Genius Space-Saving Hacks for Smart Travellers

Love travelling? How efficiently do you pack your suitcase? Well, below we're talking about some genius space-saving hacks for smart travellers. Next time while packing your suitcase do keep the below mentioned space-saving tips and tricks in mind.

Genius Space-Saving Hacks for Smart Travellers

Genius Space-Saving Hacks for Smart Travellers: Tricks to Pack Suitcase When Heading for a Holiday

Planning a vacay or business trip? Carrying clothes and necessary things the correct way is one of the biggest task. Packing of necessities in the most convenient manner is something which most of u are not aware of due to which we overload our travel bag and regret carrying it on the go.
Firstly you need to decide the purpose of travel which could be a reunion, business trip or simply a rejuvenating vacation. Once you know it, you can begin with the list of thing that you would require during your stay. Keep minimal number of bottom wears and footwear as they occupy most of to make your travel a convenient one.

Before we head towards the genius space saving hack for suitcase packing, let us pen down some packing tips which every one of us keep in mind.

Space-Saving Tips You Must Adapt While Packing Luggage:

  1. Instead placing the clothes on one another, try rolling them as it is one of the best way to maximize space.
  2. Wear Off your bulk items, do not pack them.
  3. Do not carry more than two pair of footwear.
  4. Use compression bags to carry your bulky jackets.
  5. Carry only the necessary gadgets.
  6. Do not forget to carry basic medicines in case of emergencies.
  7. Avoid carrying too many pouches and handbags.
  8. Place your toiletries in compact travel bottles.
  9. Pack multi-purpose makup products and dual sides make-up brushes.
  10. Keep some Zip lock bags and plastic bags handy, you never know when you would require one.

The basic part of traveling choosing the best travel bag which is spacious and light in weight at the same time. Once you've groped the best travel bag, head on to find out some perfect yet amazing space saving hacks that can be life-savior in most of the cases. Gear up to checkout the list below:

10 Space-Saving Hacks To Make Your Travel Fun:

The best space saving hacks are here for you so that you can apply them in your next travel.

1. Empty Pill Case Can Become Your Jewellery Case:

Using empty pill cases for your small jewellery items like your earrings and rings so that your small but important jewellery doesn’t go missing while you travel. So you can apply this amazing and useful technique.


2. Place Your Clothes in Dry-Cleaning Bags to Avoid Unwanted Creases:

Using dry-cleaning bags for your clothes which does not gets wrinkled very easily so that you are able to wear them anywhere, anytime.


3. Rest Your Footwear in Shower Cap:

Using of shower caps to keep your shoes in a way that it will not affect rest of your stuff with its smell and dirt. Keep your shoes in a shower cap and keep your stuff clean.


4. Woollen Socks Are Not Just For Wearing, But Also Saving Glass Bottles:

Put your breakables especially the perfume bottles in the woollen socks so that you are able to use it without any damage. While travelling the fragile items should be kept very safe.


5. Utilize Your Glass Case to Keep Chargers, Headphones and More:

Use of glass case in the right manner and efficiently is very important and you need to use it completely. You can easily keep your chargers and earbuds so that you don’t have to search your whole bag for them.


6. Store Your Liquid Makeup in Contact Lenses Case:

Contact lenses case can easily and efficiently be used for keeping your liquid make-up and you need not to carry the full bottle of your make-up you can just easily pour out the required amount and close that safely to prevent that from spilling and spoiling other stuffs.


7. Dryer Sheets Keeps Your Clothes Fresh and Bug-Free:

When you’re packing up your stuffs for a humid climate, do not forget to carry Dryer sheets as they help in keeping your clothes fresh and also keeps your clothes protected form bugs and insects.


8. Plastic Sheets Can Avoid Spilling:

If you are carrying your shampoo bottles, it is always risky because it is not spill-proof so pack them in a plastic sheet and then stay tension-free.


9. Binder Clip As Razor Cap:

When you are on a travelling mode you will miss small things one of them is the protection cap of your razor so you need not to worry about that just simply take a binder cap of larger side and cover the sharp edges so that you don’t cut your fingers.


10. Invest in Packing Cubes:

The most important thing which is of utmost importance while travelling is your packing cubes or travel organizer which you can opt for arranging your clothes and other items to enjoy comfy travel.

These were some amazing space saving hacks which can really make your travelling more easy and efficient, you can travel without any tension about your stuffs because you are all done after applying these amazing techniques.
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