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Best Geometry Sets For Students

Students get introduced to the fascinating world of points, lines, surfaces, solids and higher dimensional analogues- broadly labelled as geometry as their schooling advances. Find some of the best geometry sets in the listicle below which will help them ace this discipline with flying colours.
Updated: Jan 15, 2021 21:14 IST
Best Geometry Sets For Students
Geometry is an age-old branch of mathematics dealing with the dimensions of everything around us

Geometry sets are a toolbox of a sort which house all the major mathematical tools including protractor, compass, set squares and ruler, that come handy in solving problems from the discipline of geometry. This age-old branch of mathematics helps in getting a better understanding of shapes, sizes, and dimensions of the objects around us through a variety of operations. Behind the fascinating Greek buildings also lies an intelligent application of geometric principles. Find some of the best geometry sets that'll come in handy for the little geniuses as they explore this diverse field.

Best Geometry Sets

1. Classmate Invento Geometry Box

Shout out to the little math buffs with a thing for the Marvel Comics. This Avengers-inspired geometry set is a perfect way to include your favourite superheroes in your study routine. This heavily built stainless steel set comes with perfectly calibrated instruments for high precision. Additionally, its self-centering compass is resistant to rusting, has been di-casted and offers wobble-free drawing. The box includes a compass, divider, two set squares, lead pencil, extra leads, mechanical pencil, eraser, sharpener, and a ruler.

Classmate geometry sets compas box and mathematical drawing instruments Gsm® listing
(1,264 ratings)
₹ 78
₹ 125 (38% off)
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Compass And Divider Have Been Di-Casted

Get all your geometric measurements precise with the high-quality tools that have been perfectly calibrated and packed neatly in this stainless steel box.

2. Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box

Another popular choice in the listicle is this high-precision geometry set boxed in a stainless-steel case of high durability. Its self-centering compass offers a firm grip and also isn't harsh on the skin. The set offers 0.7 mm nibbed writing instruments for assured accuracy. The geometry set includes a compass, divider, ruler, protractor, set square, sharpener, eraser, and a lead pencil.

Popular Choice
Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box (Multicolor)
(190 ratings)
₹ 90
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Includes 0.7mm Nibbed Writing Instruments For Precise Arcs And Writing

This attractive set includes mathematical tools of firm grip and high-precision including compass, divider, ruler, protractor and set square, besides writing instruments such as sharpener, eraser, and a mechanical pencil.

3. Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry and Pencil Box Set

This transparent-bodied geometry set of long durability will help in keeping a track of all the geometry tools before your hurried school-bag packings. Ergonomically designed, this set offers separate compartments for each tool for organised storage. All the tools come with clear markings for accuracy and are quite user-friendly. The set includes a compass, two set square, protractor, divider, a 15 cm scale, one 0.7 mm lead tube, two pen-styled pencils of 0.7 mm and 2.0 mm nibs each, sharpener and an eraser.

Transparent Box
Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry and Pencil Box Set (Blue)
(301 ratings)
₹ 178
₹ 200 (11% off)
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Clear Markings On Instruments For Enhanced Accuracy

Now keep a track of all the inclusions of your geometry set with this transparent-ergonomically designed set. The instruments come with clear markings for precision and are well organised in separate compartments.

4. Maped 9pcs Geometry Set

Get ready for a smooth geometric operations' experience with this stylish geometry set. All the tools and instruments included in this kit not only claim to be accurate and precise but also have a smooth finish for comfortable usage. All the inclusions are stored in separate compartments. The set includes a sharpener, a holder compass, a lead compass, an eraser, a small pencil, a ruler, two set squares and a protractor.

Smoothly Functioning Tools
Maped 9pcs Geometry Set Amazon Deal
Maped 9pcs Geometry Set
(206 ratings)
₹ 250
₹ 265 (6% off)
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Includes Sturdy Yet Lightweight Instruments Of Precision

All the mathematical tools of this sleekly designed set are a perfect blend of sturdy and lightweight and offer smooth functioning.

Best Geometry Sets For Students

Best Geometry Sets For Students Price in India
Classmate geometry sets compas box and mathematical drawing instruments Gsm® listing ₹ 78
Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box (Multicolor) ₹ 90
Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry and Pencil Box Set (Blue) ₹ 178
Maped 9pcs Geometry Set ₹ 250
Price List of the Products are last updated on 19 January 2021
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