Free Online Certificate Courses By Google For An Impressive Resume

Free online certificate courses by Google are widely popular across various learning and work spheres. They are one of the perfect examples of online learning of practical skills in the digital era, with just a click. Find some free courses by Google below and get ready for an impressive resume!
Vaibhavi Mishra
By: Vaibhavi Mishra Updated: Feb 18, 2021 18:50 IST
Free Online Certificate Courses By Google For An Impressive Resume
Google offers many free online courses with certification which increase the chances of fetching a job

Free online certificate courses by Google: Learning has revolutionised in the digital era. The gigantic lecture halls, traditional chalk and paint and bundles of registers scribbled with notes have evolved into online classes which bring together teachers and students from across the globe. People from all age groups are getting their hands on the latest digital advancements, with direct sessions with experts. Learning now requires just three things~ a working device, a stable internet connection and a will to learn. 

Needless to say, certification from the digital giant Google brings an impressive touch to the resume, and naturally increases one's chances of landing up on their dream job. Most of these courses require the students to qualify a test or submit assignments, modules or projects, giving a first-hand experience to the learners about the subject. Find below some of these free online certificate courses by Google and quadruple your chances of excellence at work. 

Free Online Certificate Courses By Google 

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

This basic course about Digital Marketing is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. It is provided by Google under its Digital Garage initiative. The course contains 26 highly informational modules created by professional Google trainers.

With each video lecture, you will be presented with multiple exercises and quizzes. This will help you in testing your knowledge side by side.

After completing the course you will have to take an exam. For getting the certificate you will have to pass it. The exam contains 40 questions out of which you have to get 32 questions correct.

2. Google Analytics Academy Courses

Analytics is another great tool from Google for analysing the performance of websites and apps as well as getting a grip on the various metrics. It is a very handy tool for digital marketers and analysts as well as content creators who wish to explore what is working the best for their platform. Through Analytics Academy, Google tries to provide all the guides required to learn the working. After completing the courses you can take the Certification from Google Skillshop. It is a free certification named Google Analytics individual Qualification. Some of the courses offered under this are Google Analytics for Beginners, Google Analytics for Advanced and Power Users, and Introduction to Data Studio. 

3. Google Ads Certification

Earlier known as Academy for Ads it is now named Google Skillshop. Google Ads, also known as Pay Per Click ads, is a very trending skill to get your hands on. Every business no matter big or small is trying to grow with Digital Advertisements.

Business houses need people with ads management and optimising skills. So, it is very beneficial for you if you want to learn a new skill for your career.

You can easily learn Google Ads through Google Free Online Certification course. You just need to signup with your account on Google Skillshop and choose Google Adds Certification. There are various modules and guides which will take you through the learning process.

4. Google Android Development Training

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile and smart devices. Acquiring those Android Development skills can help you in getting various job opportunities. Google has provided a separate place for learning Android Development.

Google has segmented the course material based on the level of knowledge. One segment is for beginners and the other is for expert developers who need to learn new updates and enhancements.

After completing the course you can take the Google Associate Android Certification exam and get the certificate. But it is a paid exam and you will get once chance per payment to clear it. If you just want the knowledge then you can leave the certificate aside.

5. Google Web Developers Training

This is not something for beginners but for people who are already into web development. Google provides the latest insights from the web development sphere in the form of guides, news, videos, and summits. It is for helping developers in building the best web experiences.

Also, there are guides on the latest technologies and tools like Lighthouse, Pupeteer, Workbox, and more. After completing the basics you can always take up the paid Google Developers certification exam to get certified.

The main thing here is your knowledge matters the most and how you can apply it well. Certificates are just to represent your skills in a better and organised way.

6. Google Digital Garage?

We have already shared one course from this platform which is Fundamental of Digital Marketing. Google Digital Garage has more than 100 such free Google courses. They are mainly segmented into Data & Tech, Digital Marketing, and Career Development.

You can get courses related to Machine Learning, AI, Search engine Optimization, Social Media, Business, and much more. All of them have different modules with self-paced learning.

Anyone can signup with their Google account and start learning new skills. Only Digital Marketing has got the certification. But you should always focus on gaining new skills and that too from Google.

7. Udacity Google Partnership Courses

Udacity partnered with google to provide courses in multiple niches. The beginner level courses are free but will not provide you with a certificate. If you need the certificate you can always pay for the Nanodegree courses from Udacity.

If we look at the learning part then the free courses are well equipped with video lectures. All the course materials are updated with the latest technologies. For someone finding the best free Google courses list, this platform is a gem.

8. Google AI

Google AI is a platform allowing everyone to know about the latest advancements in the AI world. It features courses, research papers, news, and much more. So, if you are interested in diving deep into AI dimensions then you should start learning from Google AI.

There are multiple tools available for you to try and sharpen your AI & ML skills. Google has also provided some free datasets that you can use for preparing some AI models.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Courses From Google

Does Google offer any certificate courses for free?

Yes, Google offers a variety of free courses online. While some have paid certificates, others are free.

What all free courses does Google offer?

Google offers several free online courses such as Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google Analytics Academy Course, Google Ads Certification, and Google Android Development Training.

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