21 Most Beautiful Roses

21 Most Beautiful Roses

Most Beautiful Roses

Roses for the longest time have remained the most beautiful, fragrant and popular flowers. Roses are widely grown for their beauty and for their variety of symbolisms like love, affection, peace, mourning and more.  There are about more than 100 types of roses and we are here going to look at some of the most beautiful roses, rose pictures, rose images and learn more about how they are grown and how to maintain them. This beautifully layered flower comes in a compact closely packed bundle of petals, some of the roses come in loosely packed petals and some with a very few petals. Roses come in vivid beautiful colours like – red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black and green. With so many types of rose flowers we will be picking the best few rose flowers with petals spiraling at the center and some with loosely held petals. Gift a beautiful rose flower to your loved ones for that perfect expression of love and care. Lets learn more about the many types of roses, their origin, care they need and beautiful rose images of some of the most beautiful roses like - Knock Out Rose, Shrub Rose, Bonica Rose, Broceliande Rose, Koko Loco Rose, Julia Child Rose, Floribunda Rose, Tea Rose, Distant Drums Rose, Apricot Roses and others.

Interesting facts about Roses you did not know:

  • Rose wine is not made out of Roses
  • There are more than 4,000 songs about roses
  • The tallest Rose plant stands at 23 feet
  • Rose plants bear fruits and they are called rose hips and look like berries
  • Roses originally grew in the wild
  • There are about 100 different species of roses
  • Cultivation of roses began in Asia
  • Black rose is not black in colour it is a deep dark red colour
  • The thorns in the rose plant protects them from herbivores
  • There is a rose called Rainbow Rose which comes with petals in each colour of the Rainbow
  • Number of roses you gift also have a significance – 1 is for love, 12 for gratitude, 25 for congratulations and so on.
Most Beautiful RosesRose Colors
Knock Out RoseBurgundy Red
Shrub RoseSoft Organge, Pink
Bonica RoseSoft Pink
Broceliande RoseRed and Yellow
Koko Loco RoseChocolate Brown and Cream
Julia Child RoseCreamy Orange
Floribunda RoseRed
Tea RosePink
Distant Drums RoseBronze Brown
Apricot RosesApricit Cream
Easy Does It RoseMango Peach Pink
Falstaff RoseRich Purple
Tahitian Sunset RosePeach-Orange
Queen Amber RoseAmber Yellow
Troika RoseRadiant Red
Rosa Decor ArlequinCrimson Red and Yellow
Rosa AllianceCrimson Red and Pale Yellow
Frankly Scarlet RoseVibrant Red
Rainbow Knock Out RosePink and Yellow
Wild Blue Yonder RoseRich Lavender
Bourbon RoseBeautiful Pink

Here is the List of 21 Top Most Beautiful Roses With Name and Description

1. Knock Out Rose :

Knock Out Rose 1555325675234

Knock Out Rose

The Knock Out Rose is one of the least fussy and low maintenance rose plants. You can enjoy a shrub of beautiful roses with minimal effort it's almost like you have an artificial flower in your home. Its bright green bush holds these beautifully burgundy coloured red roses. The plant flowers in the summer days and the plant stays healthy always oozing a delicious fragrance. The Knock Out Rose was created by crossing 2 Tea Rose varieties keeping the most beautiful features entact in the Year 1999.

2. Shrub Rose :

Shrub Rose 1555325763508

Shrub Rose

Shrub roses come in bunches with a soft-orange, pinks, reds and others with a very intoxicating fragrance. These beautiful roses grow up into large informal rosettes with scattered petals which survive the rain and wind. These classic beautiful roses are high on maintenance but easy to grow. Great resistance to diseases and continuous bloom makes this one of the best beautiful roses. The Shrub Rose is the most commonly found rose and as per study is about 35 Million years old.

3. Bonica Rose :

Bonica Rose 1555325793736

Bonica Rose

The Bonica rose a cluster of roses which bloom with sprays of pinks and a delectable fragrance. This beautiful rose is one of the most popular and favourite of the many roses. This rose shrub grows to about 4 feet tall and gives a beautiful aroma. A non-fussy easy to grow rose flower plant which demands very little – a moist soil and sunlight is delight to have. Bonica rose was first developed in the Year 1981 in France.

