DSLRs : Why you Need one, Features to Expect and the Best Deals

DSLRs : Why you Need one, Features to Expect and the Best Deals

DSLRs : Features, Guide and The Reason Why you Need One

Photography is a hobby that will surely last a lifetime. What is photography? It is really a lot more than just clicking pictures. Photography is an art of capturing moments. You know what is the fascinating fact about photography? At any point in time, people remember 90% of a memory or less, but photographs remember 100% of it. Some pursue it as a hobby some do it professionally. But the most important thing is that buying a Canon or Nikon doesn't make you a photographer, it makes you a camera owner. You would need these basic equipment to start photography today.

You become a photographer only when you stop clicking pictures and start making photographs. So, when the urge of making photographs comes in, you really need a greater control over the image and obviously better results.
Capturing your memories for a life time is the key to live young. Whenever you wish you can just flip through the pages and relive the old memories. And to capture memories just clicking photographs is not enough, you need to create one.

Here are few reasons which will convince you to own a DSLR:

  • Expeditive Click: The best thing about owning a DSLR is that your pictures are available immediately after the picture is shot. You can easily view, edit, and play with the pictures making them livelier.  You can instantly share these images with all your loved ones. If you wish to keep them with you forever you can easily get it printed without wasting time.
  • Lowers the Per Shot Cost: As these cameras do not require film and processing these films to get the picture out, the cost per click comes down. Along with this you are not restricted to the number of shots you can take in one go.
  • Flexible Shooting: A DSLR gives its user the freedom to shoot. It allows its users to easily change the shooting parameters between shot. You can easily change the brightness, white balance, colour and other features as per your need on one click.
  • Quality of the Image: Creating a high quality image becomes easy for a beginner and casual photographers. With the auto mode on everything will set automatically suiting the background and surrounding giving out the perfect result. There is less grain in the photo as compared to a film photograph.
  • DSLR Cameras Can Use Manual SLR Camera Lens: Many SLR lens are easily compatible with the DSLR. It depends upon the distance between the lens and internal image sensor. An inexpensive lens adaptor helps you adjust this distance automatically.

The mobile phones and point and shoot cameras are easy to use, user-friendly and relatively cheaper to own, but there comes a time when the photographer in you demands more control over the image and better results. This is the right time to step up and go for any entry level DSLR camera.DSLR cameras offer more manual control over the image. Setting like exposure, aperture, focal length, white balancing etc. really comes handy when shooting in different conditions. The cameras in this list are in the cheapest DSLR segment but they offer amazing quality results. And the wide variety of lenses offered with these cameras is a wonderful add-on.

You can go for any camera from the list but make sure to never hesitate in investing more on lenses - check what lenses we have skilfully picked for you. Since the quality of lenses has a huge influence on image quality. Even if you decide to step upward and buy a more premium camera, you can sell off your old camera body and the lenses are generally adaptable on all cameras of the specific company. A great tripod will help you capture stable images and so why don't you look at the best camera tripod deals we have.

We have meticulously handpicked some of the best entry level DSLRs for you to make your choice from. All these cameras are on a price fall so you are paying much lesser than the MRP, so get your hands on these before you lose out. This hobby is a must have - so be it to capture your memories or create world class photographs this camera will be your best companion anywhere.

Start making beautiful memories today! Get a DSLR for yourself.

DSLRs : Why you Need one, Features to Expect and the Best Deals
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