Deals for iPhone 7 Mobile Covers - All Under Rs.500

Our guide to the best iPhone 7 mobile covers under Rs.500. We shortlisted the best iPhone covers for you here. You always need a new one. Don't you?
Updated: Nov 15, 2017 16:52 IST
Deals for iPhone 7 Mobile Covers - All Under Rs.500
Best iPhone 7 Mobile Covers
iPhone 7 has been in the market only for a little while but the case manufacturers have been coming up with many case options. You now own a fabulous phone but you are definitely going to need to protect it with a good case. Apart from being able to protect your phone body and cover from damage and scratch, there are also some which are waterproof or provide additional battery life to your phone. If you are looking to upgrading to an iPhone 7 then this expensive fancy phone will surely require a sturdy case to keep it safe and protected, hence you are going to need to buy an iPhone 7 Mobile Cover now!

Apart from being shock-absorbents these covers also offer screen protection through their raised front edges and corner protections with air-pockets. iPhone 7 mobile covers come in all types of textures from shiny to matte to silicon and metal, also the polycarbonate shells which are strong and sturdy and rubber ones which give a great grip. The color options and combinations are endless and are sure to confuse you. These cases have to fit well and also render quality shock-absorbing quality for your sleek expensive phone. You could be happy with a simple cover or a featured case offering a phone stand along to assist you when watching a movie or playing games. Some are completely clear cases and some come in combinations of polycarbonate and TPU shells and colors galore. So wait no more just add some dash of color and vibrancy to your life and personality. Some of these iPhone 7 Mobile covers also give you a small wallet option with card slots and a tiny cash slot.

Like the screen guard protects the face of your ever essential phones the back covers protect it from the back and enhancing the look of your phone. And if the phone is an iPhone it definitely demands some extra attention.

Listed below are some benefits of owning a iPhone cover.

  1. Cases act as a protection element for your iPhones
  2. iPhones themselves are quite elegant, adding a stylish cover enhances its rich look
  3. Covers act as a act shock absorber

Most people are used to using mobile cases that are made out of plastic, but there are other material options to choose from as well. You can have a case made from durable silicon, classic-looking wood, a comfortable gel, or you can even get a daring look using leather.

Leather Cases Most mobile phone cases are made from faux leather, a manmade material that looks quite similar to cowhide. Leather mobile phone covers and cases are smooth, and that makes them relatively easy to keep clean. Most of the cases that are made of leather indulge extra padding to offer maximum impact protection. Cases made up of real leather might cost a little more but are more durable.
Plastic Cases Plastic protects the structure of your mobile phones. It is the best for outdoor environment as in a construction site. They are made up of plastic compounds.
Silicone Cases Silicone is a manmade substance used to create liquids, gels and plastics. Silicone phone cases are often designed to expand to the exact contours of the phones they protect, in the same way that a naturally-found rubber would. It is lightweight and pliable, and its shock-absorption properties make it very popular with owners of iPhones.
Fabric Cases Materials such as cotton, polyester, and wool are used to make novelty mobile phone cases, but they offer minimal protection from impact damage.

All these iPhone 7 Mobile Covers are Under 500 which surely is a steal deal.

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