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Best Solar Mobile Chargers

Looking for a gizmo that can charge your smartphone while traveling? Here, we've outlined some best solar mobiles chargers which you can consider buying.
Updated: Mar 30, 2018 13:00 IST
Best Solar Mobile Chargers
Best Solar Mobile Chargers

‘Battery low'! Don't you feel that sudden panic when you see this warning and more panic when you know there are no plug-ins around to plug in your mobile charger and charge your phone? Power bank can be an option but they work for a limited amount of time. When you're stuck somewhere in the middle of a jungle or town, you will definitely want your phone to get charged, so today we are going to list some of the best solar mobile chargers. Yes, solar mobile chargers are easy to carry and doesn't electric power as they run on solar power via sun.
Dive in and find out more about best solar mobile chargers and their specifications.

List of Best Solar Mobile Chargers

1. Wildtek Source 21W Waterproof Portable Charger

Wildtek Source 21W Waterproof Portable Charger is the best solar mobile charger and your solution for staying charged no matter in which environment you find yourself in. It is compatible with almost all the devices and its ultra-efficient solar cells results in fast charging, saving your time. It comes with built in stand which lets you find the perfect angle to absorb maximum amount of light.


2. Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Charger

This charger has an ultimate portable design which is ideal for smartphone to get charged. It comes with dual USB ports which lets your friend charge mobile at the same time when you're charging the phone. It comes with water-resistant design and shockproof casing which makes it easy to carry while travelling. It comes with a flashlight to let to find lost items and LED indicator alerts you when the battery is charged or requires a re-charge.

3. Nektek 21W Solar Charger

This charger is the best solar mobile charger when it comes to hiking. Its compact and portable design makes it highly efficient for hikers who wants to stay charged while on the trek. It comes with dual USB ports which can charge your iPhone, Android and tablets when you're up for an adventure. The built in smart IC chip helps each device and determine the appropriate charging speed for each. It only weighs 18 ounces so it is super easy to carry it.


4. Belifal Solar Portable Mobile Charger

This solar mobile charger is light weight, semi flexible and works for both mobile phones and tablets. It is compatible with most kinds of 5V USB devices. It is stylish, compact and lightweight lets it fit perfectly in the bag and easy to carry on the go. It comes with high- efficiency crystalline cell for maximum power output. It has than 10000 chage cycles during the curse of its life.


5. COOLNUT Solar Charger

This charger provides you lightning high speed charging which makes it one of the best solar mobile chargers. Not only solar power, it can work two way too i.e. solar energy and electrical energy. The look of this solar charger is lovely and it is portable with its proportioned size. It includes 4 LED power indicators for having a check of the left over power and also LED torch for your dark stays.

Panic is all gone. Right? Now buy your perfect charger and you'll never run out of battery.

List of Best Solar Mobile Chargers

Best Solar Mobile Chargers Price in India
Wildtek SOURCE 21W Waterproof Portable Solar Charger Panel with Dual USB Ports ₹ 23,540
Nekteck 20W Solar Charger with 2-Port USB Charger ₹ 7,999
Belifal Solar Portable Mobile Charger of 6Watts ₹ 1,234
Price List of the Products are last updated on 25 February 2020
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