Whatsapp Group Links: How to Create, Join, Share Whatsapp Group in India

Whatsapp Group Links gives you easy access to any public WhatsApp group, not as an admin you can also use this WhatsApp group link to increase the number of members of your group.
Updated: Jan 04, 2021 20:52 IST
Whatsapp Group Links: How to Create, Join, Share Whatsapp Group in India
Whatsapp Group Links: How to Create, Join, Share Whatsapp Group in India

We all are a part of so many WhatsApp group. These new WhatsApp group help us to get over our boredom and enter into a world of fun and enjoyment. There are many types of WhatsApp group that are active some groups might be a group of family, some might be group of school/college friends and some might simply be professional groups. But now the problem is how do we join these WhatsApp group. So here we have for you a list of the latest WhatsApp group link and WhatsApp group names that you can join depending upon your requirement. You can also use relevant images as your WhatsApp dp/image. 

New WhatsApp Group Link

WhatsApp has recently come up with a new feature due to which anyone could be able to join a group using the group invite link and become a member of that particular WhatsApp group. Here we have listed for you some of the new WhatsApp group links, using which you will be able to join the WhatsApp group of your choice. 

WhatsApp Group Names

A name speaks a lot about the characteristics of a group, so it becomes important to keep the WhatsApp group name in a way that it tells you about the group and the kind of people it has. For example a group named Happy Family clearly indicates that it's a group of few family members, similarly College Gang would clearly indicate that it is a group of some college friends. So here we have listed for you some interesting and unique WhatsApp group names.

Latest WhatsApp Group Names

If you are the admin of a WhatsApp group and are looking to name your group then here we have a list of the latest WhatsApp group names. You can choose a name that best suits your group and your people. 

  • So-Called Engineers
  • Hotness Overloaded
  • Clever Tigers
  • Would you like to join
  • We Are Best
  • Langoti Friends
  • Master Minds
  • Tech Ninjas
  • My Gang
  • Enter at Your Risk
  • No more singles
  • Recycle Bin
  • Status King
  • Computer Conquerors
  • Brothers From Different Mothers
  • Lions
  • Busy Buddies
  • Swag Partners
  • 24×7 Love
  • House Of Hunters
  • Trouble Maker
  • Back Benchers
  • Join at Your Own Risk
  • MastiKhana
  • 404! Group name does not exist
  • Be Bachelor Be Motivated
  • Motivational Group
  • The Unknowns
  • Searching For Group Name
  • Over Achievers
  • Logical Mind
  • Pen chors
  • Crazy Gang
  • Adventure Adda
  • Teenagers
  • We talk a lot
  • Only singles
  • Rock & Roll
  • VIP Members
  • Non-Stop Chat
  • Rocking Stars
  • Mad House
  • Innocent Girls
  • Dangerous Divas
  • X Mates
  • Type Till You R.I.P.
  • unSocial Stars
  • The “surname” Family
  • 24 Hour Drama
  • O.M.G.

Funny WhatsApp Group Name

If you are in a mood to rename your funny WhatsApp group, then here we have some suggestion for you. You can have a look at these Funny WhatsApp group names and choose the one that you like the most. 

  • Mars par Chalein
  • Udhaari ka Jeevan
  • Dramebaaz Daitya
  • Thakeli ko Thakao
  • Jahannum Chalein
  • Mitron Maut Aai
  • Finding a Group
  • Chuglibaaz Chaukadi
  • Badnaam Zindangi
  • Utha Le Re Baba
  • Ghanta Farak Padta Hai!
  • Kick-Ass Boys
  • Drama Club
  • Ghanta Engineers
  • Langotia Mitr
  • MastiKhana
  • Sponsored
  • Chalo Chale Himalaya
  • Baapo Ke Baap
  • Paglo Ka Adda
  • Chuddy Buddy
  • Funky Blast
  • 24 Hour Drama
  • Awkward Turtles
  • Friends WhatsApp Group Names
  • Langotia Yaar
  • Yaarana
  • Chat Stars
  • Sadda Adda
  • Best Brothers
  • Langoti Friends
  • Best School Friends
  • Friends Tent
  • Best Friends Forever
  • ABCD Friends
  • Fabulous Friends
  • Friends For Life
  • Life For Friends
  • Friends Forever
  • Non-Veg Friends
  • Freaky Friends
  • Crazy School Friends
  • Dil Ke Dost
  • Dil Dosti
  • Snoring Mates
  • Great Mates
  • X Mates
  • Sole Mates
  • Rockstars
  • Pepsi Mates
  • Seven Samurai

Family WhatsApp Group Name

Family WhatsApp group names mostly consists of Surname of the family along with a prefix or a suffix. The family group names are supposed to be quite decent and simple. Here is a list of some of the popular family WhatsApp group names.

