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Best Briefcases For Professionals

Briefcases aren't merely carriers of everyday office essentials; they are a fashion statement in themselves. Cherished by several generations alike, these cases offer organised and roomy storage of essentials on the go. Find the ones that best suit your style and purpose, from the listicle below.
Updated: Jan 13, 2021 18:42 IST
Best Briefcases For Professionals
Briefcases provide a classy carrier for office essentials to professionals while on the go

Briefcases, the handy carriers of office essentials, having gone several fashion transformations over the years, continue to attract professionals from all around. These portable bags, though deceptively designed to appear slim and compact, are spacious enough to easily accommodate corporate essentials including files, folders, memos, stationery, laptops, etc. Some of these even offer extra compartments and wheels to accommodate more packings for travel purposes. Select from below the ones that best suit your style and purpose. 

Best Briefcases For Professionals

1. BRAND LEATHER 25 L Genuine Leather Office Briefcase

This handcrafted luxury is a premium pick which re-defines class all over. Crafted skilfully by artisans using full-grain soft leather of high quality, this case is no less than a style statement in itself. Its metal fitted and comes with an internal strong lining, which adds to its durability and shelf life. Every stress point on this bag is double-stitched and riveted or reinforced with hidden nylon strapping. Inside of the compartment is lined with poly poplin foam for safety of the laptop. Its security is ensured by dog hooks present on either side of the holding strap.

Handcrafted Pick
BRAND LEATHER 25 L Genuine Leather Office Briefcase (Brown)
(28 ratings)
₹ 3,777
₹ 15,999 (76% off)
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Crafted With Long-Lasting Grained Leather

This classy briefcase has been handcrafted by select artisans using high-quality grain leather and goes well with all outfits, and occasions. Its metal fitting locks, buckles and holders are internally lined with a strong brown lining, making it long-lasting.

2. The Clownfish Trident Series Faux Leather Laptop Briefcase

This stylish executive laptop messenger case is made of high-quality water-resistant vegan leather, with an internal lining of premium quality polyester fabric. This sleek bag comes with spacious compartments which can easily store a laptop up to 15.6 inches, besides other essentials including files, folders, diary, laptop charger etc. It also offers an easily accessible outer compartment with an organizer to hold smartphones, visiting cards, pen, earphones, etc.

Vegan Leather
The Clownfish Patron Series Laptop Briefcase|15.6 Inch Laptop Bag|Messenger Bag|Office Bag
(288 ratings)
₹ 1,519
₹ 3,699 (59% off)
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Includes Outer Accessible Compartment For Handy Access To Essentials

Designed especially for the modern-day professionals, this leather laptop briefcase is spacious enough to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches along with other essentials including diaries, files, pens, chargers etc. High-quality metal filling and lock system add to its advantages.

3. McKlein Roseville Ladies Leather Briefcase

Shout out to the fashionistas! This stylish pick will not only elegantly carry around your essentials but will also complement your fashion appeal. Designed for added comfort and convenience, it comes fitted with a removable wheel and handle system, making it ideal for travel. Besides the main padded sleeve secured by sturdy zippers, it also offers a small handy front pocket which is secured by a flap and a key lock.

Fashionable Pick
Removable Wheeled Laptop Briefcase, Leather, Mid-Size, Red - Roseville | McKlein - 96646
(150 ratings)
₹ 40,886
₹ 65,418 (38% off)
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Comes With Removable Wheel And Handle System

A special design for fashion enthusiasts, this wheeled briefcase is a perfect blend of style and class. It comes with an attractive glossy finish, flap-over front pocket for added security and a removable wheel and handle system for convenience.

4. American Tourister Black Briefcase

American Tourister is popular across the globe for producing high-grade luggage bags of great durability and this premium leather briefcase is no exception. Made of high-quality leather, not only does it make for a classy choice that'll go well with all your business outfits, but also a smart investment. The premium leather used in the making of this bag resists wear and tear and will rest on your shelves for years to come. Its number-lock system adds to the security of the case and makes it more travel friendly.

Secured Number Lock
American Tourister ABS 16 Ltrs Black Briefcase (527 (J) 09 011)
₹ 2,250
₹ 2,400 (6% off)
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Tested For Strength, Durability, And Performance

One of the most popular choices in the market, this briefcase drips of class and style. Made of high-quality leather and fitted with a secured number lock system, it makes for a perfect choice for frequent travellers.

Why Should You Carry A Briefcase?

  1. Available in a wide variety of designs and styles, they make for a fashionable choice.

  2. These portable cases can easily be carried along in daily routine as well as during travel.

  3. They can easily store all the professional essentials required for the day in an organised fashion.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying A Leather Briefcase

Leather Quality

It is smart to invest in a briefcase made of good-quality, which will last for years to come. Such leather usually generally changes colour and develops a patina over age. While full-grain leather top the shelves of quality, top-grain and split-grain leathers are the next best alternatives. 

Hardware Material

Life of a briefcase also depends on the material with which other hardware items including zippers, buckles, locks, straps, and metallic rings are made of. For online purchase, don’t forget to read the product specifications and zoom into the product image. 

Briefcase Style

While hard-sided briefcases come with a rigid and lightweight frame made of cardboard, they lack shoulder straps and usually rest on the side. Soft-sided ones, on the contrary, offer both shoulder straps as well as handles. The former has dividers and folders to neatly store the essentials and latter open from the top for vertical storage. 


Contrary to their deceptively slim appearance, briefcases are roomy enough. Make sure to check the number of compartments it offers and opt the one that rightly fits your usage frequency and patterns. For frequent travellers, it is advised to go for the wheeled briefcases with more compartments for storing in clothes and toiletries. 

Best Briefcases For Professionals

Best Briefcases For Professionals Price in India
BRAND LEATHER 25 L Genuine Leather Office Briefcase (Brown) ₹ 3,777
The Clownfish Patron Series Laptop Briefcase|15.6 Inch Laptop Bag|Messenger Bag|Office Bag ₹ 1,519
Removable Wheeled Laptop Briefcase, Leather, Mid-Size, Red - Roseville | McKlein - 96646 ₹ 40,886
American Tourister ABS 16 Ltrs Black Briefcase (527 (J) 09 011) ₹ 2,250
Price List of the Products are last updated on 19 January 2021
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