of the Seas, Enjoy your Journey!

Best Marine Speakers For Voyager of the Seas, Enjoy your Journey! Price
Polk Audio DB651 6.5-inch 2-Way Coaxial Speaker (Silver) Rs.4,190
Kicker 11KM6LW 6" 2-Way KM Series Light-Up Water-Resistant Coaxial Marine & Boat Speakers w/ 1/2" Dome Tweeters Rs.22,545
Kenwood 8" Black Marine 2 Way Speakers 300 Watts Rs.12,789
Sony XSMP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker Rs.16,499
Fusion SG-FL65SPW 6.5" White 230W Coaxial Sports Marine Speakers with LED (Pair) Rs.93,621
Best Marine Speakers For Voyager of the Seas, Enjoy your Journey!
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