New DTH Plans for Airtel, Tata Play, Videocon, Dish TV, Sun Direct and Reliance Big TV

Airtel, Videocon, Dish TV, Sun Direct, Tata Play and Reliance Big TV have announced new DTH Plans Under New TRAI Rules. We have your quick look into the new plans right here!
New DTH Plans for Airtel, Tata Play, Videocon, Dish TV, Sun Direct and Reliance Big TV
New DTH Plans, Recharge Packs Under New TRAI Rules

As a result of the new TRAI rules in regards to the DTH services, all the major DTH service providers have unveiled their new plans and packs. Airtel and Dish TV have already announced the prices of individual channels. Other cable operators like DEN Networks, Hathway Cables, and Siti Cable have also revealed their new packs and prices of individual channels as well. Dish TV has published their list of the showing the channel-wise pricing on its service. So here we will also update you with the latest DTH plans from various service providers including Dish TV, Airtel, Reliance Big TV and others. All these cable operators have various packs including a combination of various channels and the consumer can feel free to choose from this list of the plans and packs.

List of New DTH Plans with Recharge Packs and Price

Airtel DTH Recharge Plans and Packs

If you are an Airtel DTH subscriber and are worried that your subscription might get affects due to the new TRAI rules, then we have for you the latest and the updated list of Airtel DTH plans.

Airtel DTH Plan NameAirtel DTH Plan PriceAirtel DTH Plan ValidityAirtel DTH Plan Benefits
My Plan 99 Rs. 9930 Days216 Channels
My Plan 199 Rs. 19930 Days248 Channels
Value Prime Kids Rs. 30930 Days169 Channels
My Sports Rs. 39930 Days181 Channels
Family Plus Rs. 43630 Days204 Channels
New Mega Rs. 48730 Days215 Channels
South Super Max Rs. 23030 Days245 Channels
My Sports South Indian Pack Rs. 29030 Days292 Channels
My Family South Indian Pack Rs. 35130 Days310 Channels
New Mega South Indian Pack Rs. 47730 Days326 Channels

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans and Packs

As a Videocon D2H subscriber you will now have no worries in respect to the new plans and packs, as we have for you the latest and updated list of Videocon D2H plans.

Videocon D2H DTH Plan NameVideocon D2H DTH Plan PriceVideocon D2H DTH Plan ValidityVideocon D2H DTH Plan Benefits
Super Gold Rs. 30030 Days202 Channels + 43 Popular Channels
Gold Max Rs. 33130 Days204 Channels + 45 Popular Channels
New Diamond Rs. 47630 Days237 Channels + 63 Popular Channels
Gold Kids Rs. 36030 Days206 Channels + 46 Popular Channels
New Diamond HD Rs. 65130 Days265 Channels + 28 HD Channels + 79 Popular Channels
Super Gold HD Rs. 42530 Days218 Channels + 16 HD Channels + 50 Popular Channels
Gold Maxi HD Rs. 45630 Days221 Channels + 17 HD Channels + 53 Popular Channels
New Gold Sports Rs. 40130 Days210 Channels + 47 Popular Channels
Platinum Rs. 55030 Days241 Channels + 64 Popular Channels
Platinum HD Rs. 72530 Days276 Channels + 35 HD Channels + 80 Popular Channels
Gold Kids HD Rs. 48530 Days222 Channels + 16 HD Channels + 53 Popular Channels
New Gold Sports HD Rs. 55030 Days231 Channels + 21 HD Channels + 58 Popular Channels
Gold Sports Kids Rs. 61130 Days235 Channels + 21 HD Channels + 61 Popular Channels

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plans and Packs

Sun Direct is yet another leading DTH service provider in India and if you too happen to be a part of their huge subscriber base then here we have for you a compiled list of the latest and updated Sun Direct DTH plans.

