Planning An Escape To God's Own Country: Find Things To Do In Kerala

Planning An Escape To God's Own Country: Find Things To Do In Kerala

Planning An Escape To Gods Own Country: Find Things To Do In Kerala

God’s own country, also known as the state of Kerala is a wonderful place to visit with your family on a lovely vacation especially at this time of the year. Kerala is full of beautiful sceneries and many beautiful places. If you are fond of beaches or if you are a fan of hills, this state provides you with both. From the beautiful beaches in Kochi to mind-boggling hills of Munnar, you can enjoy visit and experience the culture and the traditions of the locals. There are many things to do and many places to visit if you’re planning for a Kerala Trip, but covering all the places can take a lot of time which many of us don’t have. So here we are helping you out with the best things to do on a Kerala trip.

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List of Things To Do In Kerala, Organize Your Kerala Trip With Us

Kerala is truly 'Gods Own Country' where you can rejuvenate your soul and at the same time tantalize your taste buds with the amazing Kerala cuisine. If you're among those who don not how to plan Kerala vacation, we've sorted a list of best things to do in Kerala with which you can make your Kerala Vacay a memorable one.

1. Indulge Your Senses in Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Massages


Things To Do In Kerala - Ayurvedic Spa
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Gilitukha

A trip to Kerala is incomplete without Ayurvedic massage experience. Nothing can beat the experience of a rejuvenating spa which includes therapeutic oils, herbal ubtans, relaxing massages and much more which gives you delightful experience of your lifetime.

2. Spending a Night in a Houseboat in Allepey


Things To Do Is Kerala - Houseboat
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By byheaven

It’s not a sea but the back waters. You can stay in a houseboat while it’s roaming in the fresh backwaters of Kerala. The place is full of beautiful sights like birds, trees and market on the water. Looking at the lush green and water, you can enjoy the freshly prepared meal on board. The houseboat provides with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Sneak Peak in Kerala's Culture


Things To Do In Kerala - City Tour To See Kerala Culture
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Pradeep Thomas Thundiyil

Cultural tour or city visits are must if you wish to know the people and the folk culture of the place closely. Kerala is a enthralling place where you can find the perfect combination of nature, wildlife, spices, dance and more.

4. Enjoy Your Cup of Tea At Munnar


Things To Do In Kerala - Enjoy Refreshing Tea
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Spend your day at the tea garden enjoying the delightful and refreshing tea, which is freshly prepared especially for you. Not only that, you an also come across a variety of tea and find the specialty of each one. This is one of the must things to do in Kerala.

5. Closely Experience Wildlife


Things To Do In Kerala- Experience Wildlife
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By pawopa3336

Kerala has 6 national parks containing protected and endangered species. Kerala is one of the best places to explore both flora and fauna that consists of dense ever-green forest and rare species. Get ready to delight your eyes with rare species like Indian Sloth-Bear, Indian Bison, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Bengal Tiger, Nilgiri Tahr etc. Gear up to spend one day at one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala as this is one of the things to do in Kerala.

6. Plan A Visit to Theme Parks


Things To Do In Kerala- Theme Parks
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To balance the overdose of natural beauty and wildlife visits, you can plan a day at theme parks, where you can enjoy thrilling rides, adventures and more to revive your senses. This is one of the must thing to to do in Kerala to carry bunch of memories which would cherished later.

7. Engulf In Trekking Across Tea Plantation


Things To Do In Kerala - Trekking
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By nevarpp

Munnar is a hill station in Kerala which has some mindboggling views that of tea gardens. Munnar is famous for its tea gardens and of course its tea. Trekking at Kerala won't be a bad idea. You can witness many different types of birds and many rare species of plants and trees. It is pretty unique to stay on a hill station in a south Indian state like Kerala.

8. Take a Jeep Ride in Kollukkumalai


Things To Do In Kerala- Jeep Rides
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By powerofforever

If you are not a big fan of beaches or boats, you can enjoy an adventurous jeep ride into the lush green forest of Kollukkumalai. The town is famous for its flora and fauna and its rich culture. You should definitely experience this jeep ride safari to make your Kerala trip an amazing experience.

9. Delighting Taste Buds with Cuisines of Kerala


Things To Do In Kerala- Kerala Cuisine
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By santhosh_varghese

Authentic food of Kerala is somthing very delightful for your tastebuds. At Kerala, you can enjoy sea-food, authentic Kerala food, food that is prepared on Pongal and more that can really satiate your hunger. Tasting the food at Kerala restaurants is a must thing to do in Kerala.

10. Witness Different kinds of Spices


Things To Do In Kerala- Shop Kerala Spices
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Gilitukha

Kerala is also famous for its spices. Many western traders in the 16th and 17th century came to Kerala for its spices. You can find some good quality spices in kerala and you’ll be able to see the difference between a store bought spice and kerala’s spices. Taste some authentic black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and the exotic vanilla and explore the farms on a nature walk. Kerala has many huge farms of spices and you can visit any of these farms.

We've have curated this detailed list which can help you plan a better Kerala vacay along with your friends and family.

Planning An Escape To God's Own Country: Find Things To Do In Kerala

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