Janmashtami 2017: Janmashtami Decoration Ideas, Decorate Krishna on Gokulashtami with a Twist

Janmashtami is falling on the 14th of August 2017, and there are various interesting ways to celebrate this festival. Read on to know trendy Janmashtami decoration ideas so that you can spruce the look of Kanha and decorate Krishna differently on this Gokulashtami 2017.
Janmashtami 2017: Janmashtami Decoration Ideas, Decorate Krishna on Gokulashtami with a Twist

Celebrate Janmashtami 2017 with these Interesting Ideas

To commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna, the festival of Janmashtami is celebrated nationwide on the 8th day of Savan month. The name Janmashtami is derived from two hindi words Janma (meaning birth) and Ashtmi (meaning 8). It is believed that Lord Krishna the incarnation of Lord Vishnu came to the earth to save the land from the atrocities of his maternal uncle ‘Kans’. According to the mythological stories it is said that Kans had forcefully imprisoned his sister and brother-in-law on knowing that one of their heirs would kill him for his misdeeds. Krishna was born to Janki and Vasudeva in Mathura, after his birth he was immediately taken Gokul. He was known to be the son of Yashoda and Nand.This year Janmashtami 2017 will be celebrated all over on the 14th of August.

Janmashtami Celebration Across the Globe:

People marks this day as very auspicious and is celebrated not only in India but also in Nepal, Pakistan, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and many other nations. This festival is marked by people keeping fast for the entire day, keeping awake till midnight, singing bhajans and dancing on the rhythm of Sri Krihna Bhajans. Many temples hold Raslila on this occasion. Various states and towns across the country celebrate Janmashtami in various ways. Some of the popular ways are the Dahi Handi in Maharashtra, In Gujrat and Rajasthan this days is marked by people coming together making delicacies and sharing them with each other. In the Northern part of the country like Mathura, Vrindavan and Gokul places where Lord Krishna was born and brought up, temples, and pooja places in house are decorated with colourful lights and flowers. Krishna Jhoolas connoting Lord Krishna’s cradle are also decorated and placed at the place of Pooja in Various places.

Traditional Ways of Janmashtami Decoration:

The tradition of decorating temples, pooja places, Krishna Jhoolas, Idol of Lord Krishna and aarti is being performed since ages. But with time the ways to decorate Krishna, Jhoolas, and Pooja places have changed. Traditionally, all decorations were done by flowers, then with lights and now here we have for you some very unique and cool Janmashtami decoration ideas to celebrate Janmashtami 2017 along with your near and dear ones.

Janmashtami Decoration Ideas:

Colourful and blissful decorations can add on to your fervor of Janmashtami 2017 Celebrations. The most common and traditional way of Janmashtami decoration is with the use of flowers and garlands. However we have some very elegant and non-traditional ways to decorate Krishna, Krishna Jhoolas, and Pooja Places.
  • The Birthday Theme Decoration
  • Re-Creation of Vrindavan
  • Handi and Matki Decoration
  • Chromatic Colorful Curtains
  • Decorate Krishna with bejewelled Mukut, fancy flute and outstanding outfit
  • Decorate Krishna jhoola with peacock feather, cows and and mesmerizing singhasans
Following is a brief description of the ways by which you can quickly and easily decorate Krishna, matki, jhoolas, and pooja rooms.

1. The Birthday Theme Decoration:

What other interesting way could be to decorate your house with colourful balloons and light giving the real feel of a birthday party. The easiest way to do so is to simply choose a beautifully decorated idol of Krishna, place it in the Pooja place and decorate the background with colourful balloons, lights and flowers.

2. Re-Creation of Vrindavan:

This might prove to be one of the most unique yet traditional Janmashtami 2017 celebration ideas. Since Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna has grown up with all his mischievous activities, it would be a great idea to re-create a Vrindavan at your own house. Simply place few statues of fairy, play some nice bhajans and Krishna songs. To give it a realistic touch images and statues of cows, peacock, small kaccha houses and villagers could also be placed in the pooja room along with plants and flowers. It would defiantly be a unique idea to welcome baby Krishna to the place where he grew up.

3. Handi or Matki Decoration:

Lord Krishna as a kid was known to be very notorious and mischievous. He used to break and the matkis just to steal the makhan from them. He was also known as ‘Makhan Chor’, so it would be a nice idea to hang colourful clay pots all round the house filled with some white cotton giving a look of a matka filled with makkhan. These pots could also be decorated with laces and other glossy material for an aesthetic look. These mataks could be placed at the side of the entrance of your house, or in pooja room or in the backdrop of the place which you have set for Janmashtami 2017 celebration and pooja.

4. Chromatic Colourful Curtains:

If you feel that everything around is getting too glittery then the decoration with colourful curtains could be a very chromatic yet beautiful Janmashtami decoration ideas to celebrate Janmashtami 2017. Go for something unconventional this time and decorate your Krishna and his surroundings with simple, elegant and colourful sarees, duppatas or drapes. To enhance the look beautiful fairy lights and antique wall hangings could be placed around. This idea could also be combined with the handi decoration idea.

5. Decorate Krishna with Bejewelled Mukut, Fancy Flute and Outstanding Outfit:

Choose a beautiful and suitable idol of Lord Krishna in any avtar, be it the Bal Gopal Avtar or the Kanha with His Gopis or his avtar as a cow boy with a Bansi in his hand. Decorate your avtar of Krishna with bejewelled mukut, fancy flutes and outstanding outfit. The background could be decorated with garlands, peacock feathers, glittering curtains.

6. Decorate Krishna Jhoola with Peacock Feather, Cows and Mesmerizing Singhasans:

Along with the idol of lord Krishna his cradle, popularly known as Krishna Jhoola is also decorated. Bells, banderwal or toran, colourful crape papers and chart papers could be used to adorn the Krishna Jhoola. The singhasan could also be beautifully decorated with the use of colourful clothes and papers. Spruce up the looks of Krishna with these best Janmashtami decoration ideas this Janmashtami 2017.

Try on these Janmashtami decoration ideas and let us know how did you celebrate this Janmashtami 2017 with your dear ones. Do not forget to mention below, how did you decorate Krishna this Janmashtami 2017.

Janmashtami 2017: Janmashtami Decoration Ideas, Decorate Krishna on Gokulashtami with a Twist
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