Ramadan 2017 Calendar and Deals on the Delicacies!

Ramadan starts from on the 27th of May and Ends on 25th June, whereas the confirmed dates will be release by 25th June. This holy month is celebrated with lots of love and food across the country and we have specially handpicked some best Food Deals for you.

Ramadan 2017 Calendar and Deals on the Delicacies!

Ramadan Celebrations start from 27th May till 24th June

The Holy month of Ramadan is just about to begin and fasting from dawn to dusk is something that is practiced throughout the month. It starts from the 27th May and ends on 24th June, this 1 month of fasting is celebrated all across the country by sharing lots of food and love with everyone around. Sehri or Suhoor is the morning time when you eat for the entire day and begin the fast and Iftar happens to be in the evening when you end fasting with dates and other delicious delicacies. After all, the body needs to stay hydrated and energized all day. Not only Muslims, but people from various religions also celebrate this holy month and enjoy the delectable recipes that not only relish their taste buds but also help in boosting their metabolism. Every family member sits together to end-up their fast with dates and water or yoghurt drink followed by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. After the Maghrib prayer that takes place after sunset they relish their taste buds with full-course meals that comprise of a variety of beverages, salads, soups, appetizers, snacks, main dishes and desserts.

Inviting and sharing the food with the less fortune ones is considered to be spiritually rewarding especially during Ramadan. And that's the reason, why Iftar parties are so often observed in the month of Ramadan that not only involves family, friends and community members but also celebrated as a social event. In Arab countries, Ramadan Tents are arranged for the common people so that they can have meals for Seher and Iftar both absolutely free.

Delicacies that are prepared for Iftar are mostly cooked at home using fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and other ingredients. Various types of beverages, appetizer and snacks all are prepared freshly for Iftar. Not only that, Dum biryani is not just one item that's cooked for the main course, you can also find a variety of veg and non-veg dishes to choose from.To end the meal with a sweet tooth, desserts often prepared are kheer, ladoo, halwa, shahi tukda and a lot more. In a way you can say, ladies actually bring out the chef within themselves and prepare lip-smacking food for friends and family who sit together, enjoy the food and spread happiness.

This Ramadan, don't just enjoy Iftar parties and relish your taste buds at your friend's house but also surprise your buddy by planning one for them. Ramadan Mubarak to All!

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