Top Sulfate-Free Conditioners You Must Have, Switch to Organic Conditioners

Top Sulfate-Free Conditioners You Must Have, Switch to Organic Conditioners

Top Sulfate-Free Conditioners You Must Have, Switch to Organic Conditioners

Now a days people are very much aware about their looks. They just wanted to look flawless. The increased demand of cosmetics product are the evidence of the consciousness of people. One such product is hair conditioner. Hair conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture and appearance of your hair. It improves the quality of your hair and makes it look even more prettier. Conditioner generally contain  moisturizers, oils and sunscreen among other ingredients. But now a days most common ingredients used in most conditioners are sulfates and silicons. Sulfates are detergents used to make the conditioner lather. They are inexpensive to use in conditioner  which explains why more than 90% of conditioner contain them.

Top Sulfate-Free Conditioners:

After increasing demand of organic shampoos and organic hair serums, many renowned brands are coming up with sulfate-free conditioners for their customers. There are many sulfate-free conditioners that are in market to choose from. Let's discuss some top sulfate-free conditioners below:

1. Organic Harvest Conditioner:

This organic harvest conditioner enhance the shine of your hair and strengthen its lock. This conditioner is chemical free and is completely clean, pure and effective. It is suitable for normal hair. It not only protects your hair from damage but also moisturizes it which give them nourishment from the scalp, as a result you will get tangle free smooth finish to your hair. It also contain beetroot which is great for hair as it provides nourishment and oxygen to the scalp.

2. Vegetal Hair Conditioner:

This vegetal hair conditioner is 100% organic and chemical free and do not include any sort of artificial flavour in it. It is made up of herbs that nourishes, moisturize and condition your hair. It is also enriched with proteins which strengthen your hair. You are suffering from dry and fizzy hair then you must try this one as it provides intensive conditioning to it and you will get moisturized and tangled hair. However it is suitable for all hair type so you should try one.

3. Soul Tree Hibiscus & Henna With Nourishing Shikakai Hair Conditioner:

This hair conditioner is completely an organic product with goodness of hibiscus, heena and shikakai. It is the only brand of india which is certified by BDIH Germany, which promotes health care products, food supplements and personal hygiene products. It is completely safe to use as it is made from organic products and do not contain any sort of chemical that maybe proved harmful for your hair.

4. OGX Morocco Aragan Oil Conditioner:

As its name suggest this conditioner contains Aragan oil which is often used as a hair treatment and is extremely beneficial for hair and scalp. Aragon oil is enriched with vitamin E which is very good for your hair. It also protects your hair from styling damage and UV damage. If you also like to experiment with you hair, which can even cause damage such as pressing, then you should opt for this conditioner.

5. Forest Essentials Amla, Honey and Mulethi Hair Conditioner:

This hair conditioner is made up with Amla, honey and mulethi . It will leave your hair glossy and smooth. Amla is enriched with Vitamin C and acts like a natural conditioner. Mulethi helps in detangling the hair making it silky. It is sulfate-free and is 100% organic, makes your hair healthier.

6. Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner:

Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner is a great organic conditioner that is also sulfate-free and chemical-free. This sulfate-free conditioner has a volumizing formula which is blended with pure thyme, oils of peppermint, lavender and the natural sap of the berberris tree to moisturize, condition and hydrate hair. It helps in thickening of follicles and balancing of pH level for that perfect fuller looking hair with sparkling shine. It leaves your hair refreshed and gives it a natural glow. It does not contain sulfate-free and is purely organic, it is the product on which you can completely rely on.

7. Jason Natural Aloe Vera Moisturizing Conditioner:

Jason hair conditioner is made from organic stuff and is very good for your hair. It deeply hydrates and nourishes your hair making it smooth and silky. Aloe vera, spirulina maxima, and jojoba seed oil deeply nourish and restore hair s natural moisture balance. It also contain vitamin E which makes your hair healthier. Do check it out.

8. Khadi Natural Shikakai And Honey Herbal Hair Conditioner:

Khadi products are completely sulfate-free and 100% organic and that the reason this product top the charts of sulfate-free conditioners list. It makes your hair look beautiful and manageable. The shikakai  present in the conditioner is a natural cleanser and honey promotes hair growth. It makes your hair healthy and bouncy. For best results use it after the shampoo.

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Looking good and trying various cosmetic products are good but before using the product you must have proper information about the product. The side effects it may have and is the product suitable for you is very important. So do keep your facts updated and try to use chemical free products.

Top Sulfate-Free Conditioners You Must Have, Switch to Organic Conditioners
Product Price
Organic Harvest Conditioner for Normal Hair, 200g Rs.545
Vegetal Hair Conditioner, 200ml Rs.421
SOULTREE Hibiscus and Henna with Nourishing Shikakai Hair Conditioner, 100g Rs.350
OGX Morocco Aragan Oil Conditioner 385ml Rs.725
Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner, Amla, Honey and Mulethi, 200ml Rs.1,295
Biotique Bio Thyme Volume Conditioner for Fine and Thinning Hair, 200ml Rs.127
Jason Natural 84% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Conditioner, 473ml Rs.1,879
Khadi Natural Shikakai and Honey Hair Conditioner, 210ml Rs.177
Top Sulfate-Free Conditioners You Must Have, Switch to Organic Conditioners
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