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Best Cocoa Powders For Those Rich Chocolate Flavours

If you are a baker, then cocoa powder is an essential you must have. These cocoa powders also come very handy in making delicious shakes and pancakes. Get yourself one from this list of the best cocoa powders.
Updated: Jul 22, 2020 20:07 IST
Best Cocoa Powders For Those Rich Chocolate Flavours
Best Cocoa Powders

Cocoa powders are an essential ingredient when baking chocolate cakes or making desserts. A good cocoa powder with a great flavour and fragrance can immediately build up your dish's characteristic. Not just great flavour, cocoa has many health benefits like – it works as an antioxidant, reduces high blood pressure, works on depression symptoms and uplifts mood. Use this yummy ingredient to make cookies, shakes, cakes or desserts with an enriching, delectable flavour.

Best Cocoa Brands

1. Indiana Cocoa Powder

Indiana's natural, unsweetened and completely vegan, gluten free cocoa powder makes delicious desserts, cookies, and cakes. Made from Indian cacao beans, in a state-of-the-art facility, this product is absolutely wonderful in flavour. This cocoa powder comes very handy when trying to bake a professional style cake.

Deep Colour
Indiana Cocoa Powder (Natural,Unsweetened,Vegan & Gluten Free) - 250gm
(642 ratings)
₹ 210
₹ 250 (16% off)
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Intense Cocoa Flavour

Perfectly suited for cakes, pastries, and desserts, which need that subtle yet sharp flavour.

2. Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder

Rich chocolate flavour, without added sweeteners, this cocoa powder is simply heavenly. This jar of cocoa powder does not come with any unwanted additives to ensure the cakes turn out absolutely healthy. Made with highest quality cacao beans, lacking traditional bitterness and loaded with enriching chocolate taste, it is baker's favourite. 

No Added Sugar
Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder, 200g [Made from Ghana Cacao Beans, Unsweetened, Non-alkalised ]
(61 ratings)
₹ 249
₹ 300 (17% off)
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Non-Alkalised Pure Cocoa

Add a spoonful to your hot milk for a mood uplifting drink.

3. Hershey's Cocoa Powder

This 100% powdered cacao from Hershey's is a preferred brand by most bakers. This jar uses pure cacao beans without any added sweeteners. The extraction and making process does not hamper the quality of the product and keeps the antioxidants intact. Make delicious chocolate sauces, cakes or brownies using this fabulous, premium quality cocoa powder from Hershey's.

Certified Gluten Free
Hershey's Cocoa Powder, 225g Amazon Deal
Hershey's Cocoa Powder, 225g
(3,414 ratings)
₹ 250
Buy on Amazon
8mg of Caffeine In 1 Tbsp

Professional baking just got simpler with this cocoa powder from Hershey's.

4. HealthyHive Cocoa Powder - Unsweetened and Dutched

This 100% dutched cocoa powder, or chocolate powder whose acidity has been neutralised, will leave your senses feeling absolutely awakened only at a simple sniff. It is unsweetened and gluten free, which makes the baking process much easier than before. Dutched cocoa also means a deeper, warmer colour and richer taste. This cocoa powder comes in a sealed, reusable resealable pouch, which makes it easy to store.

Rich Flavour
HealthyHive Cocoa Powder - Unsweetened and Dutched
(229 ratings)
₹ 250
₹ 300 (17% off)
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Premium Quality Dutched Cocoa

Perfect for professional style, home-made brownies, truffles, and cakes.

Interesting Ways To Use Cocoa Powders

While baking is the most obvious reason one gets a cocoa powder home, you definitely can use it in many different ways.

  • Sprinkle over your vanilla ice-cream for a twist
  • Salads can be made more interesting with a dash of cocoa powder
  • Yoghurt need not remain plain vanilla all the time
  • Fruit smoothies deserve a little flavour, too
  • Smell it if you are looking for a mood uplifter
  • Put it in a bowl in your room as a room freshener
  • Make your skin tonic and exfoliator by combining it with coconut oil

List of Best Cocoa Powders For Those Rich Chocolate Flavours

Best Cocoa Powders For Those Rich Chocolate Flavours Price in India
Indiana Cocoa Powder (Natural,Unsweetened,Vegan & Gluten Free) - 250gm ₹ 210
Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder, 200g [Made from Ghana Cacao Beans, Unsweetened, Non-alkalised ] ₹ 249
Hershey's Cocoa Powder, 225g ₹ 250
HealthyHive Cocoa Powder - Unsweetened and Dutched ₹ 250
Price List of the Products are last updated on 04 August 2020
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