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Best Baking Sodas For A Perfectly Fluffy Cake

Baking soda can be used not just to fluff those cakes in the oven; this magical condiment can do much more than just that.
Updated: Jul 23, 2020 19:07 IST
Best Baking Sodas For A Perfectly Fluffy Cake
Baking soda can be brought to multiple uses even outside the kitchen

Baking soda is primarily known for helping raise cakes, pan cakes, and breads. But this ingredient can be used in many different ways- as a toothpaste to whiten teeth, as an antiseptic to treat bug-bites, and to heal sunburns. Thanks to its alkaline properties, it can be used as a good home cleaner as well. It can be used to remove stains and deodorise socks, microwave, drawers and fridge by simply adding a few lemon drops to it. For whatever reasons you might need it, here are the best baking soda brands you can choose from.

Best Baking Soda Brands

1. Fitness Mantra Baking Soda Pouch

Fitness Mantra's baking soda is vegetarian and aluminium free. It contains no preservatives, making it an absolutely safe product for consumption. Bake fluffy cakes, add it to idli batter or make dhoklas using it. This pack of baking soda is useful for multiple things such as baking, cleaning, washing utensils, doing laundry and more.

Use It As A Sanitiser
Fitness Mantra Baking Soda Pouch, 250 g
(406 ratings)
₹ 199
₹ 200 (1% off)
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Effective Cleaning Agent

Baking soda is a great way to wash fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Urban Platter Baking Soda

Urban Platter offers premium quality products, and their baking powder is one of a professional quality; so your perfect cakes and cookies are no more a dream. The team at Urban Platter claims to put a tonne of research work behind every product before making the perfect version available, and this baking powder is evidence of that. It really never disappoints.

Premium Quality
Urban Platter Baking Soda, 250g
(809 ratings)
₹ 170
₹ 175 (3% off)
Buy on Amazon
Quality Packaging

Whip up a perfect batter for cookies, cakes, idlis, and dhoklas with this baking soda.

3. NutroActive Baking SODA Ultra Pure

A pinch of this magical powder can give pakodas, chillas, dosas, cakes a magical twist. This baking soda from NutroActive works with the acids of the food to release carbon dioxide gas, which ultimately raises the batter to make it soft and fluffy. Also, add a little bit to your washing machine when setting your stock of clothes for a wash and watch them come out clean and shiny.

Use It As A Mouthwash
NutroActive Baking SODA Ultra Pure 350 gm
(390 ratings)
₹ 269
₹ 349 (23% off)
Buy on Amazon
Mix It With Shampoo For A Thorough Wash

Make an invigorating body scrub using some baking soda with water.

4. Desire Baking Soda Jar

This baking soda comes in a convenient to store and convenient to use jar. Use it for baking, cooking or cleaning for a thoroughly washed floor. Baking soda is known to remove the toughest of stains hence using some on your bathroom sink, toilet seat and floor will give you great results. Make a solution of 3:1 with water to make a body cleanser or face exfoliating wash.

Neutralises pH
Desire Baking Soda Jar 1 Kg
(363 ratings)
₹ 378
₹ 425 (11% off)
Buy on Amazon
Deodorising Agent

Clean any stains on walls, clothes or teeth with this good quality baking soda.

Ways To Use Baking Soda

Apart from using baking soda for baking and cooking, it has many uses; let's take a look at some.

  1. Use it as a floor cleaner
  2. Clean bathroom sink or use it to clean stains
  3. Use it as a utensil cleaner
  4. Can also be used as a face exfoliator to reveal glowing skin
  5. Is a fruit and vegetable sanitiser
  6. Acidity regulatory
  7. Remove odour from fridge, shoes, drawers and such places.
  8. Use it with shampoo for getting rid of harmful chemicals in products
  9. Make your own powerful hand wash mixing three parts to your usual hand wash
  10. Add it to washing machine for effective cleaning

List of Best Baking Sodas For A Perfectly Fluffy Cake

Best Baking Sodas For A Perfectly Fluffy Cake Price in India
Fitness Mantra Baking Soda Pouch, 250 g ₹ 199
Urban Platter Baking Soda, 250g ₹ 170
NutroActive Baking SODA Ultra Pure 350 gm ₹ 269
Desire Baking Soda Jar 1 Kg ₹ 378
Price List of the Products are last updated on 06 August 2020
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