Best Emulators for PC

Best Emulators for PC : Use these best Emulators for PC and make your PC work like your phone. 7 Best Emulators for PC and their top features detailed out here for you.
Updated: Apr 05, 2019 17:03 IST
Best Emulators for PC
Best Emulators for PC

Ever heard about the best emulators for PC? Emulators are software that allows your PC to act like your phone. The best emulators for PC are catching up the trend due to its versatile usage. These best emulators for PC can be used by gamers to play games on their system with a proper mouse and keyboard or can also be used by developers to test an app or software that they have created. There are some emulators where it's as easy as downloading, opening, and using them. With the growing popularity of smartphones, emulators too are becoming popular. Emulator helps the user to experience Android OS on a Windows PC along with a mouse and keyboard. Here are some of the best Android emulators for you to use easily.

Uses of the Best Emulators for PC

One of them most common use of the best emulators for PC is by the gamers. The best emulators for PC can help the gamers to play some games on their PC with ease. They can continue to play games for long hours without worrying about the battery life of their device. Secondly these best emulators for PC are most commonly used by Developers to test their apps before shipping. App and game developers like to test their products on as many devices as possible before launching it in the market. The best emulators for PC are also used for productivity. If you wish to use Android app on device other than the phone then these emulators can help you do that.

Best Emulators for PC

Android Studio's Emulator

Ranked to be the best emulator for PC, Android Studio's emulator is considered to be the best for gamers are well as for developers. This is the default console for Android. This emulator comes with a number of tools that help the developers to make apps and games particularly for Android.
Click here to download Android Studio's emulator


A little different from the other emulators, Bliss is basically is considered to be one of the best emulator for PC that works via virtual machine. Bliss allows its users to use it directly on the computer using USB stick as well; this is what makes Bliss unique.
Click here to download Bliss emulator


Yet another one of the best emulator for PC is KOPlayer. The emulator basically focuses upon gaming. This allows you to use key-mapping to emulate a controller with your keyboard. The best part about the KOPlayer is that the installation is easy and work comfortably.
Click here to download KOPlayer emulator

Bluestacks 4

The Bluestacks 4 emulators are compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is said to be one of the best emulator for PC as its installation is quite easy and can be used comfortable even by a beginner. It still is being updated with the latest technology to meet the current requirement of the market. It also allows you to play multiple games at one time.
Click here to download Bluestacks 4 emulator


Said to be one of the best emulator for PC for gamers it includes the most common stuffs like key-mapping with your keyboard, actual controller support, and also the ability to key-map gesture controls. One can easily assign different s to various keys and use it in the game without actual hardware controller support.
Click here to download Nox emulator


Featuring a simple design, Droid4X happens to be a classic and still one of the best emulators for PC.  Easy to use by most of the people it is said to be the gamers choice. This emulator like most other emulators is programmed to handle productivity work too. The Droid4X is also compatible with Mac.
Click here to download Droid4X emulator


Genymotion is particularly used by developers, as it allows you to test a number of apps on a variety of devices. The easiest way out is to configure your one of the best emulator for PC for a variety of devices with various versions of Android that will allow you to complete your testing comfortably without any glitch.
Click here to download Genymotion emulator

So here are some of the best emulators for PC, that allows your PC to work like your phone without any technological glitch.

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