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Type C Earphone Connectors, Adapters, Converters

Best Type-C Earphone Adapters to convert your 3.5mm jack into a Type-C. No need to throw away your favourite earphones just use a Type-C adapter and convert your 3.5mm jack into a Type-C adapter.
Updated: Nov 03, 2018 12:17 IST
  • Convert your 3.5mm jack into a Type-C
  • These adapters come with - noise cancellation, in-line mic and more
  • Get a 24 Months warranty with these Type-C adapters.
Type C Earphone Connectors, Adapters, Converters
Best Type-C Earphone Adapters

With the 3.5mm Aux vanishing soon you will have to soon get use to the Type C earphones and chargers. This was first initiated by Apple of course and soon the rest followed. With Xiaomi, JBL, HTC and others joining the league USB Type-C earphones have been replacing the older 3.5mm Aux. The market is not yet full of options but there are still a handful of options to convert your 3.5mm jack into a Type-C. So let's look at your options which you are still looking to shift to the Type C earphones.

Best Type C Connectors:

Drumstone :

The Drumstone converter is lightweight, easy to carry and compatible with most of the smartphones from : Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo and others. It comes with an in-line mic using which you could accept or end calls, designed keeping in mind the comfort of its users this converter is ease to use and comes in great quality.

Seggo :

This Type-C earphone converter lets you convert your 3.5mm jack to a Type C earphone or a Type-C earphone to a 3.5mm jack either ways. Now use this converter with your phone, tablet or PC which don't come with the 3.5mm jack. Small, light, easy to carry and compatible with most of the latest and popular smartphones this converter from Seggo is a great product if you are looking to buy the Type-C earphone adapters.

Supreno :

A simple connector which also converts your 3.5mm jack to a C-Type adapter with ease. Easy to carry and light in weight and this product comes with a 24months warranty. This product is compatible with most of the phones so if you still want to keep using your favorite earphones with having to shift to a Type-C earphone use this converter and get going.

Suroskie :

This smart Type C Audio adapter lets you convert your 3.55mm jack into a Type-C adapter or vice versa. This adapter supports all kinds of devices you use with the 3.5mm adapter and lets you convert them to a Type-C adapter. Soft in texture, light weight, resistant to stretching and made using pure copper conductor makes sure your music does not get distorted and allows you some immersive listening time.

iSmart :

Soft textures, lightweight and easy to carry this converter from iSmart lets you convert your 3.5mm jack into a Type-C adapter. Now you don't need to shift to a new earphone with the new phone you got, just use a converter and convert your 3.5mm jack earphone into a Type-C earphone and enjoy unlimited music. This converted is approximately 5inch long which lets your use it with ease.

MoArmouz :

Now convert your Digital Audio signals to Analog using this Type-C converter. This converted comes with a noise cancellation feature which reduces about 50% of the noise while you are listening to your favourite music. This product comes with a 1 Year warranty and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, notebooks, MacBooks, laptops and Chromebooks which use the Type-C ports.

Teflon :

So if you are struggling to find a new earphone for your new device which uses the Type-C adapter only then we have your solution right here, now you don't need to throw away your favourite buddy- Earphone just like that. Use a converter and stay loyal to your earphone and keep listening to awesome music all day.

HundoP Club :

This reversible connector comes with an advanced USB which lets you convert your 3.5mm jack into a C-Type adapter without having to worry about plugging it upside down. This adapter is stereo enabled also and also compatible with MacBook Pro. Easy to use and light weight, just plug and play this product needs no installation.

Best Type-C Earphone Adapters

Product Price in India
Drumstone Type-C Earphone Adapter (Multicolour) ₹ 239
SEGGO Type-C Earphone Adapter (White) ₹ 195
Supreno Type-C Earphone Adapter (Assorted Colour) ₹ 169
Supreno Headphone ₹ 190
Suroskie Type-C Earphone Adapter (Black) ₹ 199
iSmart Type-C Earphone Adapter (White) ₹ 199
MoArmouz Type-C Earphone Adapter (Black) ₹ 1,599
Teflon Type-C Earphone Adapter (White) ₹ 159
HundoP Type-C Earphone Adapter (White) ₹ 1,000
Price List of the Products are last updated on 22 January 2021
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