4. Broceliande Rose :

Broceliande Rose 1555325819537

Broceliande Rose

Broceliande Rose the yellow red rose grows in full bloom during the summer months with very little effort. This beautiful rose flower is not popular just for its beautiful character it gets from its red and yellow but also from its sweet spicy fragrance. The green balmy foliage makes its flowers look more glossy and vibrant.

5. Koko Loco Rose :

Koko Loco Rose 1555325843109

Koko Loco Rose

Koko Loco rose is celebrated for its unique colour which is in between chocolate brown and cream more in the tones of a milky chocolate drink making it the most beautiful rose. This most beautiful mostrose flower is preferred for its colour and its life in the vase. Plant this eye-catcher in your garden or decorate it in your house for its uniqueness and a light fragrance.

6. Julia Child Rose :

Julia Child Rose 1555325870651

Julia Child Rose

Julia Child rose the buttery creamy orange coloured rose which anybody would love in their kitchen. This most beautiful rose is very popular in the United Kingdom and is known as the Absolutely Fabulous Rose. These golden clustered flowers repeat all season long. Extremely resistant to heat and blackspot disease these classic roses come with a licorice fragrance. The Julia Child Rose originates from United States where it was bred by an American Tom Carruth in 2004.

7. Floribunda Rose:

Floribunda Rose 1555325899578

Floribunda Rose

Floribunda rose is a good hybrid of hybrid tea and polyantha roses which make them smaller bushier clusters. These beautiful roses bloom from spring until winter. With the many countless colour options these beautiful roses give you it's a treat to have them bloom in your gardens. Interestingly Floribunda Roses were bred by crossing hybrid teas with polyantha roses, creating roses which bloomed with polyantha profusion and hybrid tea beauty.

8. Tea Rose:

Tea Rose 1555325923590

Tea Rose

Hybrid tea roses are a hybrid between old-fashioned tea roses and hybrid perpetual roses making them the World's most popular roses. Hybrid roses do not come in clusters making them neat blossoms on each stem. Each flower could have upto 60 petals and be as large as 5 inches with sturdy stems blooming bi-colour flowers. The origin of the Tea Rose happens to be France where it was raised by a French nurseryman by crossing 2 beautiful rose variants.

9. Distant Drums Rose :

Distant Drums Rose 1555325947284

Distant Drums Rose

Distant Drums Rosees come in the most unique colours somewhere in between bronze, brown and orchid pink. Distant drums are the most popular cluster roses of the rose kingdom and remind us of the lotus flower. The strong fragrance it oozes makes the flower even more a delight. This charming beauty from the many beautiful roses has gained popularity only lately.

10. Apricot Roses :

Apricot Roses 1555325974797

Apricot Roses

Apricot rose is the perfect way to bring some warmth to your living space or garden. The bright and soft shades of apricot give the best contrast to the garden with a rich foliage creating a spectacular view. Its vibrant intoxicating fragrance is also why the flower is preferred to the others. So looking to add a warmth colourful fragrant character to your space then add these most beautiful roses to your space.

11. Easy Does It Rose :

Easy Does It Rose 1555326023958

Easy Does It Rose

Easy Does It Rose come in tempting mango peach pink shades with apricot shades towards the outside. These fragranced clusters of flowers add flamboyance to any space they hold their place in. Easy Does It roses are strong and disease resistant making them an obvious choice for anyone. These beautiful seductress roses occupy your space like a pro and stay perfect in every climate.

12. Falstaff Rose :

Falstaff Rose 1555326124907

Falstaff Rose

Falstaff rose plant pack rich red-crimson coloured flowers which eventually turn into rich purple shades. This most beautiful rose comes with shallowly cupped petals clustered and seeming entwined into each other. Each flower bears countless interfolding petals and they carry a woody bold old rose kind of fragrance. The Falstaff Roses were first created in the United Kingdom by David Austin in 1990.