  • Singh is King
  • Sharma Sultans
  • Happy Family
  • Our Joint Family
  • The 'Surname' 
  • 'Surname' Parivar
  • Humara Parivar
  • Hum Saath Saath Hain
  • Lovely Cousins
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Apna Parivar
  • Fun n Family
  • Family Club
  • The Gang of 'Surname'
  • Unlimited Bonding
  • Family Forever
  • Cool Family
  • Dad is Don
  • Funny Family
  • Cousins Club

Girls WhatsApp Group Names

There are certain group that has members of a specific category. Like you too might be a part of a group which only has girls. It might be a group of your colleges or friends as well. So here are few suggestions to consider while naming a girls group. Look for some unique girls WhatsApp group names.

  • Pinky Queens
  • Cute Angles
  • Princess of Paradise
  • Pretty Gals
  • Girly Gang
  • Bach ke Tu Rehna
  • Boys (No Entry)
  • Powerpuff Gals
  • Single Ladies
  • Single Hai To Kya Hua
  • Single Mingal (X)
  • Little Angles
  • Wonder Women
  • Womenaria
  • Fancy Farries
  • Gossip Gang
  • Backstreet Gals
  • Papa ki Pari

Boys WhatsApp Group Name

Like the gals there are groups that consists of boys only, so here are some trendy boys WhatsApp group names that you can have a look at. 

  • Desi Boys
  • Bunker Boys
  • Chichore Chore
  • Cool Dudes
  • Guys in Disguise
  • The Corporate Cowboys
  • Hulk Fan Club
  • Darubaaz Dabang
  • 'Place/Organisation' Boyz
  • The Maniacs
  • The Tech Maniacs
  • Hacker's Adda
  • Deewane Mastane
  • Desi Dudes
  • Thukraya Aashiq
  • Rocking Boys
  • Decent Dudes
  • Mere Bhai ki Bhabhi
  • It's Professional
  • The Musketeers

Hindi WhatsApp Group Name

There are certain WhatsApp group that have some senior members who aren't able to cope up with the English language, or there are time when you would just like to add some desi tadka in your WhatsApp group. Thus here we have for you some unique Hindi WhatsApp group names. 

  • Humara Parivar
  • Dhoom
  • Baaton Baaton Mein
  • Dil Chahta Hai
  • Dil Ibadat
  • Kal Ho Na Ho
  • Haq se Single
  • Single Hain to Kya Hua
  • Bol Bacchan
  • Pagalpanti Bhi Jaruri Hai
  • Mukkadar ka Sikandar
  • Shabash Sheron
  • Yaaron ka Yaar
  • Yaariyan
  • Dil Dosti Drama
  • Golmal hai Bhai
  • Bakwass Point
  • Bachpan ki Yaari
  • School ki Dosti
  • College Romace
  • Velle Log
  • Gharelu Ladies
  • Garam Masala
  • Desi Katte
  • Bin Fere Hum Tere

Cute WhatsApp Group Names

When it comes to keeping some cute names for your WhatsApp group we often get confused, but nit anymore. Here is a list of some of the best cute WhatsApp group names. Checkout for yourself. 

  • Just for Fun
  • The Hangover 
  • The ICU Bandits
  • Full Deck
  • Frosted Flakes
  • The Insomniac's
  • The Invincible
  • Fully Loaded
  • The Jumping Jacks
  • Gangnam Style
  • Gangs Of WhatsAppPur
  • The Mighty Midgets
  • Funny Folk
  • The Now Married
  • The Private Spat
  • Glucose Busters
  • Golden Gang
  • The Singles

Unique WhatsApp Group Names

We all wish to have some unique names for our WhatsApp. Unique names also makes the group look different among other irrelevant or lesser used groups. So have a look at some of the latest and unique WhatsApp group name. 

