Gillette Venus Review

Gillette Venus Review

Gillette Venus Review

Ladies, pave the way for arms and legs smoother than silk. There's no denying waxing does the job well, but it's not always practical for busy women, and who doesn't like cheaper solutions? Yup, we're talking razors. While the Gillette Venus is a popular pick, there are hundreds of other alternatives for every budget – manual razors are great if you want to save, and electric razors ideal for quick clean-ups. Ahead, the Gillette Venus and other options reviewed.

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  • Gillette Venus Review

    Gillette Venus Review
    With 1000+ user reviews and a 4-star rating on Amazon, the Gillette Venus is often touted as the best razor for women, and arguably so. Crafted for delicate skin, it has a rounded, pivoting head with three sharp-yet-gentle blades that remove the finest of hair with minimal irritation. The glide strip is infused with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E, serving two main functions – hydrating your skin as the razor glides, and indicating when your razor's ready to dispose as the strip fades. (Just replace the blades when it gets old.) And for easy maneuvering in the shower, the device comes with a rubber grip. We recommend the Gillette Venus if you're looking for cheaper alternatives to waxing.
  • Philips HP6306 Ladyshave

    Philips HP6306 Ladyshave
    Look beyond the Gillette Venus – here's a battery-operated shaver for anyone who's willing to spend extra for a faster and neater shaving experience. This waterproof device can be used in the shower for dual purposes – shaving and trimming. Coated with hypoallergenic foil, the Philips HP6306 Ladyshave will prevent irritation and rashes.
  • Veet Sensitive Expert Electric Trimmer

    Veet Sensitive Expert Electric Trimmer
    This Veet Sensitive Expert Electric Trimmer is gentle enough to use in your most sensitive areas, like your eyebrows, upper lip, side burns and chin. It does the job quickly and simply, and comes with a whole host of accessories – specifically, a precision head, a bikini head, a comb, a beauty cap, a cleaning brush, a beauty pouch and an AA battery.
  • Gillette Venus Breeze

    Gillette Venus Breeze best razor for women
    The Gillette Venus Breeze is a nice alternative to the Gillette Venus if you're looking for colour variation – we love the feminine, purple body. It comes with 3 spring-mounted blades with telomer coating, and moisture gel bars with body butters and glycerin that hydrate your skin as you use the device.

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Gillette Venus Review

Product Price in India
Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor Rs.220
Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Pre Shave Gel Rs.225
Gillette Venus Female Razors Blades Cartridge Rs.499
Philips HP6306 Ladyshave Rs.1,535
Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Electric Trimmer for Women – Waterproof Rs.1,599
Gillette Venus Breeze Razors Blades Rs.215
Lets Shave Soft Touch Face Hair Removal Disposable Razor For Women - Pack of 5 Rs.599
OUT OF BOX Underarms Hair Removal Razor for Women - Pack of 6 Rs.197
Max Disposable Soft Care Hair Removing Razor For Women - 12 Pcs Rs.234