13. Tahitian Sunset :

Tahitian Sunset 1555326147855

Tahitian Sunset

Tahitian sunset rose is a wonderful peach-orange mix which looks even more brighter during summers. A strong rose like fragrance which is woody and licorice in a plant which is excellent when it comes to disease resistance makes these beautiful roses a great choice for your garden. These most beautiful roses begin sometime during late spring and then continue until summer months. The Tahitian Sunset Roses were first bred in United States in 2006 by Dr. Keith W. Zary.

14. Queen Amber Rose:

Queen Amber Rose 1555326170832

Queen Amber Rose

Queen Amber Rose an alluring, pretty well packed cluster of flowers in rich amber colour packs clusters of shapely blooms. This plant is great for hedging and its blooms are great for decoration as they are packed with dazzling fragrance which fills up your space. Its bronzy glossy maroonish foliage makes the blossom even more attractive and one of the most beautiful roses.

15. Troika Rose :

Troika Rose 1555326197365

Troika Rose

Troika rose a medium sized bush with a glossy radiant foliage and ravishing blossoms in red-bronze shades. Medium sized flowers with an enchanting fragrance which bloom through summer months give your garden a bright look. The large bronze flowers with a touch of pink make them look like copper flowers.

16. Rosa Decor Arlequin :

Rosa Decor Arlequin 1555326235429

Rosa Decor Arlequin

Rosa Décor Arlequin is a fascinating beautiful rose with cherry coloured petals with the inferior side in yellowish pink shade. This is a sturdy plant which goes up to about 2 meters in height and has a great resistance towards diseases. This shrub presents a beautiful contrast of colours in each blossom making it a delight to your eyes.

17. Rosa Alliance :

Rosa Alliance 1555326257825

Rosa Alliance

Rosa Alliance is a large full bloom with light to pale yellow whitish coloured petals in the inside and a bright red crimson colour on the outside making these the most beautiful looking roses. The plant grows to about 3 feet tall and gives a good bloom during summer months. This plant grows well in full sun and a moist soil which makes it a non fussy reliable plant.

18. Frankly Scarlet Rose:

Frankly Scarlet Rose 1555326279787

Frankly Scarlet Rose

Frankly Scarlet Rose a bold red coloured rose with a perfect rose twirl to its centre. These are slightly fragranced flowers and they bloom in clusters. Frankly Scarlet Rose is an obvious choice as it's the most famous and most beautiful rose flower making it a showstopper. Over the years a lot of vintage jewellery and pierces of art have been made on this most beautiful rose design.

19. Rainbow Knock Out Rose :

Rainbow Knock Out Rose 1555326303304

Rainbow Knock Out Rose

Rainbow Knock Out Rose a soft pink coloured flower with light yellow centres and light gathering of petals. This coral pink coloured flower is one of the most compact flower in the family. Lightly held petals to the centre with an open face like its smiling at you makes these Rainbow Knock Out Roses the most beautiful roses. Enough continuous water and ample sunshine makes this plant flourish and bloom.

20. Wild Blue Yonder Rose :

Wild Blue Yonder Rose 1555326326717

Wild Blue Yonder Rose

Wild Blue Yonder Rose is a bold coloured blossom with a drenched fragrance of a rich blossom. This beautiful rose comes with a rich lavender colour giving your space a lush look. Loosely heald petals fluterring with the wind in your garden will be a delight to behold making the Wild Blue Yonder Roses one of the most beautiful roses. A clean green foliage makes these ravishing pieces stand out even more beautifully making them the most beautiful roses.

21. Bourbon Rose :

Bourbon Rose 1555326349247

Bourbon Rose

Bourbon roses are old rose full blooms with a delectable fragrance. These are native to the French and that makes these beautiful roses a perfect blend of beauty with sturdiness. Their petals are sturdy and can bear the winds. These elegant roses flaunt beautiful pinks to deep reds and any Rose lover would love to have this blossom grow making the Bourbon Roses the most beautiful roses.