  • Happiness All Around
  • Happening Hubbies
  • Wondering Wives
  • Lazy Stragglers
  • The Unfuckables
  • Heart Throbes
  • Legal Bachelors
  • Unstable Women
  • Victory's Secret
  • Ignorant Buddies
  • Weekend Boosters
  • Hungry For Trouble
  • Zero Gravity
  • Valley Racers
  • Les Quizerables
  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Jugaadi Jatt
  • Bawal Baniya
  • Keep “Typing…
  • Kudi Hum Patakha
  • Laidback Motivators
  • What's In A Name
  • Wise Crackers
  • Handsome Hunks
  • Lords Of The Pitch
  • Love Paradise
  • Love Garden

WhatsApp Groups Category

It's always easy and more relevant to find information in a categorized format. So here we have sorted out some popular WhatsApp groups categories. All these WhatsApp groups are created for a specific reason and have people with similar interest. So have a look at some of the major WhatsApp groups category. 

PUBG WhatsApp Group

PUBG in the recent times have become a fad and you can find almost every young person playing this game. This thrilling game has taken over the nerves of the youngsters. So here we have listed for you some popular PUBG groups. You can become a member of any of these PUBG WhatsApp group using the invite link. 

  • PUBG Players
  • PUBG Tournament
  • PubGian AReNA
  • Pubg boys
  • PUBG and FREE FIRE Tamil
  • PUBG ROOM 1.0
  • PUBG Tournaments Daily
  • PubGian AReNA
  • PUBG Custom Room
  • Pubg Tournaments World

Indian WhatsApp Group

Most of us think that WhatsApp groups are mae only for timepass, but that is not true certain WhatsApp groups like these Indian WhatsApp group is created to look after the needs of the Indian people. You can find a blood donor, donate necessary items for natural disaster victims using these groups. Not only this some of these Indian WhatsApp groups are made to recognise the efforts of our soldiers on the border.

  • Mahakal ki Nagri Kashi
  • Friends 2 Support
  • Save Water Save Life
  • Every Drop Counts
  • Help Bihar/Kerela
  • Best Indian Group
  • Hind ki Fauz
  • Maratha Warriors
  • United We Stand
  • Janhit mein Jaari
  • Yuva Pratibha

Funny WhatsApp Group

There are some WhatsApp groups that can amke you feel light and happy at any time of the day. People are free to share jokes, memes and funny videos and the members of these Funny WhatsApp group can view them and entertain themselves.

  • Entertainmanet at Its's Peak
  • Happy Go Lucky
  • Keep Smiling
  • Acche Bacche
  • Hanso aur Hansao
  • Only for Fun
  • No Offence
  • Family Fun
  • Fun Unlimited
  • Jokes Wale Baba
  • WhatsApp University
  • Funny Pranks

Technology WhatsApp Group

If you have deep interest in technology then these Technology WhatsApp groups are just meant for you. These groups have people from the related sectors as their members and act as a platform where freshers can learn informally from the seniors and the seniors can also share theor experience with others. Not only this some of these groups also look after the employee benefits and makes sure that no comapny harasses it's employees.

  • Global Technology
  • Technology For You
  • Information Technology
  • YouTubers Discussion
  • Mobile Technology
  • Technology Tricks
  • Tech Talks
  • Windows, and Tech Tricks
  • Technology News
  • Technology Easy
  • Technology Gyan
  • technology only

Offers WhatsApp Group

Who doesn't like offers and you would be suprised to know that there exsits certain WhatsApp group that allows you access to exclusive offers and discounts from various sites. These offer WhatsApp group have people who are interested in getting the best deals whenever possible.

  • Loot tricks and deals
  • Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart Offers
  • Deals Unlimited
  • Limited Time Deals
  • Maha Cashbacks
  • Paytm cash group
  • Lootera Section Official
  • Daily Loot App
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Loot Zone
  • Loot Yaari

FAQ: WhatsApp Group Link

Q. How to Find a Whatsapp Group Link?

A. Now anybody can join a WhatsApp group using the WhatsApp group link. But the main problem arises that how to find the WhatsApp group link. So if you are a group admin and would like to add more people to your group then here is a small help which will tell you how can you find a WhatsApp group link. You can generate your own WhatsApp group link by simply clicking on the WhatsApp group name and on scrolling below you can find the option of 'Invite Via Link'. 

Q. How to Join WhatsApp Group Without Permission?

A. Now you can join any WhatsApp group without permission using the WhatsApp group invite link. If you have the invite link you can become a member of that respective group simply by clicking on that link. 

Q. How to Add/Submit WhatsApp Group Link?

A. If you wish to make your WhatsApp group public and reach out to a multiple number of people at the same time then you can submit or share your WhatsApp group link on public platforms. There are a number of websites that offer space to submit the link. 

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