Ultimate Single Women Travellers Guide and Destinations

Planning a solo trip with your own self or your girl's gang? We have some tips that will come handy, we have also handpicked the best destinations for safe travel and the Best Deals to book these holidays for you.

Ultimate Single Women Travellers Guide and Destinations

Best Solo Women Travellers Guide and Destinations

Hey, Girl! If solo traveling or a travel plan with your besties has been in your mind, then you happen to have landed on to the right place. If you are a Single woman traveler then we have some great tips for you and also a list of best locations to travel to across the world. Every year thousands of women are planning Single women trips either completely with themselves or with their girlfriends and the most picked destinations are Europe, America, Thailand or Singapore. When it comes to women they truly deserve the best, and these handpicked serene locations are just the right choice to feel pampered and at peace. Sometimes you need a travel companion it could be your favourite girl gang or be it an alone trip, and if you have thought of this you must make it happen. For some traveling solo becomes second to their nature and a must do every 3 months. You unwind, rejuvinate and recoup from the wordly stress and comeback Alive! Well if you are also one who hasn't yet thought ahead of the usual locations then I have some great new ideas for you. Let's make this a memory for your lifetime!

While we advise on this list for the most important tips to keep in mind if you are a Single woman traveller, below this we have shortlisted the best locations for you at the best prices, So you could Book Right Now Right Here, while you're reading about it:

    • Crowdsource your information about the hotel and the neighbourhood
    • Carry a Map, Phrasebook and a Guidebook.
    • Before you leave be well versed on the Public transport of the town
    • Learn the most important 10 Words in the language they speak.
    • Keep electronic copies of all of your documents on Dropbox
    • Don't keep all your money at one place
    • Keep your Hotel location and landmarks in place and also maybe written somewhere to access from.
    • Write down and keep important contact numbers with you.
    • Share your itinerary with someone back home.
    • Talk to as many people as you can on your trip! And make sure to make friends.

    Let's now detail out into the Best Destinations for Single Woman travelers:

    Thailand: Inexpensive, Short travel duration and also safe for single women travelers. This is definitely making to the number 1 position in this list. Relax and soak in the beach sun, Shop at the best prices, party all night, historical importance there is just nothing that you will miss here.
    Thailand Single women travellers

    Thailand the 1st in the List Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

    Ladakh: The most breathtakingly beautiful place on earth is located in India - Ladakh. It's mesmerizing Pangong Tso Lake, the flying prayer flags, rugged landscapes, serenity and silence like nowhere else.This is a safe and a must visit place in India for anyone and if you are a single woman traveler this is a must for you too.
    Ladakh Single women travellers guide

    Ladakh, One of the many Gems of the Country, India Photo Credit: Juhi Khichariya

    Iceland: This beautiful location will win your heart. With its sprawling panoramic landscapes and the safe and comforting air, it's a solo traveller's choicest destination.This place also won the top position at the Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Peace Index and the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap last year, which means the safety and gender equality are no issues in this wonderful destination.
    Iceland single women traveller guide

    Iceland - The Mountaneous Island Nation Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

    New Zealand: Queensland - This insanely beautiful city is a gorgeous island. The landscapes, culture and the experiences this place offers is mind-blowing and a sure shot entry to a single woman travelers bucket list of places to visit.
    Newzealand single women traveller

    New Zealand- An Adventurer's Paradise! Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

    London: This British capital is another on a Single woman travelers list. With no cultural barriers or shocks, you are sure to enjoy this place walking along the River Thames and paying a visit to the Harrods store and enjoying the nightlife like never before.
    London single women traveller guide

    Experiencing London Single is Breezy Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

    Sri lanka: Another affordable and safe destination is Sri Lanka with lots on the cultural side to offer and also the wildlife there. Scrumptious cuisines and hospitality like never seen before, you are surely staying longer here.
    Srilanka single women traveller

    Affordable and Culturally heavy is Sri Lanka for you Photo Credit: www.pexels.com


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