Best Electric Storage Water Heaters to Buy Online

Looking to buy your storage water heater for the season. We have a list of the best 10 water heaters from top brands like Kent, Havells, Bajaj, Usha and others which are going to solve your purpose as they are available to shop online at never before prices.

Best Electric Storage Water Heaters to Buy Online

Best 10 Storage Water Heaters List To Buy From

Winters come and so does the stress of energy consumption meters going high. But every winter morning deserves a good energetic fresh shower for a good kickstart to a bright day else the gloomy wintery blues would only leave you feeling low on energy.  Every day is a new opportunity and so are the winter mornings as well so don’t miss out the fun of a warm cozy shower to start your day. There are various types of electric water heaters and today we're going to shortlist 10 best storage water heaters for your family. With these best storage water heaters installed in your bathrooms you are sure for a shower treat. Their unique designs, temperature control features, affordable price tags and easy installations make them a great buy. While electricity saving feature becomes your major deciding factor when buying a storage water heater there are other state-of-art features which you would like to explore.

With the Bijli Bachao initiatives making their way into every Gadget, Storage water heaters can’t be left behind and now they all come with the Energy saving features and other exceptional features which we are sure you did not know about. So, if you had been wondering of ways to save up on your electricity bills this winter we have the best energy saving storage water heaters listed here for you.
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Best Electric Water Heater Brands In India
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Best Storage Water Heaters To Shop Online:

Let's look what the top brands have to offer with their range of best storage water heaters.

1. Bajaj 15 L Storage Water Geyser

Bajaj products are 5 Star Rated high quality choice and Bajaj makes sure they make products which saves electricity cost and conserve energy. And this water heater from bajaj is another one which comes with energy saving features, plastic outer body which makes sure that there is no rust or corrosion and the inner tank with a glassline makes this product durable. Comes with a temperature indicating Dial to know when the water is heated.

2. Crompton Arno Power ASWH1515 15-Litre 2000-Watt

Crompton Water heater comes with energy savings features which needs 46 percent less energy consumption. The nickel coated copper heating element makes sure to minimize scale formation which then extends the life of the element. This water heater is made up of 4 layers of safety and the outer body is of high grade engineering plastic which stays rust free.

3. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

This water heater comes with double coated glass linked tank for maximised protection against corrosion and rust. Enjoy a soft and a comforting bath to its true sense with this water heater as it makes sure the water does not turn hard. This water heater works best for the Indian weather and water conditions. Buy this water heater with a 7 year warranty for the inner tank and 4 years on glass coated heating element on Amazon.

4. Maharaja Whiteline Clemio25 25-Litre Water Heater (White and Blue)

Buy these durable and long lasting water heaters from Maharaja whiteline for the Indian conditions. This water heater comes with a unique tank coating which keeps it protected and hence last longer. Vertical mount, multi valve function and heat indicator are just some of the many features of this fabulous product. Maharaja Whiteline water heater comes with a 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years on the tank and 2 years on the element on Amazon.

5. Havells Monza EC 10-Litre Storage Water Heater (White)

Havells breakthrough technology is clearly experienced in this Feroglass technology with single weld design. This water heater is made up of a heavy duty rod which makes sure there is no rust or corrosion. Havells water heater comes with a Temperature adjustable knob which allows you to adjust the water temperature. Shop for this star rated product on Amazon today.

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Use these electric water heaters to keep your water warm and heated through winters
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6. Morphy Richards Lavo EM 25-Litre Water Heater (White)

Morphy Richard’s water heater comes with heat selection feature through which you could control the water heating. Made up of long lasting outer body of rust proof material and inner body with high quality stainless steel which make sure you have a long lasting product. This is a fabulous product with a 25 litres of capacity and comes with a 2 year product warranty.

7. Usha Misty 15-Litres 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Twinkling Grey)

Usha water heater has a high pressure sustaining capability, Whirlflow technology for fast heating which makes sure of maximum energy saving. Also comes with an auto cut off feature and superior quality insulation for a durable product.  Anti-corrosion body and strong features make this a good buy from Usha. This water heater comes in 2 variants – 10 litres and 15 litres.

8. Bajaj Caldia 15-Litre Storage Water Heater (White)

15 litres of capacity and 5 star rated glass lined tank with adjustable thermostat Bajaj Caldia is a great product for water heating. Strong and rust proof outer body make it a suitable product in your bathrooms. Auto cut off and 5 star rated body material makes it a durable long lasting product.

9. Crompton Arno DLX ASWH1415 15-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater (White)

2 years warranty on the product and 5 years on the tank with 3 years on the heating element. This Crompton Water heater’s Inner tank is protected with patented nano polymer coating for the tank to maximize protection against corrosion. Be sure of 59.5% lesser energy consumption with this Water heater installed in your bathroom.

10. Racold Andris 15 Litres Storage Water Heater (White/Black)

A warm happy shower is a sure shot with this premium water heater from Racold. Compact design and premium quality product make this water heater a must buy. 15 litres of capacity will make sure you have a great start to your day.

These have become a mandatory home appliances which we just can't think to live without. We hope that the above listed best storage water heaters proved to be impressive and solve your purpose of requirement to enjoy warm baths in the chilling winter season. Drop in your reviews and suggestions in the comments section below.
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