How To Add Money To Your Mobikwik Wallet

Wondering how to add money to your Mobikwik wallet? We have some convenient and simple steps to understand how to add money to Mobikwik wallet. Also understand the benefits of adding money to your Mobikwik wallet.
Updated: Jan 19, 2018 13:27 IST
How To Add Money To Your Mobikwik Wallet
How To Add Money To Your Mobikwik Wallet
With demonetisation being introduced last year, people of India shifted from cash based transactions towards digitally cashless transaction. These digital transactions made their lives a lot easier and simpler. Not just the tech savvy youth but people of all ages participated whole heartedly in this digital revolution. Most of them shifted to transacting online with the help of MobiKwik wallets. Transacting through MobiKwik wallet is quite simple and even if you are falling short of cash, you can use your MobiKwik wallet to complete your transactions.  In spite of huge success many of are still unaware about how to add money to MobiKwik wallet. Adding money to MobiKwik wallet is quite an easy task. You just need to have your credit or debit card details. With the latest notification and guidelines by RBI upgrading the MobiKwik wallet to gain premium member ship has a lot of additional benefits. Simply by submitting your KYC documents the users will be promoted to enjoy premium membership.

Here are Some Benefits of Adding Money to MobiKwik Wallet.

  • Conventional Means Replaced for Convenience
Once upon a time people used to stand in long queues at supermarkets to get their purchases billed, and then juggle up on the counter in order to find the exact change required. If this wasn't the case then there certainly must have been a time when the shopkeeper offered you a toffee instead of a Rupee or two. With the MobiKwik wallet you can now say goodbye to all these hassles. Simply walk up to the payment counter scan the QR code and the exact amount will be transferred to the other person's account. This not only sounds simple but it actually is and also saves a lot of time and energy. Not only the customers benefit from MobiKwik wallet but also the company enjoys a lot of benefits.
  • Security Like Never Before
Online transactions through MobiKwik wallets are completely secure. The customer need not enter their ATM or OTP every time he/she wants to complete a transaction. MobiKwik wallet allows the customer to travel without carrying physical cash anywhere. The two part authentication allows completely safe and secured payments.
  • Keeping Track of the Budget
With transacting through cash we often tend to spend a major part of our cash in the initial days of the month and during the latter half most of us wonder as to where the hard earned salary disappeared. The MobiKwik wallet allows you to keep a track of all your expenses thereby saving you from unnecessary spending.
  • More Discounts, More Shopping!
MobiKwik offers heavy discounts and cashback to customers using MobiKwik for their daily transactions. The government has also come up with a number of and discounts for digital payments to incentivize a move towards a cashless economy.  
  • Small Gains for Happier You!
Hard cash carries the maximum amount of bacteria and germ! Now say bye to these bacteria and germ by going cashless. No more flitting from ATM to ATM in search of cash, your phone will do it all. You just need to get the MobiKwik app installed and use MobiKwik for all your payments and recharges.

How to Add Money to MobiKwik Wallet

  • Login to your MobiKwik account using your phone number and password
  • After successful login the user will automatically be redirected to ‘Home Page'
  • Click on the ‘Wallet' option
  • Now click on ‘Add Money' available in the first menu bar
  • Enter the amount you wish to add to your wallet
  • Choose the desired payment option and continue
  • Enter the valid details for successful completion of the payment.
After adding money to your MobiKwik wallet, you can utilize it to pay and get discounts on mobile recharge, DTH, electricity, landline, gas, water, insurance amount, and bus tickets.
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