Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts, Let Your Clients Unbox Happiness This Diwali 2018

Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts, Let Your Clients Unbox Happiness This Diwali 2018

Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts, Let Your Clients Unbox Happiness This Diwali 2018

As we are heading close to the festive season, it becomes very pertinent for the big corporate houses to impress their clients with some spectacular corporate Diwali Gifts. With the fast pace expansion that is taking place in the corporate sector, companies are turning towards more innovative corporate Diwali gifts instead of going for the old traditional ones of gifting a sweet box or a corporate diary. You can also inspire your clients and employees to opt for an eco-friendly Diwali with your unique gifting ideas. In this present corporate scenario, a trend of wishing clients on special occasion with gifts has seen great hike. Here are some great unique corporate Diwali gifts for 2018.

Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts 2018

Selecting the right gift for the right client is a challenging task and to overcome this here we have a list of some unique corporate Diwali gifts you can have a look on

Drinking Game Set

Drinks are one of the most common and talked about things in a corporate party and what a interesting corporate Diwali gift idea it would be to gift your client a drinking game set. Spice up your drinks with some friendly competition. You can toss up ping pong balls or drink up the ludo shot.

Home Furnishing

Since Diwali marks the onset of upcoming winter season, it would be a nice corporate Diwali gift idea to exchange some warm wishes with your clients by gifting a cozy warm premium blankets, or a premium home decor set could be the perfect corporate Diwali gift.

Home Appliance

One of the best and most popular corporate Diwali gifts is to give your clients some amazing home utility appliance. A full range of kitchen accessories like Air Fryers, Air Purifiers and much more could be packaged attractively or customized for the clients as a corporate Diwali gift.

Modern Glassware

A number of glassware items be it a vodka shot set, a tequila set or even a simple glassware storage set if packaged beautifully could prove to be a unique corporate Diwali gift. To make it more interesting and unique a glass planter with hanging string, which could enhance the beauty of your client’s living or dining room could also be a unique corporate Diwali gift.

Executive Combo Gifts

A lot of corporate combos are available for you that you can gift to your clients and impress them with your unique corporate Diwali gift. You may go for a combo of wallet, belt, pen and perfume or you can even go the simpler way and opt for a customized diary and pen combo with a premium key chain. If you have a lady client it would be a great idea to pair up the combo with a smart clutch and a card holder.

Lamps and Lights

Diwali is known to be the festival of lights, then what could be better than gifting your clients or employees some very unique and aesthetic decorative lamps and lights. These lamps will not only adorn their houses but will also spread light in their homes.

Assorted Tea Box

A box of assorted green tea or even regular tea sounds to be a quite interesting corporate Diwali gift for your clients and employees. These gifts of assorted tea boxes will for sure bring aroma to the life of the people receiving it.

Apart from all these interesting and unique corporate Diwali gifts there are more amazing corporate Diwali gift ideas that can help you take a lead from your business counterparts in front of your clients and leave an impressive impression for your organization. If you have any interesting corporate Diwali gift ideas do pen it down in the “Write Your Review” section mentioned below.

Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts

Product Price In India
Packnbuy Roulette Casino Game Set With 16 Drinking Shot Glasses Rs.1,099
Jumbo Drinking Ludo (Crystal),Ludo Drinking Game Set Rs.1,249
Toygully DivineXt Shot Glass Roulette - Drinking Game Set (2 Balls and 16 Glasses)(Multicolor) Rs.1,250
AEC Mini Table Drinking Game Set Party Supplies Board Game Rs.1,895
Cosmosgalaxy Sudsball Drinking Game Board Game Rs.1,079
Funcart Pool Drinking game Rs.1,208
Skywalk Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game Rs.1,299
CrownLit 3 in 1 Table Clock,Paper Weight Gift for Officer,Manager with Metallic Premium Pen Rs.499
Crownlit 3 in 1 Silver Gift Set with Premium Metal Pen, Card Holder and Table Clock Rs.497
Xpra Premium Gift Set Pen Gift Set Rs.599
Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts, Let Your Clients Unbox Happiness This Diwali 2018
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