Sun Direct DTH Plan NameSun Direct DTH Plan PriceSun Direct DTH Plan ValiditySun Direct DTH Plan Benefits
Value Plus Pack Rs. 30030 Days246 Channels
Mega Pack Rs. 39930 Days324 Channels
Sapna Pack Rs. 24930 Days286 Channels
Apna Pack Rs. 19930 Days199 Channels
Mega Pack HD Prime Rs. 45930 Days355 Channels
Value Plus ROI HD Prime Rs. 36030 Days277 Channels
Sapna Pack HD Prime Rs. 30930 Days317 Channels
Apna Pack HD Prime Rs. 25930 Days301 Channels
Mega Pack HD Supreme Rs. 51930 Days377 Channels
Value Plus ROI HD Supreme Rs. 42030 Days299 Channels
Sapna Pack HD Prime Rs. 31930 Days332 Channels
Apna Pack HD Prime Rs. 31930 Days323 Channels
Value Plus ROI HD Ultra Rs. 48030 Days311 Channels
Mega Pack HD Ultra Rs. 57930 Days389 Channels
Apna Pack HD Ultra Rs. 37930 Days335 Channels
Sapna Pack HD Ultra Rs. 42930 Days351 Channels

Dish TV DTH Recharge Plans and Packs

One of the largest DTH service providers, Dish TV has consumers all over India, thus we have curated this latest and updated list of Dish TV DTH plans for all the Dish TV subscribers.

Dish TV DTH Plan NameDish TV DTH Plan PriceDish TV DTH Plan ValidityDish TV DTH Plan Benefits
Bharat Pack Rs. 8530 Days170 Channels
Swagat Pack Rs. 17730 Days230 Channels
Swagat HD Pack Rs. 19430 Days197 Channels + 7 HD Channels
Super Family Rs. 25330 Days290 Channels + 2 Regional Pack
Super Family HD Rs. 27030 Days297 Channels + 2 Regional Pack + 7 HD Channels
Maxi Kids Rs. 29730 Days317 Channels + 2 Regional Packs
Maxi Sports Rs. 29730 Days293 Channels + 2 Regional Packs
Maxi Kids HD Rs. 31430 Days324 Channels + 2 Regional Packs + 7 HD Channels
Maxi Sports HD Rs. 31430 Days300 Channels + 2 Regional Packs + 7 HD Channels
Super Sports Rs. 33830 Days353 Channels + 2 Regional Channels
Super Sports HD Rs. 35530 Days360 Channels + 2 Regioanl Channels + 7 HD Channels
World Pack Rs. 39030 Days369 Channels + 2 Regioanla Pack
World HD Rs. 40730 Days376 Channels + 2 Regioanl Channels
Titanium Rs. 48330 Days386 Channels + 2 Regional Channels

Reliance Big TV DTH Recharge Plans and Packs

Reliance Big TV offers a number of special packs for all their customers, so we have for you this list of latest and updated Reliance Big TV plans.

Reliance Big TV DTH Plan NameReliance Big TV DTH Plan PriceReliance Big TV DTH Plan ValidityReliance Big TV DTH Plan Benefits
Value Pack Rs. 21030 Days159 Channels
Value Sports Pack Rs. 25030 Days164 Channels
Bronze Pack Rs. 25030 Days190 Channels
Bronze Sports Pack Rs. 28030 Days195 Channels
Silver Sports Pack Rs. 34030 Days200 Channels
Gold Pack Rs. 39030 Days217 Channels
Platinum Pack Rs. 43030 Days220 Channels
Max HD Packs Rs. 55030 Days239 Channels

Tata Play DTH Recharge Plans and Packs

Tata Sky which is now known as Tata Play has come up with numerous lucrative recharge offers for all their customers, which they can choose to customise as per their requiremenst. Take a look at the list of latest and updated Tata Play DTH recharge plans below.

Tata Play Plan NameTata Play Plan PriceTata Play Plan ValidityTata Play Plan Benefits
Hindi TV Binge Combo Rs. 49930 Days77 Channels
Hindi TV HD Binge Combo Rs. 62930 Days78 Channels
Hindi Family TV HD Binge Netflix Basic Combo Rs. 84930 Days97 Channels
Hindi Family TV HD Binge Netflix Standard Combo Rs. 110930 Days97Channels
Family Kids New Rs. 222.9030 Days90 Channels
Premium Sports English New Rs. 339.3030 Days119 Channels

So now you need not worry about your old subscription, just have a look at our list of the updated plans from various service provider and choose the best one for yourself.

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