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Best Bluetooth Selfie Sticks : How To Choose One And The Best Deals!

Hunting for the best selfie stick? Geeks we've already done the research for you. In the below list find the best wireless selfie sticks that are equipped with many high-end features.Don't wait too long, and gear up to purchase right away with reference to the selfie stick buying guide.
Updated: Aug 21, 2018 12:40 IST
Best Bluetooth Selfie Sticks : How To Choose One And The Best Deals!
Best Highend Durable Selfie Sticks

Hate it or appreciate it but you cannot neglect the fact that, selfie sticks are one of the best smartphone accessories you can own. Let's deal with the fact that our arms are not long enough to click those perfect selfies or group selfie, so people came up with the idea of selfie sticks. The primary purpose of these selfie sticks is to improve the selfie game to a great extent and make you a social media sensation. Have you ever thought how much technology is used behind those perfect selfies?
The best selfie sticks nowadays come in various shapes and size. We can find a good selfie stick in almost every budget starting from as low as Rs. 200. New generation selfie sticks are the best selfie sticks so far. Waterproof, durable, long, compact, multipurpose, budget friendly, Bluetooth enabled, basically now we have options for everybody. While we are helping you with the best options in high end durable selfie sticks below, we also have a brief buying guide for you when going for a high end durable selfie stick.

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High end durable selfie sticks now come with many features, few of them are as follows: -

1. Long - The selfie sticks have to be long, long enough to capture beautiful background behind you and to cover entire group in a group selfie.

2. Strong - Only the long arm won't help. The selfie sticks have to be strong so that they can hold your expensive smartphone safely.

3. Waterproof - Apart from mechanical parts, there are some electronic components too in a selfie stick which are vulnerable when in contact with water. Smartphones are now heading toward waterproof technology so why not selfie sticks.

4. Bluetooth - The wired selfie stick is tough to handle, that is why selfie stick manufacturers came up with Bluetooth technology. Now we can connect our phones with the selfie stick wirelessly to click images. Bluetooth technology is compatible with almost every phone.

5. Premium Looks - The looks of selfie sticks also matter to a great extent. People always prefer selfie sticks which look premium.

6. Compatible - The selfie sticks has to be compatible with many devices. Android, iOS, or Windows, selfie sticks are expected to be consistent with all of them. Also, your best selfie stick should have the capability to hold big phones or tablets easily.

Best Bluetooth Selfie Sticks 2017:

We have filtered out best five high end durable selfie sticks for you. From budget friendly to premium and from 2 in 1 selfie sticks to Bluetooth we tried to cover entire range in these five devices. Click on "BUY NOW" to check out any of these amazing best selfie sticks. We recommend you to go through entire range before making any final decision.

Bluetooth Selfie StickPrice
FugeTek High End Weather Resistant Bluetooth Self-Portrait Selfie Stick Rs.5803
Zaap Bluetooth Selfie Stick Rs.3000
Voltaa #SELFY Bluetooth Selfie Stick Rs.1499
Rock Selfie Shutter & Stick II Selfie Stick Rs.1999
Unifree YT 1288 2 In 1 Adjustable Selfie Stick Monopod Rs.1999

1. FugeTek High End Weather Resistant Bluetooth Self-Portrait Selfie Stick:

The FugeTek Bluetooth Selfie Stick is designed with fun, functionality and performance in mind. This is one of the best Bluetooth selfie sticks as it is highly adjustable and features removable mounts. This selfie stick also guarantees universal compatibility for your phone and other devices. This best Bluetooth selfie stick can be expanded up to 49 inches, giving your pictures the perfect look.

2. Zaap Bluetooth Selfie Stick:

Zaap Bluetooth selfie sticks have been able to make a mark as the best selfie sticks due to their unique and high end features. The Zaap Bluetooth selfie stick is compatible with almost all the models of smartphones and iPhones. The special U-shaped silicone clamp guarantees 100% compact and durable stability, safety and reliability and prevents the phone from falling.

3. Voltaa #SELFY Bluetooth Selfie Stick:

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth selfie stick then the Voltaa Bluetooth selfie stick is the perfect pick for you. The Voltaa selfie sticks provide you the best value for your money. The aluminium body of the stick does not let the selfie stick weigh too much. Voltaa Bluetooth selfie stick that has been successful in reaching the list of best Bluetooth selfie stick is compatible with multiple devices like the smartphone, iPhone and even with your cameras. The stick can be expanded up to 92cms.

4. Rock Selfie Shutter & Stick II Selfie Stick:

Loaded with all the optimized features, there is no doubt as to why the Rock selfie sticks should not be ranked amongst the best Bluetooth selfie sticks. This selfie stick is made up of aluminium alloy and is quite light in weight and is easy to carry. The Rock selfie stick has a Bluetooth 3.0 remote control selfie monopod, detachable remote control shutter and a lanyard which acts as a safeguard for the phone.

5. Unifree YT 1288 2 In 1 Adjustable Selfie Stick Monopod:

With adjustable head and thumb screw feature, the Unifree YT 1288 has made it to the best Bluetooth selfie stick list. The thumb screw lock allows you multiple angle shooting. The selfie stick has a detachable Bluetooth clicker remote. This selfie stick allows multiple point of customization and adjustments.

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